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Novato, CA, United States

ET Water Inc | Date: 2015-07-07

A screen intake system has a body with an open end and a chamber. A flat screen is disposed at the open end of the body. To keep the screen clear of debris, an airburst system has pipes disposed in the chamber. The pipes dispose parallel to one another adjacent the flat screen, and each of the pipes has orifices in a side facing the flat screen. Directors are disposed along the backs of the pipes in a lattice, and each of the directors has a channel in which the pipe disposes. Compressed air released by valves from a tank dispersed from the pipes orifices. Each of the directors directs the resulting water/airburst from the orifices toward the adjacent flat screen to clear it of debris.

ET Water Inc | Date: 2015-06-03

A method includes flowing brine including one or more hardness minerals from a desalination system to a mineral removal system. The method also includes removing the one or more hardness minerals from the brine in an ion separation system disposed upstream from and fluidly coupled to the mineral removal system. The ion separation system may generate a first softened brine and includes a plurality of ion exchange subsystems each including an ion exchange resin. The method also includes saturating the ion exchange resin of at least one ion exchange subsystem with the one or more hardness minerals removed from the brine and regenerating the saturated ion exchange resin. The method further includes recovering the one or more hardness minerals from the ion exchange resin via the mineral removal system. The mineral removal system is fluidly coupled to the ion separation system.

ET Water Inc | Date: 2015-03-02

A handheld showerhead including a showerhead portion, a handle portion, and a movable mode selector portion. The mode selector portion includes a rotationally-fixed first end coupling and a rotationally-fixed second end coupling, which is concentrically aligned with the first end coupling, and a rotatable control knob body. The movable mode selector includes a fluid seal coupled to the rotatable knob body, the first fluid seal including at least one fluid control aperture. The second end coupling also includes a fluid inlet aperture and a fluid outlet aperture. The inlet aperture is in fluid communication with a fluid supply, and the outlet aperture is in fluid communication with the control knob body. A second fluid seal is positioned between the second end coupling and the control knob body. A single mechanical fastener axially couples the control knob body to the first end coupling and the second end coupling.

ET Water Inc | Date: 2015-12-08

In one embodiment, a method includes providing agricultural grade gypsum to a mixing device using a conveyor, providing a fluid to the mixing device using a pump, mixing the agricultural grade gypsum with the fluid to produce a gypsum slurry using the mixing device, and pumping the gypsum slurry to a storage tank. In another embodiment a system includes a conveyor providing an agricultural grade gypsum, a pump providing a fluid, a mixing device configured to mix the agricultural grade gypsum provided by the conveyor with the fluid provided by the pump to produce a gypsum slurry, and a slurry pump configured to pump the gypsum slurry from the mixing device to a storage tank.

An oil recovery process where produced water is cooled through a flash evaporization process and the resulting vapor is utilized to heat steam generator feedwater.

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