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NEW YORK, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- New York parents are among the world's busiest. It's no surprise that many put off buying life insurance – it can be intimidating, slow, and complicated. Fabric changes all of that with its launch in New York. There are no pushy agents or meetin...

Jacobson A.F.,General Electric | Deng H.,Fabric Inc. | Lombard J.,General Electric | Lessig H.J.,University of Pennsylvania
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism | Year: 2010

Context: 123I-mIBG scintigraphy has been in clinical use for more than 20 yr for diagnostic assessment of patients with neural crest and neuroendocrine tumors. Prospective validation of the performance characteristics of this method has recently been published. Objective: A meta-analysis was performed to obtain best estimates of performance characteristics of 123I-mIBG imaging for the two most common applications, evaluation of patients with neuroblastoma and pheochromocytoma. Data Sources: Articles published between 1980 and 2007 were identified from searches of multiple computer databases, including MEDLINE, BIOSIS, EMBASE, and SciSearch. Study Selection: Primary inclusion criteria were: acceptable reference standard(s) for confirming subjects with disease (histopathology and/or a combination of imaging and catecholamine results); reference standards applied to all subjects who received 123I-mIBG; and data on a minimum of 16 patients confirmed to have or not have the disease(s) under consideration.Twophysician reviewers independently evaluated all articles against the inclusion/exclusion criteria. Twenty-two of 100 articles reviewed were included in the final analysis. Data Extraction: The two reviewers extracted the data from eligible articles using a standardized form, capturing both study quality and efficacy information. Disagreements were resolved by consensus. Data Synthesis: Sensitivity of 123I-mIBG scans for detection of neuroblastoma was 97% [95% confidence interval (CI), 95 to 99%]; data were insufficient to estimate specificity. For pheochromocytoma, with application of the random-effects model, sensitivity and specificity were 94% (95% CI, 91-97%) and 92% (95% CI, 87-98%), respectively. Conclusion: Based upon the literature, 123I-mIBG scintigraphy has sensitivity and specificity greater than 90% for detection of neuroblastoma and pheochromocytoma. Copyright © 2010 by The Endocrine Society.

Synthetic cords may be coated with resorcinol formaldehyde latex (RFL)-based adhesives to adhere the cord to the rubber in industrial goods such as tires and conveyor belts. The stability of the adhesive and the stability of its component latex are crucial, both for ideal adhesion and for the homogeneity of the cord surface. Latex is a colloidal polymeric dispersion, which may lose its stability upon mechanical stress or upon interaction with some chemicals that lead to the formation of coagulated polymeric particles. This article reports on the influences of both external mechanical stresses and chemical interactions on RFL adhesives and latex stability, adhesion, and viscosity. High speed mixing, treatment with excess RF, and temperature variations were applied as disrupting parameters. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Fabric Inc. | Date: 2015-03-26

An acoustic assembly includes a plurality of first slats and at least one second slat couplable with each one of the first slats for intersecting with each first slat. Each slat is preferably made from a substrate of a rigid or a semi-rigid material and has oppositely disposed second end portions. An engagement portion is coupled with each first and second end portion for resting atop at least one architectural element for supporting the acoustic assembly. The assembly may include a shear portion and a catch portion for providing a locking mechanism for further securing the first slats with the second slats. When the acoustic canopy is supported from the first and second end portions, the slats may sag to compress open-ended slots of the second slats for pinching the corresponding ones of the first slats received within the open-ended slots.

A floor covering storage, dispensing and retrieval rack includes a frame having a roller arrangement for enabling storage, dispensing and retrieval of at least one roll of floor covering relative to the floor surface. A blower device is connected to the frame for supplying a stream of forced air between the floor surface and the floor covering to ease installation and removal of the floor covering relative to the floor surface.

Fabric Inc. | Date: 2011-05-16

An odor absorbing pad that includes a supply of powdered carbon fiber for absorbing odors, such as from a pet. The odor absorbing pad includes a center cushioning material that provides the required cushioning for the pad. The center cushioning material is surrounded by a liner that is air permeable and impermeable to a supply of carbon powder. The supply of carbon powder is freely distributed onto the center cushioning material and entrapped by the liner. The odor absorbing pad is configured as a pet bed such that the supply of carbon powder absorbs pet odor.

