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University Pierre, Marie Curie, Endocontrol, Mauna Kea Technologies and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2012-06-25

The invention relates to an endoscopic instrument (1) having an elongate body with a distal end (4) designed to be introduced into the body of the patient so as to come into proximity with an internal organ, the distal end carrying a tool (7) for intervention on the internal organ. The endoscopic instrument has a fool (10) rigidly connected to the distal end and designed to bear on the internal organ, and also controllable means (13) for conferring movements on the tool, at least in directions transverse to a longitudinal axis (X) of the distal end of the endoscopic instrument, when the foot is bearing against the internal organ.

Mauna Kea Technologies, French National Center for Scientific Research and Endocontrol | Date: 2013-04-08

A miniaturized scanning system to generate movement of a flexible device positioned at a distal part of a medical tool. The miniaturized scanning system includes an inner shaft with a longitudinal axis, adapted to guide said flexible device along the longitudinal axis, an abutment comprising an external surface and adapted to maintain said device, and a pusher mechanism adapted to engage with said abutment. The miniaturized scanning system includes at least one end portion adapted to contact said external surface of the abutment at a contact point, wherein said end portion is configured to translate along said longitudinal axis of the inner shaft and wherein the translation of said end portion results in a bending of the device in a bending plane defined by the longitudinal axis of the inner shaft and said contact point.

Menudet J.-F.,EndoControl | Zarhaee A.,University Pierre and Marie Curie | Solano B.,CEA Fontenay-aux-roses | Szewczyk J.,University Pierre and Marie Curie | And 5 more authors.
IRBM | Year: 2011

The ID2U project deals with the development of core technologies dedicated to the conception of a dexterous instrument for minimally invasive surgery. First, a prospective study on distal cinematic has been carried out. Then, flexible structures associated with fluidic actuators have been developed to build the distal tool. Finally, an ergonomic external mechanical structure has been proposed to achieve a whole new concept of surgical instrument. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Masson SAS.

Vidal C.,EndoControl | Menudet J.F.,EndoControl | Cinquin P.,French National Center for Scientific Research | Troccaz J.,French National Center for Scientific Research | And 5 more authors.
IRBM | Year: 2010

This article presents work carried out as part of the robot sécurisé d'assistance à la chirurgie endoscopique (Rosace) project (funding ANR TecSan06), involving both academic and clinical partners along with an industrial partner in charge of technology integration. The main subject is a lightweight and compact robot for assistance in the endoscopic surgery field. The goal of the project has been to improve then transfer on a medical-grade product some technologies initially developed by the two academic partners. These technologies are: a first prototype of a robotic endoscope holder, an original method for visual servoing based on instrument tracking and some work done on comanipulation concept which consists in synergic interaction between robot and user. In accordance with the initial goals, major improvements have been obtained on these three aspects of the project. Robotic architecture improvement has contributed to enhance robot's versatility while robot command has been made more efficient and simple to use thanks to instrument tracking and comanipulation. After this 3-year project, initial prototype has turned into a commercially available product integrating (or that will integrate in a few months) these new technologies. © 2010 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

Endocontrol | Date: 2012-08-24

The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising: a distal tool (5) securely fastened at a distal end of a rotation shaft (4) and rotatably mounted on and in the extension of a distal member (30) rotatably mounted at an end of an elongated arm (3), motorized means (20) for actuating the distal motion of the distal tool (5) and further comprising controlling means (21) for a user to control the motorized means (20); characterized in that the controlling means (21) comprise electronic components (210) for actuation of the motorized means (20), and switch elements (211) for the user to control the electronic components (210), the switch elements (211) comprising at least one magnet (2110) for contactless signal transmission to hall sensors (2100) of the electronic components (210), wherein the switch elements (211) comprise an outer knob (2111) and an inner knob (2112), with the magnet (2110) being fastened to the outer knob (2111) and being mounted in translation within a longitudinal groove (2113) provided in the inner knob (2112) along an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis, said inner knob (2112) being rotatably mounted around the longitudinal axis.

Endocontrol | Date: 2016-05-12

The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising:

Endocontrol | Date: 2011-02-01

Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; suture materials; furniture especially made for medical purposes, surgical cutlery, orthopedic footwear.

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