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Seoul, South Korea

Ewha Womans University is a private women's university in central Seoul, South Korea founded in 1886 by the American Methodist Episcopal missionary Mary F. Scranton. It is currently the world's largest female educational institute and is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea.While the lack of an apostrophe in "Womans University" is unconventional, the use of "Woman's" rather than "Women's" was normal in the past.Τhe use of "Womans" carries special meaning. The early founders of the college thought that every woman in this community is worth being respected; to promote this idea, they chose the word "woman" to avoid lumping students together under the word "women." REDIRECT Template:Unreliable source?This is a redirect from a page that has been moved . This page was kept as a redirect to avoid breaking links, both internal and external, that may have been made to the old page name. For more information follow the category link.↑ ↑ ↑ Wikipedia.

LG Corp and Ewha Womans University | Date: 2015-08-05

Provided are a display device, a scan driver, and a method of manufacturing the same. A scan driver includes: a level shifter configured to output a power and a signal, and a scan signal generating circuit configured to generate a scan signal based on the power and the signal supplied from the level shifter, the scan signal generating circuit including a buffer configured to transmit a clock signal to a stage of a shift register, the buffer including two inverters, one of the two inverters being included in a multi-buffer.

An integrated nonvolatile memory control subsystem and method are disclosed. The integrated nonvolatile memory control subsystem includes a nonvolatile buffer cache, a nonvolatile journal area, nonvolatile storage, and an integrated memory control unit. The integrated memory control unit performs a read operation, a write operation, a commit operation and a checkpoint operation on the cache blocks of the nonvolatile buffer cache and the journal blocks of the nonvolatile journal area. The integrated memory control unit sets each of data blocks of the nonvolatile storage as one among valid state, erasable state and invalid state, depending on being cached or not, being journaled or not, and being a clean cache or not, so as to maintain an authentic original up-to-date consistent data within any one of the nonvolatile buffer cache, the nonvolatile journal area and the nonvolatile storage.

A method for propagating network management data for energy-efficient internet of things network management and an energy-efficient internet of things node apparatus are disclosed herein. The method includes dividing a plurality of sub-nodes into at least two terminal sub-nodes and the remaining intermediate sub-nodes, and determining a transmission path so that the terminal sub-nodes and the intermediate sub-nodes satisfy an acyclic graph condition, dividing the plurality of pieces of data of network management information into at least two data groups, and transmitting one of the at least two data groups to one of the terminal sub-nodes respectively, transmitting the data of the received data group to adjacent intermediate sub-nodes, performing network coding on selected two pieces of data, transmitting the network-coded data to the at least two intermediate adjacent sub-nodes, and decoding the received network-coded data using previously held data.

Ewha Womans University and Kyung Hee University | Date: 2015-01-07

A data transmission method in an ad-hoc network includes: a determining step in which a data sink node determines information of a route from a source node to the data sink node and a kind of data collected by the source node; a selecting step in which the data sink node selects a target node to compress data from the source node and a relay node with respect to the source node to minimize estimated total energy consumption of the network and a kind of a compression algorithm to be used by the target node using the information of the route and the kind of data; an informing step in which the data sink node informs the target node of data compression information including the kind of a compression algorithm depending on the information of the route and the kind of data; and a compressing and transmitting step in which the target node compresses collected or received data according to the data compression information and transmits the data.

The present invention relates to a composition, a kit and a method for diagnosing ovarian cancer metastasis or predicting the risk of metastasis by detecting methylation levels at CpG sites of one or more gene promoters selected from the group consisting of AGR2 (anterior gradient 2), CA9 (carbonic adj anhydrase 9), GABRP (gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor pi subunit), IFITM1 (interferon-induced transmembrane 1) and MUC13 (mucin 13).

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