Display of cross-sell advertisements to a user, including, but not limited to, in a social genetics network includes: associating genetic data with product and service categories; accessing specific genetic data of a user to obtain a set of product and service categories associated with the genetic data of the user; analyzing non-genetic data of the user, including past purchase history, and analyzing the genetic data of the user to discover correlations in preferences of the user; selecting one or more desired product and service categories from the set of the product and service categories that match the correlations in the preferences of the user; sending a product or service request to at least one advertiser for a cross-sell advertisement relating to the desired product and service categories; and responsive to receiving the cross-sell advertisement from the advertiser, displaying the cross-sell advertisement on an electronic device of the user.

Creation of a social genetics network that provides personal and business services includes: receiving non-genetic data and genetic data about a user and storing the non-genetic data and genetic data in a database; analyzing the genetic data and the non-genetic data to i) assign traits to the user based at least in part on phenotypic and/or genotypic relationships found in the genetic data and the non-genetic data, and ii) determine trait connections between the user and other users in the network based on a similarity of the traits that are common to the user and the other users; and generating and displaying on an electronic device a social genetics profile that includes at least a portion of the non-genetic data, at least a portion of the traits assigned to the user, and at least a portion of the trait connections of the user to the other users.

News Article | March 1, 2017

NEW YORK, March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Evoke Group announces the addition of Fabric, adding a multicultural agency to a roster of leading health marketing companies, which includes Evoke Health. Citing the importance of both reaching—and understanding—these diverse audiences, CEO Reid...

News Article | April 17, 2015

Twitter this week rolled out new features to its mobile developer platform, Fabric, aimed at expanding access to Twitter timelines from third-party applications. With an update to Twitter Kit, the platform component that lets developers authenticate users via Twitter and showcase tweet embeds within apps, developers are now also able to integrate Twitter timelines within their iOS or Android applications with just a few lines of code. Previously, Twitter Kit only allowed for embedding tweets in mobile apps and styling them to match up with the app’s theme. But with support for Twitter timelines, app developers are able to show entire timelines in their app with minimal effort. This includes the ability to show a user timeline – that is, a timeline from a single Twitter account – as well as search timelines. This latter option allows an app developer to display search results based on key terms that are relevant to the app experience, explains Twitter. As with tweet embeds, the timelines can be customized to blend in with the app’s theme by adjusting the background colors and even the color of the text itself. Transportation app Citymapper is one of the first to use the Twitter user timelines integration, which allows it to keep its customers informed about public transportation status updates and delays. Meanwhile, Regal Cinemas is using the search timelines integration to include relevant movie reviews in its application. Related to this feature, Twitter Kit also now includes “guest authentication,” which is what makes these timelines accessible to anyone – not just those who have logged in with Twitter. This addition allows an app to access the necessary content from the Twitter API without needing a user context, says Twitter. While these updates are aimed at developers, they’re a part of Twitter’s larger agenda to more deeply integrate its service on mobile devices by way of third-party apps. With Fabric, the idea is that Twitter gains the ability to reach more users than it could by way of its own native applications alone – like Twitter, Vine and Periscope. Instead, mobile consumers would end up accessing and using Twitter by way of other apps – even if they never established an account on itself. Some features in Fabric, like Twitter Kit or the Crashlytics bug detection and crash reporting solution, are designed to make developers’ lives a little easier. But they co-exist alongside other features that impact Twitter’s bottom line, like MoPub, which lets developers introduce ads into their apps with just a few clicks. (And Twitter gets a cut of that revenue). Of course, for Fabric to be successful, Twitter has to convince developers its worthwhile, and that’s something that Twitter may struggle with. The company has a history of alienating its developer community, shutting off access to its API and feature set over the years, and killing a number of businesses along the way. Most recently, it pulled the rug out from under former Twitter firehose partner DataSift, whose social data platform has now fallen victim to Twitter’s decision to move into the space where it operates. The fallout from moves like these is that developers today can sometimes view Twitter as a capricious platform provider whose offerings today could easily disappear tomorrow. That may have them seeking alternative ways to enhance their apps with social features, or put them off from using any of the other options Twitter Fabric provides.

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