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Erdenet, Mongolia

Ganbaatar Z.,Erdenet Mining Corporation | Nazarov Yu.P.,Scientific and Production Association RIVS JSC | Polyanskiy M.V.,Scientific and Production Association RIVS JSC
Non-ferrous Metals | Year: 2013

The concentration plant of Erdenet Mining Corporation (Mongolia) has been successfully exploiting the two-stage scheme of concentration of copper-molybdenum ores during 30 years. This scheme includes three consecutive stages: bulk cycle, finishing cycle and molybdenum cycle. Considering the manufacturing reconstruction process, one of landmark components is the formation of technological schemes with the following substantiation of the scheme of apparatuses' series. The task for the operating manufactures became more complex, because of the necessity of adaptation of the developed scheme of apparatuses' series to the existing production spaces. For example, the schemes of apparatuses' series are considerably rigid structures, created for the specific type of supplied raw materials. At the same time, increasing of productivity of existing enterprises foreordains the involving of ores, supplied from various parts of ore body, into the synchronous processing. These ores differ by the content of mineral resources, ratio of primary and secondary minerals, oxidation level, slags content, etc. All these factors provide the creation reasonability of schemes with increased technological flexibility, which makes possible rather efficient responding on the changing of properties of the delivered raw materials. © Ganbaatar Z., Nazarov Yu. P., Polyanskiy M. V., 2013.

Zimin A.V.,RIVS Science and Production Association | Nazarov Yu.P.,RIVS Science and Production Association | Sharav G.,Erdenet Mining Corporation
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2014

Technogenic mineral formations are actually a nonconventional source of minerals. Various origination and diversity of composition of aged tailings as well as high content of oxidized component give zero favor to customization of engineering designs on treatment of aged tailings at given processing plants due to low production data. Therefore it is preferred to deal with actual tailings, considering drastic alteration of phase composition of aged tailings. Tailings go to dumping after a number of process stages, including aftertreatment, so, it is possible to choose some process units the discharge of which can be used as the feedstock for stand-alone process stages. As a whole, mineral composition and dissociation ability of sulphides are the advantage factors for the development of copper and molybdenum concentrate technologies. Taking into account features of mineral dissociation, the sequence of process stages below seems most rational: Separation of molybdenum, copper and pyrite in sodium sulphide medium; Regrinding of molybdenum circuit tailings to dissociate intergrown pieces of copper minerals; Copper flotation composed of three scavenging operations; Pyrite concentrate production from copper flotation tailings. This approach is implemented in processing of aftertreatment tailings in dressing of Erdenet copper-molybdenum deposit ore (Mongolia). The marketable concentrates produced meet the standard quality requirements.

Vasiliyevna P.I.,Moscow State Mining University | Ochir E.,Erdenet Mining Corporation | Valentinovich M.V.,Moscow State Mining University
Obogashchenie Rud | Year: 2013

In return water systems at ore-dressing facilities it is essential to increase reclaim water purification and conditioning efficiency. With that, related waste water of complex chemical composition should also be used. A thermodynamic analysis was performed with respect to chemical processes of copper ions interaction with other components of waste and return water liquid phase with a view to determine conditions required for copper ions and other components efficient recovery from waste water by means of precipitation. It is shown, that a condition for maintaining copper ions concentration in filtrates at an acceptable treatment level is provision of filtrate pH within the range from 5.6 to 7.3. A technology for joint conditioning of seepage water together with municipal purification works water and Power Plant ash-disposal area effluent water was recommended for Erdenet operation. Testing was performed confirming efficiency of the chosen regime and return water system, providing for nonchemical return water treatment. The tests results showed a possibility for copper and molybdenum recovery increase into marketable concentrate by 0.35 and 0.5 %, respectively. In addition to that, copper concentrate grade was increased by 0.4 % and that of molybdenum concentrate - by 0.5 %.

Nazarov Yu.P.,RIVS Science and Production Association | Zimin A.V.,RIVS Science and Production Association | Gezegt Sh.,Erdenet Mining Corporation
Eurasian Mining | Year: 2015

Tailings of complex ore processing plants using bulk-selective flotation chart are composed of a number of products. Metal content of final concentration tailings is comparable with the metal content of initial ore, thus, these tailings can be a resource supply for processing plants. The article describes the approach to selecting processing circuits and using their tailings as a feed for independent process stages. At such process stages, it is possible to either produce bulk concentrates for blending with some other products of a processing plant, or to arrange self-sustained production of marketable concentrates. The implementation of the approach at a copper-molybdenum ore processing plant is instantiated. The developed flow chart allows production of quality copper, molybdenum and pyrite concentrates. The authors also describe the approach to estimating processibility of tailings of process stages. It is shown that it is feasible to select some process stages in the flotation flow chart and use their tailings as a feed for independent processing. This approach is actualized in the final concentration cycle of dressing of Erdenet copper-molybdenum ore (Mongolia). The technology of production of quality marketable copper, molybdenum and pyrite concentrates has been developed. © Nazarov Yu. P., Zimin A. V., Gezegt Sh., 2015.

Turbat S.,Erdenet Mining Corporation
8th International Forum on Strategic Technology 2013, IFOST 2013 - Proceedings | Year: 2013

Industrial processes are characterized by the necessity for variation and optimization of the process to achieve satisfactory products and to achieve the most efficient and economic method of production. This calls for the need to control the flow rates of materials throughout the plant so that the most satisfactory condition can be achieved against the many plant variables. During past 10 years Erdenet Mining Corporation has been considerable progress on the development of Variable Speed Electrical drives and these are now proven to be very reliable and economic. It is, therefore, now necessary to reassess the methods used to achieve the variable flow and optimization of industrial processes. This paper is aimed at explaining the energy and costs benefits which can be obtained by using AC induction motors and 3 tariff energy systems for this purpose. Also automatic control system influences on energy saving and reliablity. © 2013 IEEE.

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