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Ratmanov P.E.,Far Eastern State Medical University
History of Medicine | Year: 2015

The article describes research on the application of the Anglo-American concept of professionalism to the medical history of pre-revolutionary Russia (1856-1917). Approaches to the study of professions in the UK and the US are described, Western literature’s views are presented, in which the history of pre-revolutionary Russian medicine has been studied in line with the concept of professionalism, the experience of its application in relation to the medical history of pre-revolutionary Russia is discussed, the prospects for the use of this concept in relation to the country’s history of medicine is assessed as well. The concept of professionalism is widespread in English-language literature, dedicated to the profession of medicine. Regardless of the attitude towards it, modern scholars in their study of the original or translated English-language literature must take into account differences in theoretical approaches to the problem of professions. Most Western scholars who have studied the history of medicine in Russia have adhered to the tradition of describing Russian doctors of the second half of the 19th century and early 20th centuries in terms of the concept of professionalization. An analysis of Russian history of medicine with the use of the concept of professionalism does not give obvious advantages and leads to significant distortions (phenomena closer to the Anglo-American experience are studied in more detail). For local historians of medicine, the concept of professionalism is not relevant, since Russia developed a tradition for research of professional medical work based on the study of medical education and the scientific and social activities of doctors. Given the differences in professional bodies of doctors in the West and in Russia, perhaps there are prospects for the analysis of individual elements such as the concept of professionalization in terms of expert knowledge, autonomy (self-regulation), the activity of medical associations, commitment to public service, but not the whole paradigm in its entirety. In carrying out comparative studies of the historical aspects of the formation of the medical profession in the West and in Russia, understanding of the concept of professionalism is required. © Pavel E. Ratmanov.

Ratmanov P.E.,Far Eastern State Medical University
History of Medicine | Year: 2014

The article summarizes the approaches of Western historians of medicine to the typology of the Western medical tradition based on ‟kinds of medicine”: bedside, library, hospital, laboratory and public. © Pavel E. Ratmanov.

Pchelina I.V.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Aseeva Y.I.,Far Eastern State Medical University
History of Medicine | Year: 2016

The article is based on a variety of sources, including archival sources, and presents an academic biography of doctor of medical sciences, Professor E.I. Kropacheva (1926-2013), one of the first cardiovascular surgeons in the Khabarovsk Territory. Her work as a physician and scientist was inextricably linked with the Khabarovsk State Medical Institute. In 1959, at the institute’s department of surgery, she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences on clinical and anatomical inconsistencies in acute appendicitis. Particular attention is paid to the versatile nature of Professor Kropacheva’s scientific work in the field of surgery, one of the pillars of which was surgical treatment for acquired heart defects. In 1973, she became one of the first in the Far East to defend a thesis for the degree of doctor of medical sciences in cardiac surgery. The thesis describes the evaluation of the myocardium’s functional state in patients with rheumatic heart disease in the process of establishing indications for surgery. The article also examines the activities of Professor Kropacheva’s scientific and practical clinical school, which was created at the Khabarovsk State Medical Institute’s department of hospital surgery, and which she chaired for many years. The school’s leading research areas included emergency abdominal surgery, in particular, the treatment of peritonitis of varying complexity, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers, as well as the immunological aspects of diagnosis and treatment in surgery. The authors note that during Professor Kropacheva’s many years of fruitful teaching, numerous skilled surgeons and scientists were trained. © I.V. Pchelina, Yu.I. Aseeva.

Korneeva N.V.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Sirotin B.Z.,Far Eastern State Medical University
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine | Year: 2017

Computer-assisted video biomicroscopy of bulbar conjunctiva was employed to examine the sequelae of endothelial dysfunction manifested by microcirculatory bed abnormalities and microcirculation disturbances. The signs of endothelial dysfunction provoked by tobacco smoking in young adults disappeared after cessation of smoking, which resulted in pronounced widening of arterioles and capillaries as well as moderation of intravascular erythrocyte aggregation. © 2017 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Sirotin B.Z.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Korneeva N.V.,Far Eastern State Medical University
Terapevticheskii Arkhiv | Year: 2017

