Brentwood, TN, United States
Brentwood, TN, United States

The Entrada Sandstone is a formation in the San Rafael Group that is found in the U.S. states of Wyoming, Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah. Part of the Colorado Plateau, this formation was deposited during the Jurassic period sometime between 180 and 140 million years ago in various environments, including: tidal mudflats, beaches and sand dunes. The Middle Jurassic San Rafael Group was dominantly deposited as ergs in a desert environment around the shallow Sundance Sea. Wikipedia.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. & ANCHORAGE, Alaska--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Entrada today announced that it has been selected by Orthopedic Physicians Alaska (OPA) to deploy its EHR-integrated mobile platform to all caregivers across its enterprise of 60 orthopedic surgeons, as well as additional support staff. The deployment of Entrada, including its innovative speech solution Entrada Rhythm, is intended to enhance EHR efficiencies and drive productivity by giving physicians options when completing clinical documentation. The deployment of Entrada will help OPA ensure EHR compliance among its team of physicians while also promoting the creation of clinically relevant and legally defensible medical records. Physicians have the flexibility of deploying both front-end and back-end speech documentation workflows using Entrada Rhythm, integrated directly within OPA’s existing EHR templates. In addition, its clinical team can use Entrada to streamline key tasks such as viewing and updating EHR patient data and capturing patient photos. OPA will also deploy Entrada Secure Messaging – available for both mobile and desktop - accelerating communication and coordination between members of the care team, both within and outside of the organization. “We chose Entrada because of their proven track record in saving physician and staff time during the clinic day,” noted Tim Mullen, Director of Clinical Operations for Orthopedic Physicians Alaska. “When making clinical technology decisions, we emphasize a solution’s ability to increase productivity, rebalance the work/life equation, and ultimately improve our teams’ ability to provide excellent patient care. Entrada can help us drive each of these tangible outcomes while being tightly integrated with our EHR. In addition, we look to the efficiencies afforded through Entrada’s application to keep our costs down for our patients.” Entrada delivers best-in-class mobile solutions that are reshaping the way healthcare services are delivered. For more information, visit Entrada’s website. Entrada is a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions that improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. Entrada’s commitment is to protect physician and staff productivity for the next generation of patient care. For more information, please visit

