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Billerica, MA, United States

Exogenesis | Date: 2014-02-04

An apparatus and method for producing a deflection of a Neutral Beam derived from a gas-cluster ion-beam deflects the gas-cluster ion-beam prior to dissociation of gas clusters and removal of tons.

A device such as a medical device and a method for making same provides a surface modified by beam irradiation, such as a gas cluster ion beams or a neutral beam, to inhibit or delay attachment or activation or clotting of platelets.

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for employing an accelerated neutral beam derived from an accelerated gas cluster ion beam as a physical etching beam for providing reduced material mixing at the etched surface, compared to previous techniques. This results in the ability to achieve improved depth profile resolution in measurements by analytical instruments such as SIMS and XPS (or ESCA) analytical instruments.

A method of modifying a surface of implantable medical device provides coating at least a first portion of the surface of the medical device with a therapeutic agent to form a coated surface region; and irradiating at least a portion of the coated surface region with a gas cluster ion beam infusing the therapeutic agent into the at least a portion of the coated surface region.

A method of improving the surface of an object treats the surface with a neutral beam formed from a gas cluster ion mean to create a surface texture and/or increase surface area.

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