Aim. To study the parameters of microcirculation and permeability of the microvessels in young people who have ceased smoking. Subjects and methods. The study enrolled 35 healthy young adults (male to female ratio, 20:15; mean age, 21.71±0.46 years) who had stopped smoking 1 month to 10 years (mean 2.63±0.43 years) ago. The compared group consisted of 16 smokers (male to female ratio, 6:10; mean age, 21.62±0.72 years) and 29 non-smokers (male to female ratio, 8:21; mean age, 21.62±0.48 years). Computer-assisted video biomicroscopy of the bulbar conjunctiva was performed. When the results were assessed, attention was drawn to a change in the degree and extent of intravascular erythrocyte aggregation (IVEA) and vessel wall permeability. Results. As compared to the smokers, those who had quit smoking showed a decrease in the degree of IVEA in the arterioles (p =0.1044, van der Waerden test), its prevalence in the central, transitional, and perilimbar regions (p1<0.0001), and a decline in the number of conjunctival areas that exhibited IVEA (2.2 and 3.437; p1 =0.0002). Those who had given up smoking versus the smokers were found to have more rarely local foci of conjunctival edema (formation of veils; p1 =0.0217). Conclusion. In the young people who have ceased smoking versus the smokers, IVEA decreases and miscovascular permeability restores.

Ukrainets I.V.,National University of Pharmacy | Petrushova L.A.,National University of Pharmacy | Dzyubenko S.P.,Vinnitsa National Medical University | Sim G.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Grinevich L.A.,National University of Pharmacy
Scientia Pharmaceutica | Year: 2015

A new, effective preparative method has been proposed and the synthesis of a series of N-(arylalkyl)-1-R-4-hydroxy-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ6,1-benzothiazine-3-car-boxamides has been carried out. It has been shown that amidation of alkyl 1-R-4-hydroxy-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ6,1-benzothiazine-3-carboxylates with arylalkyl-amines in boiling xylene proceeds with good yield and purity to the corresponding N-(arylalkyl)-amides. However, the presence of water in the reaction mixture has been shown to cause the formation of specific impurities: N-(arylalkyl)-1-R-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ6,1-benzothiazin-4-amines. According to the results of the pharmacological studies, powerful analgesics have been found among the substances synthesized. © Ukrainets et al. licensee Österreichische Apotheker-Verlagsgesellschaft m. b. H., Vienna, Austria.

Mediannikov O.,Aix - Marseille University | Socolovschi C.,Aix - Marseille University | Bassene H.,Aix - Marseille University | Diatta G.,Aix - Marseille University | And 5 more authors.
Emerging Infectious Diseases | Year: 2014

As malaria cases in Africa decline, other causes of acute febrile illness are being explored. To determine incidence of Borrelia crocidurae infection during June 2010- October 2011, we collected 1,566 blood specimens from febrile patients in Senegal. Incidence was high (7.3%). New treatment strategies, possibly doxycycline, might be indicated for febrile patients.

Ryzhavskii B.Y.,Far Eastern State Medical University
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine | Year: 2012

Morphometric characteristics and free radical oxidation in neurons of the neocortex and hippocampus of male and female rats were studied 1 month after administration of Sustanon-250 in a dose of 8 mg/kg during the pubertal period of ontogeny. The weight of the brain was shown to decrease in males. In both female and male rats, the width of the anterior parietal lobe and the numerical density of neocortical and hippocampal neurons decreased. Sex differences were found in free radical oxidation in the cerebral cortex. The intensity of this process increased significantly in females, but decreased in males.

Ryzhavskii B.Y.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Lebed'ko O.A.,Far Eastern State Medical University
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine | Year: 2016

We studied the effect of bleomycin (1 mg/kg) in 1-day-old rat pups (single intraperitoneal injection) and 4-day-old pups (3 injections on postnatal days 1, 2, and 3). The formation of hyaline membranes against the background of oxidative stress was documented in all bleomycin-treated rats. Repeated injection of bleomycin (4-day-old pups) led to more pronounced destructive alterations in the lungs characterized by the formation of microcysts and atelectases as well as hypertrophy of the interstitial connective tissue. These alterations persisted in 14-day-old rats. Administration of bleomycin during the neonatal period can be a promising approach to simulation of hyaline membrane disease (respiratory distress syndrome). © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Lebed'ko O.A.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Ryzhavskii B.Y.,Far Eastern State Medical University | Demidova O.V.,Far Eastern State Medical University
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine | Year: 2015

We studied the protective effect of antioxidant echinochrome A on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fi brosis in rats at the early stages of postnatal ontogeny. Administration of echinochrome A was shown to reduce the severity of bleomycin-induced oxidative stress in the lungs, prevented the development of hypertrophy of interalveolar connective tissue and peribronchial lymphoid infi ltration, and normalized the ratio of volume densities of interalveolar septa and alveolar lumen. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

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