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Cincinnati, OH, United States

Ethicon Endo Surgery Inc. | Date: 2015-01-08

Circular stapling instruments and anvil assemblies. The anvil assemblies may have collapsible anvil support members that may be inserted through an opening in a patient and then expanded to be attached to an anvil plate assembly that has a staple-forming surface thereon. The anvil support member is attachable to the anvil plate assembly in such a way that when the anvil assembly is coupled to the stapling head of a circular stapler, the staple-forming surface is in substantial registry with the staples supported in the stapling head. A variety of different anvil support members and anvil plate assemblies are disclosed.

Ethicon Endo Surgery Inc. | Date: 2015-01-06

In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to ultrasonic surgical instruments that may be used in aqueous environments. The instruments may include cutting a member that is supported within a hollow sheath. Various seal arrangements are disclosed for establishing a substantially fluid-tight seal between the cutting member and the sheath.

Ethicon Endo Surgery Inc. | Date: 2015-06-22

A retainer for assembling tissue thickness compensators to a surgical stapler can comprise a grip, a first surface for supporting a first tissue thickness compensator, a second surface for supporting a second tissue thickness compensator, and clips for aligning and attaching the retainer to the surgical stapler. The clips may align and attach the retainer to a staple cartridge of the surgical instrument. The clips may align the retainer with an anvil of the surgical instrument. An insertion tool may be used in combination with the retainer to insert the retainer into the surgical stapler and to push the tissue thickness compensators against the anvil and/or the staple cartridge of the surgical instrument.

A surgical severing and stapling instrument, suitable for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures, clamps tissue within an end effector of an elongate channel pivotally opposed by an anvil. Various embodiments are configured to be operably attached to a robotic system to receive actuation/control motions therefrom.

Surgical stapling instruments surgical stapling cartridges are disclosed. At least one embodiment includes an end effector that has an elongate channel that is configured to operably support a surgical staple cartridge therein and an anvil that is movably supported on the elongate channel between an open position and closed positions in response to an application of opening and closing motions applied thereto. An anvil lock member cooperates with the anvil to retain the anvil in an open position when a staple cartridge has not been installed in the elongate channel and prevent the anvil from moving to a closed position until the staple cartridge has been seated within the elongate channel. Surgical staple cartridges are configured to move the anvil from an open position to an actuatable position when the cartridge has been installed in the end effector.

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