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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Eternal Chemical Co. | Date: 2013-05-03

A self-sensitive polymerizable liquid resin is provided, which contains an uncrosslinked Michael addition reaction product of the following components: a Michael donor, a Michael accepter and optionally a viscosity modifier. The Michael accepter has 5 to 18 acryloyl functional groups. The self-sensitive polymerizable liquid resin of the present invention is capable of being used as an aid in a coating composition and providing a good property in deep radiation curing, and is particularly applicable in color coatings.

Eternal Chemical Co. | Date: 2014-05-27

The present invention provides a biomedical device comprising a porous hydrophilic substrate; a hydrophobic material; a fluid inlet; two or more test zones, wherein fluid vertically flows through the porous hydrophilic substrate and then distributes into the test zones. The present invention further provides a method for making a biomedical device.

Eternal Chemical Co. | Date: 2013-12-27

A polyimide (PI) having two COOH capping groups at each end is provided. A coating composition is further provided, which contains the PI and a hardening agent having 2 to 6 functional groups capable of reacting with COOH. A PI coating layer and PI film formed by the coating composition of the present invention possess excellent chemical resistance and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), which makes them applicable in fabrication of protective materials for active/passive devices, optical materials, touch panels, copper foil substrates, soft flexible electronic materials or integrated circuit elements, or film substrate for glass film touch panels.

Gemmy Electronic Co. and Eternal Chemical Co. | Date: 2013-07-31

The invention pertains to a conductive polymer composite comprising: wherein: A is a C1-C4 alkylene group substituted with (R)p; X is O or S; R is H, an unsubstituted or substituted C1-C20 alkyl or alkoxy, or an unsubstituted or substituted C6-C20 aryl; and p is 0, 1, or 2, and the conductive polymer has a weight average molecular weight ranging from 3,000 to 30,000. A process for preparing the conductive polymer composite is also provided.

Eternal Chemical Co. | Date: 2014-04-30

A curable composition comprises the following: (A) a polymer having at least two silicon-bonded alkenyl groups and having an average unit formula (I): (B) a branched organopolysiloxane having at least one silicon-bonded alkenyl group and having a siloxane unit of formula R

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