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Louisville, KY, United States

Enterprise Corp | Date: 2014-10-20

A system capable of monitoring an area and detecting a disturbance with the area. The system has a plurality of ultra-wide band radio frequency tags, each of the tags including a digital signal processing module configured to monitor changes in radio frequency multipath properties of received packets transmitted by at least one other of the tags. Changes in the radio frequency multipath properties may be caused by a disturbance indicative of an object in the vicinity of the tags. A corresponding method is also disclosed.

Enterprise Corp | Date: 2014-05-31

The instant disclosure relates to a monitor mounting apparatus for disposing on a working surface. The mounting apparatus includes a base, an adjusting unit, and a tilt bracket. The base is arranged on the working surface and has at least one guiding member. The adjusting unit includes at least one sliding member and at least one connecting member interconnected. The sliding member may be slidably arranged on the guiding member. The tilt bracket has an outer end portion and at least one connecting portion. The connecting portion is pivotally connected to the connecting member, and the outer end portion is defined on one end of the tilt bracket away from the connecting member. The tilt bracket may be oriented at various angular and vertical positions. The user may adjust the monitor mounting apparatus to suit the persons needs.

Enterprise Corp | Date: 2015-03-17

A tensile switchable supporting frame is provided. The supporting frame with an adjustable tensile structure includes at least two elastic modules, which are composed of a plurality of tension springs to achieve the objective of multi-stage adjustment. According to the weight of the loaded device, the user is capable of selecting the suitable elastic module to appropriately activate the amount of tension springs. The proper tension also provides the user with a better operative experience.

Enterprise Corp | Date: 2014-10-31

A wide area radio frequency identification (RFID) system includes: a first RFID cell and a second RFID cell. The first RFID cell and the second RFID cell each include a reader and tags. The readers access the tags using ultra-wide band signaling. The RFID cells each include: a communications interface operable to communicate with a network operations center, and a communications gateway which supports direct communications between RFID cells. The method includes accessing the second RFID cell from the first RFID cell, and the accessing is performed using the communications gateway that can cover a range of at least five hundred meters.

Enterprise Corp | Date: 2014-05-21

A linkage supporting device is used for supporting a display on a working surface, including: a base that can be placed on the working surface, and first and second shafts fixed to the base without coinciding with one another; a first bar member having a main bar with two ends pivotally disposed on the first and third shafts, respectively; a second bar member having two ends pivotally disposed on the third and fourth shafts, respectively; a third bar member having two ends pivotally disposed on the fourth and fifth shafts, respectively; a fourth bar member that has a sliding bar slidably received in a receiving space of the main bar and having two ends pivotally disposed on the fifth and sixth shafts, respectively; a fifth bar member having two ends pivotally disposed on the sixth and second shafts, respectively; and a spring member received in the receiving space and having two ends connected to the first and fourth bar members, respectively.

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