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Yanggu, South Korea

Enjet Co. | Date: 2014-03-27

Provided herein is a spray nozzle and a coating system using the same, the spray nozzle and the coating system comprising a liquid nozzle injecting liquid towards a substrate; a gas nozzle for injecting gas to collide with the liquid on an injection path of the liquid to perform a primary atomization of the liquid; and a voltage supply connected to the liquid nozzle, the voltage supply for applying voltage to the liquid nozzle to generate an electric field between the liquid nozzle and substrate to perform a secondary atomization of the liquid.

The present invention provides a droplet jetting apparatus which jets fluid in a droplet shape. The apparatus includes a main body (

Enjet Co. | Date: 2012-08-24

Provided herein is a device for discharging ink using electrostatic force, the device including a nozzle portion for discharging ink through an electric field to a substrate; an electrode portion for creating an electric field between the nozzle and the substrate; and a gas discharge portion for discharging guide gas from outside of the nozzle portion to control a cross-section area of ink being discharged from the nozzle portion.

Provided herein is an apparatus for printing on a 3-dimensional surface using electrohydrodynamic force, the apparatus having a stage where a print object is placed; a shape obtainer storing surface information of the print object; a nozzle receiving ink and discharging the received ink to a surface side of the print object; a power supply supplying power to the nozzle; and a controller receiving the surface information of the print object from the shape obtainer and controlling a movement of the nozzle or the stage. Accordingly, according to the present disclosure, there is provided an apparatus for printing on a 3-dimensional surface using electrohydrodynamic force which is capable of performing a precision printing process on a 3-dimensional surface.

Enjet Co. | Date: 2013-08-12

A method for manufacturing a touch screen panel includes forming a basic pattern of patterning first electrodes along a first direction on a substrate, second electrodes along a second direction crossing the first direction, and a first connecting pattern connecting the first electrodes, forming insulating layers of patterning insulating layers over the first connecting pattern, and forming a second connecting pattern of patterning a second connecting pattern in an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) ink jetting type such that the second connecting pattern connecting the second electrodes pass over the insulating layers.

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