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Improbable, the London-based startup which enables developers to build virtual worlds offering permanent, persistent and engaging gaming experiences, today announced a joint game developer program, the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program, with Google Cloud Platform. With this new program, Google and Improbable will partner to subsidise access for qualified developers to Improbable’s SpatialOS platform, a distributed operating system, powered by Google Cloud Platform, which enables the development of persistent online game worlds. Alongside this announcement, Improbable has launched its Game Developer Open Alpha for SpatialOS. Any game developer can get access to the SpatialOS platform and development tools, to test and experiment with it ahead of the full launch of the Games Innovation Program and the beta of SpatialOS in Q1 2017. SpatialOS gives any developer the ability to define and build simulated worlds which can accommodate thousands of simultaneous players in a single world at the same time, exceeding the usual limits of what a conventional game server can do. These simulations are persistent and support the kind of complex computation needed to bring new game ideas to life, while enabling a development methodology that supports extremely rapid iteration. “We set out to build SpatialOS because we saw what developers wanted to do, but were held back from achieving,” said Herman Narula, CEO and co-founder of Improbable. “Since we founded Improbable, we have talked to many developers who have amazing ideas for new kinds of games they can’t currently realise. Like them, we want to create and inhabit realistic worlds where players’ actions have real consequences - but technical limitations have stifled innovation in gaming.” Whether deployed on a single PC, a dedicated server or even the open cloud, games are currently hampered by low player numbers per instance, small environments and limited interaction with the world. Creating and running massive simulations that solve those problems on a public cloud requires a kind of distributed supercomputing - with potentially thousands of cores working together. This is what SpatialOS makes possible, by distributing work automatically and intelligently across hundreds or thousands of servers. The other great challenge to game design is creative. Building games at this scale requires a whole new approach to game design. “Imagine a virtual city populated by players, who can make lasting changes to its social structure or its economy through their actions,” said Narula. “Or a battle between thousands of players, played out in real time over days or weeks. These are possibilities that demand a totally different approach. “We’re particularly excited that both the partnership program and our open alpha will make it easier for small core teams, regardless of studio size, to create new game ideas involving worlds built on this scale. So much innovation in games comes from small core teams, so one of our priorities is enabling teams to build a product they could immediately deploy, scale and grow, with players involved from the early stages. These teams can use SpatialOS, backed by the power and stability of GCP, to iterate an ideas rapidly and test them early.” SpatialOS lets developers rapidly deploy and test these new game ideas and begin live testing with users from a much earlier stage, enabling them to gather feedback much faster than before. The Games Innovation Program also helps ensure that developers don’t have to worry about some of the costs of game development. These new kinds of games are also likely to benefit significantly from advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality interfaces - all technologies where Google is a leader. Under the program, eligible game developers will be provided with Improbable Credits, which can be used to pay SpatialOS usage fees, which include the costs of hosting games on GCP. The program will cover the cloud costs of developing, testing and deploying games using SpatialOS right up to when the game is launched. “The future of gaming lies in the cloud,” said Google Global Head of Technology Partnerships Nan Boden. “This partnership is an opportunity for us to help developers to take full advantage of the new possibilities enabled by SpatialOS combined with the unique abilities of Google Cloud Platform. This is the first step in Google’s partnership with Improbable, and just the beginning of our work together to support game development and beyond.” Developers can sign up for the Experimental Game Developer Alpha of SpatialOS at, and start developing immediately, or get more information from this blog post by Herman Narula. For more information on the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program, the SpatialOS open alpha for game developers, or Improbable, please contact Technical benefits of SpatialOS, running on Google Cloud Platform, for game developers By building on SpatialOS, developers can use standard tools and game engines to build new gaming experiences supported by the reliability, processing power and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform. SpatialOS takes advantage of key features of Google Cloud Platform to offer developers an exceptional development environment. Games already developed on SpatialOS, running on Google Cloud Platform SpatialOS is already being used by game developers to create new gaming experiences. Two early examples are Worlds Adrift from Bossa Studios and Lazarus from Spilt Milk Studios, both currently in advanced stages of development. Worlds Adrift is a 3D physics-driven sandbox MMO set in a shattered world of floating islands. Thousands of players share a single world, in an environment currently covering more than 1000km², and continuing to grow. These players can form alliances, build sky-ships and become scavengers, explorers, heroes or sky-pirates in an open, interactive world where actions have real consequences. Ships can be stolen, wrecks can be scavenged and each island’s forests and animal life can flourish or diminish over time. Worlds Adrift is scheduled to launch in closed early access in Q1 2017. More information can be found at Lazarus, a retro-styled top-down space shooter, features a 160,000 km2 map where thousands of players can fight alien invaders, and each other. Developed by Spilt Milk Studios with a four-person team, after only three months of development Lazarus is now in continuous open development; anyone can sign up for a free Steam code at Simple accessible gameplay gives way to a complex dynamic wargame in which AI factions fight for territory with up to three thousand simultaneous human players in a single world. Headquartered in London, Improbable is a technology company dedicated to building technology to enable powerful virtual worlds and simulations designed to help solve previously intractable problems. In gaming and entertainment, this enables the creation of richer, more immersive and persistent virtual worlds. The Company’s proprietary platform SpatialOS is now available as an alpha release for games development teams of all sizes. Founded in 2012, Improbable received $20m in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz in March 2015. Gaming and entertainment studios currently building their products on SpatialOS include Bossa Studios (Worlds Adrift), Spilt Milk Studios (Lazarus), HelloVR (MetaWorld), Entrada Interactive (Rebel Horizons) and Soulbound Studios (Chronicles of Elyria).

