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Ben Messaoud M.A.,FST | Bouzid A.,ENIT
International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation | Year: 2016

The disadvantageous effects on speech signal produced by reverberation are problematic, such as in telecommunication and hands-free terminals operating at arms-length from the talker’s lips. In this work, we propose a method to dereverberate monaural speech signal. Two steps are used to construct our method. The first step applied the subspace decomposition analysis. The second step consists to employ an optimization of the sparse component. It consists to recover the dereverberant structure after decomposition of the speech signal into two subspaces. The results improve the effectiveness of our method giving a good performance surpassing other approaches. © 2016 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Souheib Y.,ENIT | Stephane D.,Ecole Centrale Marseille | Riadh R.,INSAT
Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, ICMCS 2012 | Year: 2012

Coercion resistance is the most effective property to fight coercive attacks in Internet elections. This notion was introduced by Juels, Catalano, and Jakobsson (JCJ) at WPES 2005 together with a voting protocol that satisfies such a stringent security requirement. Unfortunately, their scheme has a quadratic complexity (the overhead for tallying authorities is quadratic in the number of votes) and would therefore not be suitable for large scale elections. Then the factor of complexity is very important to practice a voting system on large scale elections. Another drawback of this scheme, is that the mixnet deals Ballots which contain a fake credential. Adding the electronic watermarking on the Ballots could reduce the number of operations in the computing phase. The similarity between valid and fake watermarked ballots and the removal of fake watermarked ones, can reduce the number of Ballots in Input of mixnet. We can use the algorithm proposed by Walton in JCJ scheme to ensure integrity of Ballot and specifically the property of coercion resistance. The scheme of JCJ could be practical if we use watermarking and reduce complexity of computing. © 2012 IEEE.

Ghrib T.,Photothermal Laboratory IPEIN | Bouhafs M.,ENIT | Yacoubi N.,Photothermal Laboratory IPEIN
ASTM Special Technical Publication | Year: 2010

In this work we have studied the effect of the carburizing duration on the evolution of the thermal and mechanical properties of the 10NiCr11 steel. The thermal properties are determined by the photothermal deflection technique and it was shown that the thermal conductivity as well as the thermal diffusivity decrease with the carbon fraction in the steel unlike the Vickers hardness which increases. From this study we have established an empiric mathematical formula between Vickers hardness, the thermal properties, and the carburizing duration which permit to deduce the Vickers hardness value without needing to measure it. Copyright © 2009 by ASTM International.

El Euch Khay S.,ISET Rades | Neji J.,ENIT | Loulizi A.,ENIT
Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials | Year: 2011

Deficits in quarry gravels in some regions initiated the present study to examine the feasibility of using dune sand, obtained from the Sahara region, for road construction. Dune sand was used to produce compacted sand concrete, which serves as a base layer in pavement structures. An investigation of the potential sands was carried out and their physical characteristics were then evaluated. A proportioning study was developed to find the best mixture of compacted dune sand concrete with a minimum 28 day compressive strength of 15 MPa. The paper summarises the steps followed to validate the use of this new material and describes the results of all performed mechanical tests. Furthermore, the paper provides the results of fatigue tests for the retained mixture, reports its fatigue parameters, presents the results of the free shrinkage test, and finally proposes the spacing of sawn joints for compacted dune sand concrete slabs to avoid shrinkage cracking.

Bonjour E.,University of Lorraine | Geneste L.,ENIT | Bergmann R.,University of Trier
Knowledge-Based Systems | Year: 2014

The Special Issue of Knowledge-Based Systems aims at focusing on the formalisms and tools that are relevant to model experiences and facilitate their reuse. The first paper aims at 'Generating knowledge in Maintenance from Experience Feedback' and is authored by P. Potes Ruiz, B. Kamsu Foguem, and B. Grabot. The authors propose to structure an experience database and a rule database and they propose to formalize both, experiences and rule associations with conceptual graphs. The second paper entitled 'PETRA: Process Evolution using a TRAce-based system on a maintenance platform' and written by M.H. Karray, B. Chebel-Morello, and N. Zerhouni, proposes a trace-based system (called PETRA) to trace and analyze activities that are supported by a maintenance platform. A paper by D. Monticolo, S. Mihaita, H. Darwich, and V. Hilaire, presents 'An Agent Based System to build project memories during engineering projects'. The paper addresses the heterogeneous and distributed nature of project memories as well as the needs of the different engineers involved in a design project in accessing this knowledge.

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