Billerica, MA, United States
Billerica, MA, United States

Entegris, Inc. NASDAQ: ENTG is a leading provider of yield-enhancing materials and solutions for the most advanced manufacturing environments. Entegris’ customers include the world’s manufacturers of semiconductors and other electronics, as well their materials and equipment suppliers. Entegris operates out of its headquarters in Billerica, Mass. The company has about 3,500 employees in manufacturing, service center and research facilities in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Israel, Ireland, Germany and France.The company seeks to help manufacturers increase their yields by improving contamination control in several key processes, including photolithography, wet etching & cleaning, chemical-mechanical planarization, thin-film deposition, bulk chemical processing, wafer and reticle handling and shipping, and testing, assembly and packaging. Approximately 80% of the Company's products are used in the semiconductor industry.Manufacturing semiconductors is incredibly complex and requires levels of purity that are more stringent than any other industry. Entegris’ solutions help achieve these purity levels by protecting critical manufacturing materials from contaminants that are so small they are measured in width of atoms. In recent years, contamination control has become increasingly more difficult as semiconductor manufacturers drive their sub-20nm technology applications. At the same time these manufacturers are experiencing incredible pressure to increase productivity in the fab and stay cost competitive. As a result, companies are making the move to invest in technology that increases yields by minimizing product defects caused by contamination. Wikipedia.

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Entegris | Date: 2017-01-25

Embodiments as disclosed herein may provide a sensor system including a container, such as a bag, having a port assembly integrated therewith. The port assembly includes an optically transparent window and be configured such that a sensor may be mechanically attached to the port assembly to interface with the optical window. The sensor may include an index of refraction (IoR) sensor that measures the chemical concentration of a liquid inside the container based on a refractive index.

Compositions and processes for leaching noble metals from materials comprising said noble metals. Advantageously, the halide-based composition is environmentally friendly and effectively removes noble metals at room temperature without the need for high pressures and electrodes.

Entegris | Date: 2017-02-22

Systems and methods for delivering fluid-containing feed materials to process equipment are disclosed. A liner-based pressure dispensing vessel (220, 230) is subjected to filling by application of vacuum between the liner (224, 234) and overpack (222, 230). Multiple feed material flow controllers (321A-324A) of different calibrated flow ranges may be selectively operated in parallel for a single feed material. Feed material blending and testing for scale-up may be performed with feed materaisl supplied by multiple liner-based pressure dispensing containers. A gravimetric system may be used to determine concentration of at least one component of a multi-component solution or mixture.

Backlash in a precision system such as a pumping system can be reduced or eliminated with an anti-backlash device that has a first nut coupled to and fixed in relation to a piston. The first nut and a second nut may engage with a lead screw of a motor driving the piston. Relative rotation between the first and second nuts are limited or prevented. A biasing member maintains a spaced relationship between the first and second nuts along the lead screw such that the first nut remains in engagement with the lead screw to thereby reduce or eliminate backlash when the lead screw is rotated by the motor.

System and method for removing molecular contaminants from an air stream are disclosed. The system includes first, second and third filter. The first filter removes organic contaminants from an air stream passing through the first filter. The second filter is downstream of the first filter, is physically and chemically exchangeable with the first filter and removes organic contaminants from the air stream output of the first filter. The third filter, downstream of the second filter, is not exchangeable with the first filter or the second filter. The first position filter can be replaced by the second filter in the second position when the first filter in the first position becomes depleted as detected. A new filter in the second filter position is inserted. Replacing the depleted first filter with the second downstream filter reduces costs and waste while inserting the new filter in the second position ensures removing organic contaminants.

Embodiments as disclosed herein may include a sensor including a luminophor exposed to a fluid flow path. The luminophor may emit light in response to illumination by an excitation light source. The magnitude of light emitted by the luminophor in response to illumination may be determined. It can be determined if this magnitude is within a threshold of the baseline magnitude and an alarm state set based on this determination. This alarm state may indicate that the luminophor has reached an end-of-life state or otherwise should be replaced.

Entegris | Date: 2017-01-04

A wafer shipper utilizing wafer support rings for supporting individual wafers therein. The wafer support rings can support wafers of various thicknesses without affecting the height of the stack, and provide containment of the resident wafers within the rings during an impact event. The wafers and the rings cooperate to define voids between the wafers that act as cushions in an impact event for dampening the shock imparted on the wafers during an impact event. Likewise, some embodiments include structure that defines enclosed gas pockets between the uppermost and the lowermost wafers of the stack for dampening the effects of an impact. Various embodiments include structure that prevents wafers from jumping out of the wafer support rings during an impact event. Some embodiments include structure for supporting wafer flats.

Cobalt silylamide and cobalt carbonyl precursors are described, which are usefully employed in vapor deposition processes, such as chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition, to deposit cobalt and to form high purity cobalt-containing films at temperatures below 400 C. These precursors and processes can be utilized in the manufacture of integrated circuitry and production of devices such as microprocessors, and logic and memory chips.

A pumping system with a pressure sensor positioned on the fill side and a pressure sensor on the dispense side to obtain and provide pressure information that can be used by a controller in determining various operating profiles. To avoid trapping air in a process fluid, a pressure sensor can be flush mounted or mounted at an angle on the sidewall of a feed chamber, a bottle, or a reservoir tank at or near the bottom or half-height. The pressure information obtained from the fill side can have many beneficial uses, including filtration confirmation, air detection, and reduced pressure priming of a filter. The pumping system may further include a graphical user interface for displaying the operating profiles and various associated alarms in real time.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: H2020 | Program: ECSEL-IA | Phase: ECSEL-02-2014 | Award Amount: 181.08M | Year: 2015

The SeNaTe project is the next in a chain of thematically connected ENIAC JU KET pilot line projects which are associated with 450mm/300mm development for the 12nm and 10nm technology nodes. The main objective is the demonstration of the 7nm IC technology integration in line with the industry needs and the ITRS roadmap on real devices in the Advanced Patterning Center at imec using innovative device architecture and comprising demonstration of a lithographic platform for EUV and immersion technology, advanced process and holistic metrology platforms, new materials and mask infrastructure. A lithography scanner will be developed based on EUV technology to achieve the 7nm module patterning specification. Metrology platforms need to be qualified for N7s 1D, 2D and 3D geometries with the appropriate precision and accuracy. For the 7nm technology modules a large number of new materials will need to be introduced. The introduction of these new materials brings challenges for all involved processes and the related equipment set. Next to new deposition processes also the interaction of the involved materials with subsequent etch, clean and planarization steps will be studied. Major European stakeholders in EUV mask development will collaboratively work together on a number of key remaining EUV mask issues. The first two years of the project will be dedicated to find the best options for patterning, device performance, and integration. In the last year a full N7 integration with electrical measurements will be performed to enable the validation of the 7nm process options for a High Volume Manufacturing. The SeNaTe project relates to the ECSEL work program topic Process technologies More Moore. It addresses and targets as set out in the MASP at the discovery of new Semiconductor Process, Equipment and Materials solutions for advanced CMOS processes that enable the nano-structuring of electronic devices with 7nm resolution in high-volume manufacturing and fast prototyping.

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