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Mirnoori S.M.,Islamic Azad University at Qazvin | Ehsani R.,Engineering Research Institute ERI
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2012

This study was carried out in order to examine new technologies and performance of these technologies for providing on-time services in a safety environment to reduce and manage marine and portal activities in major ports of the world. Today with respect to role and importance of commercial ports in economy, the ports are trying to increase their operational capacity through satisfaction of customer and attracting ship lines investors, the owner of goods and ports by making value added services. True understanding of all components of marketing particularly about important role of customers, is a positive step towards success and efficacy of marketing. But what is called risk of ports actually is the danger of customers loss, current customers' loss and not attracting of new customer the use and applying of risk management techniques as well as ICT and IT systems have plenty of effect on planning and decision making in multilateral environment. IT has increasingly been effecting on function and efficacy of organizations, public and private firms. Today the use of IT in risk management has an impact on kind of organizing automation activities in organizations and managing the cycle of making mechanical systems. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2012.

Dorankula S.,Gyeongsang National University | Tchamgoue G.M.,Gyeongsang National University | Jun Y.-K.,Gyeongsang National University | Jun Y.-K.,Engineering Research Institute ERI
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2012

Detecting first races is important for debugging shared memory parallel programs including sequential programs that use concurrent signal handlers because the removal of such data races may cause other data races in the program to disappear. Unfortunately, existing tools for sequential programs do not focus on first race detection or report only the single data race detected first in a program execution which is not enough for a program debugging. This paper presents an efficient on-the-fly technique that uses an existing lightweight labeling scheme to collect and filter at most four access candidates for each shared variable for an effective first race detection in sequential programs. An evaluation of our technique on a set of synthetic programs shows its ability to report first races. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Ehsani R.,Engineering Research Institute ERI | Mirnoori S.M.,Islamic Azad University at Qazvin
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2012

Competitive advantage of an organization to a large extent depends on efficiency of its supply chain. The supply chain management should increase the member's coordination to make opportunities for consensus. In recent years by growing the information technology, electronic commerce have changed supply chain elements. Especially internet which is a fundamental part of electronic commerce owns a high potential to improve supply chain. In recent years supply chain is a growing body consist of instruments and technologies to make coordination and it can improve the key processes such as decreasing the costs, improving the quality, facilating distribution and affricating consumers satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of technology in organization. Then the focus will be on the impact of electronic commerce as a modern technology on different parts of supply chain including marketing, purchasing, distribution and logistic despite the copious advantageous of electronic commerce, there are some deficiency is its nature which could lead to obstacles in cooperating of supply chain management. These obstacles include cultural preventive, untrustworthy, poor infrastructures and insufficient use of information technology, although such effects can be decreased by using strategic insight, stable development and good infrastructures. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2012.

Chen Z.,Gyeongsang National University | Choi E.C.,ETRI | Kang S.G.,Gyeongsang National University | Kang S.G.,Engineering Research Institute ERI
IEEE Communications Letters | Year: 2010

In this letter, closed-form expressions for the symbol error probability of 3-D orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in additive white Gaussian noise channel are derived. When a 3-D 4-ary constellation is used as signal mapper, we calculate the upper and the lower bound for the error probability, and also provide its approximation. Since decision boundaries of 8- ary constellation form an extended regular hexahedron, an exact symbol error probability can be computed. It is verified that the theoretical error probabilities are very close to or almost the same as simulation results. © 2010 IEEE.

Alavinasab A.,Amirkabir University of Technology | Kaghazchi T.,Amirkabir University of Technology | Ravanchi M.T.,Iran National Petrochemical Company | Shabani K.,Engineering Research Institute ERI
Desalination and Water Treatment | Year: 2011

In this study, the behavior of CO2 absorption in flat sheet membrane contactors is developed. Physical and chemical absorption of CO2 in co-current and counter-current flow were studied using both distilled water and 2-amino-2 methyl 1-propanol (AMP) as a solvent in the model. The effect of flow pattern, solvent type and gas and liquid velocity on absorption of carbon dioxide through the membrane contactor is obtained. The results indicate that the use of AMP instead of water leads to a better separation for carbon dioxide. Furthermore, unlike the liquid velocity, lower value of gas velocity showed higher performance for absorption. © 2011 Desalination Publications. All rights reserved.

Nikje M.M.A.,Imam Khomeini International University | Nikje M.M.A.,Engineering Research Institute ERI | Hajifatheali H.,Imam Khomeini International University
Polymer Bulletin | Year: 2012

Pyridyl N-oxide derivatives of hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene-pyridine (HTPB-PY) were synthesized via functionalization on terminal carbon atoms of HTPB backbone by 2-chloropyridine and epoxidation of C=C bonds and N atoms using in situ generated dimethyl dioxirane (DMD). 1HNMR, 13CNMR, 14NNMR, and FT-IR spectroscopy techniques used in order to investigate the structural elucidation of products. In this synthesis method, HTPB terminal hydroxyl groups have preserved unchanged without applying any conditional controllers. © Springer-Verlag 2011.

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