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Québec, Canada

EXFO Inc. | Date: 2014-08-28

There is provided an adapter device for connecting and interfacing a transceiver module in conformance with first mechanical specifications and first connector specifications into a host socket adapted to receive transceiver modules in conformance with second mechanical specifications and second connector specifications. The adapter device comprises: a rigid-flex circuit board having first and second levels of rigid circuit board portions and a flexible circuit board portion interconnecting the two levels to convey high-speed electrical signals therebetween, the two levels being integral with said flexible circuit board portion; a first connector mounted on the first level of rigid circuit board and in conformance with the first connector specifications, for electrically connecting the transceiver module to the adapter device to convey high-speed signals; and a second connector mounted on the second level of rigid circuit board and in conformance with the second connector specifications, for electrically connecting the adapter device into the host socket to convey high-speed signals.

Exfo Inc. | Date: 2015-08-07

There is provided a method and a system for identifying or verifying the fiber arrangement and/or the cable type of multi-fiber array cables (such as MPO cables) which employs an OTDR acquisition device at the near end of the MPO cable, a loopback device at the far end and an array of signatures detectable by the OTDR, either at the far or the near end. The loopback device allows performing bidirectional OTDR measurements with a single OTDR acquisition device (without moving it from one end to the other) and the signature array provides fiber arrangement/cable type identification or verification.

There is provided a system and a method for determining an in-band noise parameter representative of the optical noise contribution (such as OSNR) on a polarization-multiplexed optical Signal-Under-Test (SUT) comprising two polarized phase-modulated data-carrying contributions and an optical noise contribution. For each of a multiplicity of distinct polarization-analyzer conditions, the SUT is analyzed to provide at least one polarization-analyzed component of the SUT and the polarization-analyzed component is detected with an electronic bandwidth at least ten times smaller than the symbol rate of the SUT to obtain a corresponding acquired electrical signal; for each acquired electrical signal, a value of a statistical parameter is determined from the ac component of the acquired electrical signal, thereby providing a set of statistical-parameter values corresponding to the multiplicity of distinct polarization-analyzer conditions; and, from the set of statistical-parameter values, the in-band noise parameter is mathematically determined.

Exfo Inc. | Date: 2015-09-21

An OTDR device and method for characterizing one or more events in an optical fiber link are provided. A plurality of light acquisitions is performed. For each light acquisition, test light pulses are propagated in the optical fiber link and the corresponding return light signals from the optical fiber link are detected. The light acquisitions are performed under different acquisition conditions, for example using different pulsewidths or wavelengths. Parameters characterizing the event are derived using the detected return signal from at least two of the plurality of light acquisitions.

Exfo Inc. | Date: 2014-03-14

Method and test device for performing testing in a network conveying a plurality of traffic flows. At the test device, receiving traffic flows through a first interface of the test device on a first segment and forwarding the received plurality of traffic flows towards a second segment of the network through a second interface. At the test device, receiving a test request directed to an address of a test module and, in response to the test request, causing a sequence of proprietary traffic to be injected on the second segment. A reprogrammable test device comprising a networked test module at least in part on a reprogrammable partition of a programmable logic device and a reprogramming module, on a static partition of the programmable logic device, for reprogramming at least a portion of the reprogrammable partition implementing the test module in accordance with reprogramming data received at the test device.

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