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Chippewa Falls, WI, United States

Extrusion Dies Industries | Date: 2012-11-15

An extrusion die is provided with an external deckle assembly, an internal deckle assembly, or both. One embodiment provides an extrusion die having a wedge-actuated external deckle assembly. A seal member of the external deckle assembly moves to a sealed position in response to movement of the wedge in a first direction. Another embodiment provides an extrusion die with an internal deckle assembly having a deckle rod support system. The internal deckle assembly includes a deckle rod and a transversely elongated support engaged with the deckle rod to restrain the deckle rod against bending.

Extrusion Dies Industries | Date: 2011-07-20

An extrusion device includes a sculpted extrusion die comprising a pair of mating die lips having sculpted surfaces and defining a die exit for an extrudate. The contour of the sculpted surfaces is substantially similar to the contour of a juxtaposed surface configured for receiving the extrudate from the die exit of the sculpted extrusion die. The sculpted extrusion die preferably comprises a die lip adjustment mechanism for adjusting a thickness of the extrudate exiting the die exit and the thickness of the extrudate received on the juxtaposed surface. The air gap between the die exit of the sculpted extrusion die and the juxtaposed surface preferably is substantially eliminated by adjusting the distance between the sculpted surfaces and the juxtaposed surface. A method of adjusting a thickness of a substantially continuous sheet of extrudate formed using an embodiment of the sculpted extrusion die of the invention is provided.

Extrusion Dies Industries | Date: 2014-05-16

The invention provides a deckle system for extrusion dies. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods of cleaning an extrusion die equipped with a retractable external deckle system. Also provided in some embodiments is a deckle system having a novel deckle adjustment mechanism. In other embodiments, the invention provides an advantageous internal deckle member equipped with a removable, replaceable internally threaded insert.

Extrusion Dies Industries | Date: 2013-10-11

The invention provides a coextrusion feedblock. The feedblock has a flow adjuster comprising a plurality of independently rotatable adjustment segments. Actuators are coupled with respective adjustment segments of the flow adjuster, such that the segments can be rotated by operating the actuators. The invention also provides a coextrusion profiling insert assembly for mounting removably in a coextrusion feedblock.

Extrusion Dies Industries | Date: 2013-10-10

In extrusion system includes an extrusion die and a deckle system. In one embodiment, the deckle system includes a deckle rod and a cam member operatively coupled to the deckle rod. A cam controller controls the cam member. The cam member cams with the deckle rod in response to actuation of the cam controller. The camming action forces the deckle rod to seal an end region of the extrusion die.

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