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Tomblaine, France

Era Inc | Date: 2014-04-10

A light guide plate touch device comprises a light guide plate, a sensitive unit array, a light emitting unit and a microprocessor; an end of the sensitive unit array is disposed next to the light emitting unit; the light emitted from the light emitting unit is guided into the light guide plate to proceed total reflective propagation; the microprocessor detects multiple signals received by all the sensitive units, compares the signals to confirm attenuated signal of the frustrated total internal reflection resulting from an object touching the light guide plate and then to confirm at least two sensitive units sensing the attenuated signal, obtains position information of a touch point where the object touches the upper surface of the light guide plate according to positions of at least two sensitive units, and outputs a corresponding touch-control signal; Accordingly, the respective number of the light sources and the sensitive units are reduced to lower production expense and cost.

A ribbon crystal pulling furnace has a base insulation and a liner insulation removably connected to the base insulation. At least a portion of the liner insulation forms an interior for containing a crucible.

Era Inc | Date: 2012-11-15

A shaped tab conductor configured to allow more incident light to strike a cell substrate, improving the photovoltaic efficiency of the cell. The shaped tab conductor is configured to reduce the amount of incident light that is blocked by the tab from reaching the surface of the cell substrate. The tab may also be configured to redirect light reflected from the cell surface back to the cell surface. The cross-section of the tab conductor may be polygonal, such as a rhombus, with at least one generally planar surface that forms an acute angle with the substrate.

A guide light plate touch device with total internal reflective diffraction light comprises a guide light plate, multiple light sensitive units, at least a light source, and a microprocessor; the light sensitive units sense the frustrated total internal reflective diffraction light and output a frustrated total internal reflection signal respectively; the microprocessor confirms at least two of the light sensitive units outputting the frustrated total internal reflection signal, calculates position information of the touch point based on position information of the at least two of the light sensitive lights, and outputs a corresponding touch signal; the light from the respective light sources can be irradiated to the diffraction unit or the guide light plate with a variable projecting angle such that the man hours for adjusting the projecting angle are saved greatly as well as the guide light plate without joining the optical coupler.

A structure for guiding light into a light guide plate to conduct total internal reflection comprises a guide light plate and a prism; the prism is integrated with the guide light plate or joined to the guide light plate with an optical adhesive layer; the horizontal surface of the prism is parallel to the upper and lower surfaces of the guide light plate; the maximum angle between the horizontal surface and the slant surface of the prism is only 20 degrees to reduce the thickness of the prism greatly to meet requirements of lightness, thinness, shortness, and smallness for the electronic product; due to a special configuration of the prism and a special arrangement between the guide light plate and the prism, the most part of the light shot to the prism by the light source with any projecting angle is guided into the guide light plate to propagate the total internal reflection such that the light has an intensity capable of being sensed.

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