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Brussels, Belgium

A device (

European Commission and Plasmore Srl | Date: 2012-05-31

A sensor device comprises a dielectric substrate (

European Commission | Date: 2013-12-11

A method is described for producing a radioconjugate labeled with radionuclide Ac-225 comprising the step of chelating said radionuclide Ac-225 with a conjugated chelate compound in a chelation reaction mixture to obtain a radioconjugate labeled with Ac-225, wherein the pH of the chelation reaction mixture is comprised between 7.1 and 10, preferably between 8.0 and 9.5, more preferably about 9.0.

European Commission | Date: 2012-07-11

A method of force estimation for a minimally invasive medical system including a robot manipulator having an effector unit equipped with a 6-degrees-of-freedom force/torque sensor and being configured to hold a minimally invasive instrument having a first end mounted to the effector unit and a second end located beyond an external fulcrum that limits the instrument in motion, where the method includes determining a position of the instrument relative to the fulcrum, measuring by means of the 6 degrees of freedom force/torque sensor a force and a torque exerted onto the effector unit by the first end of the instrument, and calculating by means of the principle of superposition an estimate of a force exerted onto the second end of the instrument based on the determined position, the measured force and the measured torque.

An apparatus for carrying out high cycle fatigue tests of a specimen under high pressure, including: a pressure vessel; a load train including a first horn and a second horn between which a specimen is to be arranged, wherein the load train is arranged within an internal chamber of the pressure vessel; and a converter configured to apply ultrasonic waves into the load train by exciting the first horn to apply a dynamic stress to the specimen. A base part of the second horn is movably seated in the pressure vessel such that two separated chambers are formed within the pressure vessel with the first chamber for the specimen, wherein both chambers can be fed with gas and charged with different gas pressures in order to apply a static stress to the specimen.

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