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Ouyang D.-H.,Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force
Hanneng Cailiao/Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials | Year: 2013

In order to investigate the characteristics of the acoustic radiation induced by the interaction between high-temperature particles (Al2O3) and water from the underwater combustion of pyrotechnic composition, the bubble dynamic model was deduced based on heat transfer, mass transfer theory. The bubble radius and its growth velocity were calculated, and the bubble radius calculated and the literature results were compared also. Results show that with the high temperature particle continuous cooling, although bubble radius increases constantly, growth rate becomes slowly, and the calculated results agree well with literature.

Zhong B.,Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force
Chinese Journal of Engineering Design | Year: 2015

In order to counteract the nonlinear term in companion nonlinear system, a controller can be designed to precisely linearize the nonlinear system. Generally, there are uncertain factors existing outside the system which lead to the system model uncertainty, so the controller cannot be designed directly. The uncertain term in the system model was adaptively identified by using the principle of that RBF neural network could approximate any continuous function with any precision. The identified result was provided to the controller and it realized the adaptive compensation control of the companion nonlinear system based on neural network. The designed controller was used to control swing angle subsystem of crane-load system. Experiment results showed that the swing angle of the load and the angular velocity of the swing angle were well controlled in about 5 s, and the approximation error of the uncertain term in the system model could reach zero at about 5 s; the designed controller had strong robustness against the uncertain factors of the system and the change of the system parameters.

Zhang W.,Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force
International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction | Year: 2016

A new method is presented to privately outsource computation of different users. As a significant cryptographic primitive in cloud computing, homomorphic encryption (HE) can evaluate on ciphertext directly without decryption, thus avoid information leakage. However, most of the available HE schemes are single-user, which means that they could only evaluate on ciphertexts encrypted by the same public key. Adopting the idea of proxy re-encryption, and focusing on the compatibility of computation, the authors provide a pairing-based multi-user homomorphic encryption scheme. The scheme is a somewhat homomorphic one, which can do infinite additions and one multiplication operation. Security of the scheme is based on subgroup decision problem. The authors give a concrete security model and detailed security analysis. Copyright © 2016, IGI Global.

Wang X.A.,Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force
Proceedings - 2015 10th International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing, 3PGCIC 2015 | Year: 2015

In proxy re-signature (PRS), a signature computed by Alice's secret key can be transferred to be a new signature by a proxy equipped with the re-signature key, while the new signature can be verified by Bob's public key. However, until now all the PRS scheme have this feature: the proxy can transfer all the delegatee's signature to be the delegator's one, which sometimes in practical applications is undesirable. Thus in this paper, we propose the notion of proxy re-signature supporting conditional delegation (or conditional proxy re-signature). Here we emphasis that, although there exist the concept of conditional proxy re-encryption (CPRE), our idea is not directly adapting the technique of CPRE to the signature setting. In our CPRS scheme, the delegatee need not to change its own signature algorithm to support the conditional delegation, thus it is more friendly to the existing signature system. © 2015 IEEE.

Zhang J.,Xianyang Vocational Technical College | Wang X.A.,Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force
Proceedings of the 2012 4th International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems, INCoS 2012 | Year: 2012

In proxy re-encryption (PRE), a semi-trusted proxy can convert a cipher text originally intended for Alice into one which can be decrypted by Bob, while the proxy can not know the underlying plaintext. In multi-use PRE schemes, the cipher text can be transformed from Alice to Bob and to Charlie and so on. Due to its cipher text transformation property, it is difficult to achieve chosen cipher text security for PRE, especially for multi-use PRE. IBE is a new kind of public-key encryption where the recipient's public key is an arbitrary string that represents the recipient's identity. Identity based proxy re-encryption (IBPRE) is a primitive combing the feature of IBE and PRE. Recently Wang et al. proposed a multi-use unidirectional CCA-secure identity based proxy re-encryption (IBPRE) scheme. Unfortunately, we show their proposal is not CCA-secure in the corresponding security models by giving concrete attacks. © 2012 IEEE.

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