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Olympia, WA, United States

The Evergreen State College is an accredited public liberal arts college and a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. It is located in Olympia, Washington, USA. Founded in 1967, Evergreen was formed to be an experimental and non-traditional college. Faculty issue narrative evaluations of students' work rather than grades, and Evergreen organizes most studies into largely interdisciplinary classes that generally constitute a full-time course load.Evergreen offers a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Bachelor of Science, Master of Environmental Studies, Master of Public Administration, and Master in Teaching. In 2012, there were 4,509 students, 4,193 of whom were undergraduates, and 240 faculty members. Wikipedia.

Nadkarni N.M.,Evergreen State College | Nadkarni N.M.,University of Utah | Stasch A.E.,Evergreen State College
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment | Year: 2013

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has tried to narrow the gap between science and society with its Broader Impacts criterion. We analyzed the proposed Broader Impacts (ie the activities that benefit society through teaching, broadening participation, enhancing infrastructure, and disseminating research) of proposals funded by NSF's Ecosystem Studies Program. We obtained abstracts from 296 funded proposals from NSF's website and characterized the scope of the proposed Broader Impacts (2000-2009). Only 65% of abstracts included a Broader Impacts statement and, of those, 57 (19%) included just one of five NSF broader impacts activities (BIAs). The most frequent component was teaching and training (37%), followed by broad dissemination (22%), infrastructure enhancement (18%), benefits to society (13%), and underrepresented groups (11%). Most proposed audiences were small (61%) to medium-sized (32%) and were closely associated with academics. NSF as a whole, and Program Officers in the Ecosystem Studies Program in particular, are generally reinforcing the importance of BIAs, but improvements are required within the academic culture. NSF needs to create new mechanisms that make grantees accountable for BIAs and provide positive feedback for those efforts. © The Ecological Society of America. Source

Boudinot B.E.,Evergreen State College
Journal of Hymenoptera Research | Year: 2012

The genitalia of male ants are interpreted in the context of the broader Hymenoptera. For the first time muscle homologies are established for twenty six species of ants in nine subfamilies: Amblyoponinae, Cerapachyinae, Dolichoderinae, Ecitoninae, Ectatomminae, Formicinae, Leptanilloidinae, Myrmicinae and Ponerinae. Fifteen muscles in total are found in the external genitalia of male ants and all are homologous with the musculature of basal Hymenoptera (Schulmeister 2001). Secondary fusion, reduction or losses of muscles have occurred in different lineages. From generalized to derived, the functional morphology and qualitative mechanics of three taxa, Formica obscuripes Forel 1886, Messor andrei Mayr (1886) and Labidus coecus Latreille (1802) are described and compared. Special reference is made to the Ecitoninae, where the work of Birket-Smith (1981) is reinterpreted and volsellar homology is clarified. The true digitus of Labidus is revealed to be a small sclerite at the base of the distal volsellar element which is re-identified as the cuspis. © Flávio O. Francisco et al. Source

Bopegedera A.M.R.P.,Evergreen State College
Journal of Chemical Education | Year: 2011

A guided-inquiry lab was developed to analyze the Balmer series of the hydrogen atomic spectrum. The emission spectrum of hydrogen was recorded with a homemade benchtop spectrophotometer. By drawing graphs and a trial-and-error approach, students discover the linear relationship presented in the Rydberg formula and connect it with the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom. The construction of the homemade spectrophotometer, the analysis of data, and the comparison between experimental and published data are discussed. The possibility of determining the Rydberg constant for deuterium as a possible extension of this lab is also discussed. Copyright © 2010 The American Chemical Society and Division of Chemical Education, Inc. Source

Schuler D.,Evergreen State College
Interactions | Year: 2013

Creating the World Citizen Parliament would require a monumental effort. This project, however, would be managed far differently than monumental projects of the past, such as the US moon landing in 1969 or the building of the Egyptian pyramids. For one thing, the World Citizen Parliament would proceed from the bottom up. Even if a specific assembly à la Falk and Strauss was an ultimate goal, the project should consider that goal as one among many. Globalization has altered many previous assumptions. On the one hand, many people are now officially stateless, which translates into being rights-less, as well. On the other hand, non-geographically based deliberative groups are extremely important. The world's population could, for example, be divided into a thousand representative constituent groups of approximately eight million citizens each. Source

The ant genus Megalomyrmex is known only from the Neotropics, where some of the species are specialized parasites or predators of Attini. A taxonomic review and a key to species is provided for the fauna of Central America and southern Mexico. The following new species are described: M. adamsae, M. mondaboroides, M. nocarina, M. reina. Copyright © 2010. Source

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