News Article | December 6, 2016

i2i Population Health, a national leader in population health management (PHM) technology, has named Ajdin Camaga as a vice president of sales. “Ajdin understands that building a successful sales culture is about building relationships, says Justin Neece, president. “He works hard to understand what each client needs, and is persistent in building towards a solution that works for everyone involved. His energy and enthusiasm, and experience with NextGen and clinical workflow solutions and will be critical for us as we deliver on the promise of meaningful population health.” At i2i, Camaga is responsible for driving significant growth in the provider and independent delivery network market segments. Most recently, Camaga was the sales director for Nashville-based Entrada, Inc., where he was last year’s top revenue producer in his product line for the company. Prior to joining Entrada, he was a sales manager for Chicago-based Emedapps. He joined Emedapps from NextGen Healthcare, where he was an EHR sales and implementation consultant. A KLAS Leader in the delivery of actionable population health, i2i Population Health’s’ integrated Population Health Management and Analytics solutions have proudly served healthcare organizations for more than 16 years. The company offers a depth of experience gained from over 2,500 U.S. healthcare delivery sites across 35 states supporting 20 million lives. With i2i, healthcare providers optimize the clinical, financial and operational success of physician group practices, community health centers, health center controlled networks, hospitals, health plans and integrated delivery networks. i2i’s flagship product, i2iTracks, is 2014 PCMH NCQA pre-validated to ignite real-time, proactive care management. i2i System’s big-data platform, PopIQ, delivers a cloud-based comparative analytics toolset to leverage multiple customers’ data sets and provide cross-population views into global population health management.

News Article | November 30, 2016

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - 30 de novembro de 2016) - A Global Cyber Alliance (, uma organização internacional sem fins lucrativos concentrada em abordar os riscos cibernéticos sistêmicos, anuncia o lançamento do primeiro projeto para combater o phishing: uma ferramenta para facilitar a implementação de DMARC. A ferramenta, disponível em é fácil de usar e está disponível gratuitamente para qualquer pessoa. A DMARC (Autenticação de Relatórios e Compliance de Mensagem baseada em Domínio - Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Compliance) oferece proteção de marca, proteção de caixa de Entrada maior visibilidade de algumas ameaças que as organizações enfrentam. A DMARC foi criada como um trabalho colaborador para o combate de email fraudulento por meio da autenticação do remetente de um email. Com o processo de autenticação da DMARC, as marcas estão protegidas contra o uso dos domínios para phishing que pode levar ao roubo de identidade, entrega de malware e erosão da confiança do cliente. A DMARC também pode ser usada para proteger a reputação de um domínio de email. Sem a DMARC, um atacante pode perpetrar um ataque de DoS (negação de serviço - denial of service) no domínio, prejudicando sua reputação, incapacitando a capacidade de comunicação da empresa. "A adoção da DMARC é uma das maneiras que as organizações podem se proteger e proteger seus clientes ao impedir um dos ataques de phishing mais eficazes -- falsificação de email", disse Philip Reitinger, Presidente e CEO da Global Cyber Alliance. "O email fraudulento continua sendo um dos riscos cibernéticos mais sistêmicos e o principal vetor para muitas ameaças como phishing, malware e entrega de ransomware, e os scams de 'CEO' que causam grandes prejuízos financeiros. O uso da DMARC pode reduzir substancialmente a capacidade do hacker de falsificar o email de uma organização para cometer esses crimes. A ferramenta DMARC que nós criamos dirige as pessoas através de cada passo do processo de implementação para garantir a configuração correta do protocolo. É uma ferramenta simples que oferece uma tremenda proteção. Todos CEO, CFO e CMO deveria falar com o departamento de segurança sobre a implementação da DMARC imediatamente". Uma pesquisa da GCA com as 100 principais empresas globais (classificado pela capitalização de mercado atual), 87% não implementaram a política DMARC (62%) e, quando têm uma política, ela está marcada como "nenhuma" (25%) que não impede a falsificação ou frade de email que é enviado para a caixa de Entrada do usuário. A Aetna, parceira da GCA, implementou um programa de email de confiança baseado no padrão DMARC no início de 2015. Com um planejamento cuidadoso que inclui todos os emails enviados por terceiros em nome da empresa, a Aetna alcançou grande sucesso com o programa. Os assinantes de emails da Aetna não recebem SPAM nem emails não legítimos -- nem tentativas de phishing -- de nenhum endereço de email associado com a Aetna. O programa evita o envio de aproximadamente 60 milhões de mensagens de email. Além disso, a Aetna aumentou muito o nível de confiança dos assinantes de email, com uma melhoria de 10% nos cliques de email todos os anos. Outra empresa da área de saúde que trabalha com a GCA concluiu que 0,5% das mensagens de email foram identificadas como falsas após transferidas para a "quarentena" por não passarem nas verificações da DMARC. De acordo com os cálculos da GCA, se 0,5% por cento dos emails são identificados como falsos forem a média e a DMARC for implementada em todo o mundo, 500 milhões de mensagens de emails falsificadas seriam bloqueadas diariamente. "O phishing é a maior ameaça que as organizações e pessoas enfrentam todos os dias. A corporações e governos sabem que quando implementada corretamente a DMARC é um meio de proteção altamente eficaz, de custo relativamente baixo", disse Steve Jones, Diretor Executivo da "Quanto maior a quantidade de proprietários de domínios que implementam políticas DMARC, maior são os benefícios para todo o ecossistema. Mais consumidores e funcionários estão protegidos, o risco em geral é reduzido e a confiança no email é restaurada. As novas ferramentas da GCA são uma excelente maneira de ajudar a iniciar esse processo." A Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) e um esforço internacional de vários setores dedicada a enfrentar o risco cibernético e melhorar o nosso mundo conectado. Ela é um catalizador que une as comunidades de interesses e afiliações em um ambiente que incentiva a inovação por meio de conquistas concretas e mensuráveis. Embora grande parte dos esforços de abordagem do risco cibernético sejam específicos da indústria, setor ou área geográfica, os parceiros da GCA são de vários países e setores. O lema da GCA "Do Something. Measure It" (Faça algo. Avalie) indica a sua missão de erradicar os riscos cibernéticos sistêmicos.

