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Menlo Park, CA, United States

Ilic A.,Facebook Inc.
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience | Year: 2014

In this note, we discuss the method explained in the recent paper [P. Manuel, I. Rajasingh, B. Rajan, and R. Sundara Rajan, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 10, 1515 (2013)] for computing the Wiener index of special chemical graphs. The method is actually already well-known and equivalent to the 'cut method' introduced in 1995 by Klavžar, Gutman and Mohar, and used in multiple papers for computing various distance based graph invariants. © 2014 American Scientific Publishers. Source

An online system determines whether a request for creating a session with the online system is suspicious. The online system associates a user account with a mobile key of a mobile device and geographical locations of the mobile device. The mobile key comprises unique identifier of the mobile device that is permanently stored on the mobile device. Upon receiving a request to create a session for the user account, the online system compares information associated with the user request with information describing the mobile device. For example, information associated with the user request can be a location determined by mapping internet protocol addresses obtained from the request. The online system determines whether the request is suspicious based on the comparison. If the online system determines that the request is suspicious, the online system may require enhanced authentication before granting the request.

Facebook Inc. | Date: 2014-05-16

An online system or third party system allows advertisers to evaluate and test ad creatives before the ad creatives are presented to users in an ad campaign. Based on a set of test ad creatives for which feature scores and objective scores are determined by content evaluators (e.g., users, content processing algorithms), a model is trained to determine objective scores for an ad creative based on feature scores of the ad creative. The trained model is applied to a target ad creative, which has yet to be or has been presented to users, to determine one or more objective scores for the target ad creative based on feature scores of the target ad creative. Feedback is presented to an advertiser associated with the target ad creative based on the objective scores determined for the target ad creative.

Facebook Inc. | Date: 2014-04-11

At least one embodiment of this disclosure includes a power shelf for serving a power zone within an IT equipment rack. The power shelf includes: a DC bus configured to provide DC power to rack-mounted equipment within the power zone; multiple pairs of backup battery units (BBUs) and power supply units (PSUs), wherein the multiple pairs include at least a redundant pair, such that voltage and power is supplied through the DC bus sufficient to power the rack-mounted equipment even when one of the multiple pairs is inoperative; and a power circuit, in each PSU of each of the multiple pairs, configured to rectify an AC phase from an external multi-phase AC power source, wherein the power circuit is configured to draw power from one of the BBUs paired to the PSU when the PSU fails to provide power sufficient to power the rack-mounted equipment.

Facebook Inc. | Date: 2012-11-26

Disclosed is a method and system for upgrading a local session between a server and a client in a Coordination Service to a global session on-demand. Exemplary embodiments may include (i) determining whether a type of transaction received at a server in a group of servers from a client is a first transaction type or a second transaction type, (ii) responsive to a determination that the transaction is first transaction type, creating a local session between the server and the client for executing the transaction, wherein the transactions of first transaction type do not require a vote from each of the servers in the group for executing; and (iii) responsive to a determination that the transaction is the second transaction type, converting the existing local session to a global session, wherein the transactions of second transaction type require a vote from each of the servers in the group for executing.

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