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Endicott, NY, United States

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-03-28

A substrate for use in a laminated chip carrier (LCC) and a system in package (SiP) device having a coreless buildup layer and at least one metal and at least one dielectric layer. The coreless buildup dielectric layers can include thermoset and thermoplastic resin.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-07-25

An organic substrate capable of providing effective heat transfer through its entire thickness by the use of parallel, linear common thermally conductive openings that extend through the substrate, the substrate having thin dielectric layers bonded together to form an integral substrate structure. The structure is adapted for assisting in providing cooling of high temperature electrical components on one side by effectively transferring heat from the components to a cooling structure positioned on an opposing side. Methods of making the substrate are also provided, as is an electrical assembly including the substrate, component and cooling structure.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-04-08

A method of forming a circuitized substrate for use in electronic packages. A substrate layer is provided that has a copper pad on a surface. A conductive seed layer and a photoresist layer are placed on the surface. The photoresist is developed and conductive material is placed within the developed features and a second conductive material placed on the first conductive material. The photoresist and conductive seed layer are removed to leave a micro-pillar array. The joining and lamination of two circuitized substrate layers utilizes the micro-pillar array for the electrical connection of the circuitized substrate layers.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-04-20

A spring actuated clamping mechanism has a backer plate with an upper surface and a lower surface. A set of apertures is formed along the periphery of the backer plate. The upper surface of the backer plate has at least one backer plate recess, and preferably four recesses, formed therein. A threaded aperture is also formed in the backer plate. A compression plate is also provided. A second set of apertures is formed along the periphery of the compression plate. The lower surface of the compression plate has at least one compression plate recess, and at least one compression plate aperture. At least one compression spring is disposed between the backer plate and the compression plate. A screw tension release mechanism is screwed into the backer plate threaded aperture and inserted through the compression plate aperture. When the release mechanism is loosened, backer plate is forced downwardly, applying a uniform force to all electrical contacts on the printed circuit board or card to which the clamping mechanism is attached.

A method of forming a circuitized substrate utilizing a conductive nub structure for enhanced interconnection integrity by using a joining core layer with copper outer layer on it, and forming thru-holes in the joining layer. Placing conductive adhesive in the thru-hole prior to removing the copper outer layers from the joining core layer creates an adhesive bump on joining core layer that engages a conductive secondary metal nub placed on the circuitized substrate-to-joining layer contact points, thus creating an enhanced connection between the layers.

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