Navarrete D.,University of Exeter | Sitch S.,University of Exeter | Aragao L.E.O.C.,National Institute for Space Research | Pedroni L.,Entrada
Global Change Biology | Year: 2016

Strategies to mitigate climate change by reducing deforestation and forest degradation (e.g. REDD+) require country- or region-specific information on temporal changes in forest carbon (C) pools to develop accurate emission factors. The soil C pool is one of the most important C reservoirs, but is rarely included in national forest reference emission levels due to a lack of data. Here, we present the soil organic C (SOC) dynamics along 20 years of forest-to-pasture conversion in two subregions with different management practices during pasture establishment in the Colombian Amazon: high-grazing intensity (HG) and low-grazing intensity (LG) subregions. We determined the pattern of SOC change resulting from the conversion from forest (C3 plants) to pasture (C4 plants) by analysing total SOC stocks and the natural abundance of the stable isotopes 13C along two 20-year chronosequences identified in each subregion. We also analysed soil N stocks and the natural abundance of 15N during pasture establishment. In general, total SOC stocks at 30 cm depth in the forest were similar for both subregions, with an average of 47.1 ± 1.8 Mg C ha-1 in HG and 48.7 ± 3.1 Mg C ha-1 in LG. However, 20 years after forest-to-pasture conversion SOC in HG decreased by 20%, whereas in LG SOC increased by 41%. This net SOC decrease in HG was due to a larger reduction in C3-derived input and to a comparatively smaller increase in C4-derived C input. In LG both C3- and C4-derived C input increased along the chronosequence. N stocks were generally similar in both subregions and soil N stock changes during pasture establishment were correlated with SOC changes. These results emphasize the importance of management practices involving low-grazing intensity in cattle activities to preserve SOC stocks and to reduce C emissions after land-cover change from forest to pasture in the Colombian Amazon. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

