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Nanterre, France

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: RIA | Phase: FoF-08-2015 | Award Amount: 3.41M | Year: 2015

SIMUTOOL will develop a simulation platform for the manufacturing of composites through microwave MW heating. The simulation will include the electromagnetic field coupled with heat transfer mechanisms that take place during the production process. It will also include the process control loop which will enable the optimum design of the manufacturing process One of the major outputs of the simulation platform will be the successful design of a ceramic matrix composite tool with a MW absorbing layer in order to maximise the energy saving potential of the MW heating process. The project addresses the manufacturing issues of MW heating of composites which stem from the lack of understanding of the basic physics of the process (the most important item being how carbon fibers interact with the microwave field). The project will increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the MW heating of composites process to 6-7 -

Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, comprising: first and second frames mounted so that they can rotate relative to one another; and an annular ring comprising a cylindrical base which covers the peripheral edges of the frames, and first and second side flaps. The ring does not comprise a portion that is in contact with one of the inner faces of the frames.

Faurecia | Date: 2015-08-06

A motor vehicle seat element successively including: a pad; a heating and/or cooling device including at least one heat and/or cold generation element and at least one heat and/or cold diffusion layer; and a cover.

The present subject matter relates to a method for manufacturing a vehicle interior trim part comprising a decor layer which forms a groove, as well as a decor element which is welded in the groove) of the decor layer, wherein the decor element is brought into the groove and is subsequently fixed in the groove by way of welding. According to the present subject matter, a welding head, e.g. an ultrasound sonotrode, is used for welding, and this comprises a contact side which is equipped with a plurality of projections which are arranged distanced to one another in a row and which taper to their contact surfaces, and wherein the welding head for producing the seam is pressed against a rear side of the decor layer in the region of the groove, in a manner such that the individual projections of the row of projections in a longitudinal directions of the groove come into contact with the rear side of the decor layer in a manner offset to one another, wherein the projections have a width which corresponds at least to

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a weakening structure in a decor layer of an airbag cover, said weakening structure not being visible when observed from a viewed side. With the method, a punching tool penetrates into a rear side of the decor layer consisting of leather, said rear side being away from the viewed side, and thereby is simultaneously rotated about its longitudinal axis. A penetration depth of the punching tool which is smaller than the thickness of the decor layer is moreover maintained.

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