News Article | November 17, 2016

Today, Entrada announced a major upgrade to its Mobile Engagement Platform, available for both Apple iOS and Android. The release delivers new, industry leading features and enhancements for physicians and staff who are struggling with desktop-based EHR workflows. The release includes advancements to Entrada Rhythm, Entrada’s groundbreaking clinical documentation solution, as well as many additional features and upgrades that drive clinical efficiencies. The release also includes critical enhancements to Entrada’s secure text messaging solution, enabling better coordination of patient care both within and outside of the clinical facility. “We strive to build technology that removes barriers between our physicians and their patients,” noted Vinny Casha, Senior Product Manager at Entrada. “Entrada plays a critical role for our clients as a go-to mobile app in the hands of their physicians at the point of patient care. Providers rely on Entrada to be simple, efficient, and beautiful. With our new release, we’ve continued our advancement of that vision.” Entrada has redesigned its mobile interface and user experience for its Workflow Optimization solution, simplifying the process of accessing a patient’s clinical content, including medications, allergies, problems, etc., synced from the electronic health record (EHR). Clinicians can now view and share lab results for each of their patients, accelerating the consult by enabling access to lab data from whenever and wherever patient care happens. Entrada also enables clinic staff to seamlessly capture and update a patient’s EHR profile photo from directly within its mobile app, eliminating the need to purchase additional camera hardware while avoiding cumbersome workflows. Entrada has also made major improvements to its Android application, including speed and performance upgrades and a complete redesign of its mobile interface. Entrada’s Secure Communications solution also benefits from the updates to Entrada’s Android application, as text message invitations and conversations between users on different mobile operating systems are even faster and smoother. Click here to learn more about Entrada’s Mobile Engagement Platform. About Entrada Entrada is a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions that improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. Entrada’s commitment is to protect physician and staff productivity for the next generation of patient care. For more information, please visit

News Article | December 15, 2016

RENO, NV--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2016) - Pacific Energy & Mining Co., ( : PEMC), announced today that the Letter of Intent for the sale of certain oil and gas properties between PEMC its partners Entrada Enterprises, JMD Resources Inc. and American Patriot Oil and Gas (ASX "AOW") terminated on December 9, 2016. The LOI was not extended and all negotiations with American Patriot Oil and Gas have been shelved. The decision was based on many factors, including lack of experience by the Buyer for operating oil and gas properties and lack of US based management. The properties consisted of the West-World Prospect and Gaines County, Texas. The details of the assets was over 90boepd of existing production on over 22,600 net acres. 4.3mmbboe oil and gas reserves with over 400 hundred drill sites with ability to significantly grow production. The midstream company included fixed assets of 30+ miles of pipeline, 25+ miles of gathering and gas plant currently marketing third-party operators. As of November 8, 2016 PEMC and its partners had advised AOW that Dan Green, Brett Murray and Jim Gibbons declined to be on the Board of Directors of AOW. Pacific Energy & Mining Co. is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and has operated since 1979. The foregoing contains forward-looking information within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties. The actual results may differ materially from such forward-looking statements. The company does not undertake to publicly update or revise its forward-looking statements even if experience or further changes make it clear that any projected results (expressed or implied) will not be realized.

Entrada | Date: 2016-03-16

Encryption systems and methods for audio data, and more particularly, for complete audio encryption of recorded data for transmission, management, review, and modification or transformation of selected segments of encrypted audio data, without compromising data security by exposing unencrypted data at any time.

News Article | May 27, 2015

Today Entrada, a Nashville-based healthcare technology company, announces the addition of Baxter Lee to its senior management team. Lee has been named Chief Financial Officer, adding over a decade of healthcare experience to Entrada’s executive team. Having executed a broad array of transactions - including mergers & acquisitions, debt financings, restructurings, and strategic alliances - the addition of Baxter Lee to Entrada’s team positions the company for continued long-term growth and success. Lee most recently served as Vice President of Finance & Strategy for Emdeon, where he led strategic and financial planning for the Payer Services division, comprising over $800M of revenue. In addition, he is an advisor to three Nashville-based startups and is an active mentor in the Jumpstart Foundry startup accelerator program. Lee graduated with Honors from the Executive MBA program at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt in July 2013. “As we prepare for accelerated growth through 2015 and beyond, I am very pleased to welcome Baxter Lee to our executive team,” stated Bill Brown, CEO at Entrada. “Baxter is an experienced and talented CFO with an impressive background in an array of diverse financial areas. His background in strategic and financial planning complements both our operations and long-term growth objectives. Also, he has the talent, drive, and personality that embodies the Entrada culture.” Entrada is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions that improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. Entrada’s commitment is to protect physician and staff productivity for the next generation of patient care. For more information, please visit

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