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Gallatin, TN, United States

The Emerson Electric Company is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. This Fortune 500 company manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.Emerson has approximately 115,000 employees and 220 manufacturing locations worldwide. Wikipedia.

Emerson Electric | Date: 2015-10-09

A vacuum comprising a canister and a removable lid assembly that is configured to couple to the canister. The lid assembly includes a motor, an impeller coupled to the motor, a filter mounting structure configured to receive a filter element, and an impeller inlet with curved inner walls. These curved inner walls help to minimize air flow path disruptions.

Emerson Electric | Date: 2015-08-10

A device and associated system for threading, cutting, and reaming pipe ends are described. The device and system utilizes a brushless DC electric motor. The devices also include on-board electronics and operator interface(s) to provide sophisticated control and information as to the various operations. Also described are methods of operating the devices and several different modes for performing various operations.

Emerson Electric | Date: 2015-10-27

A water heater includes an electrical junction box that receives a voltage supply. The electrical junction box includes at least one cover plate for providing access to an internal portion of the water heater. The voltage supply passes through the at least one cover plate and connects to internal wiring of the water heater. A method for providing a control module on the water heater includes routing service wiring for providing the voltage supply to the water heater into an electrical connection portion of the control module, routing the internal wiring of the water heater into the electrical connection portion of the control module, and connecting the service wiring to the internal wiring of the water heater within the electrical connection portion of the control module.

Emerson Electric | Date: 2015-01-20

Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of systems and methods for facilitating scheduling of comfort controllers such as thermostats. In an exemplary embodiment, a comfort controller is operable to control a configuration of a climate control system for providing climate control in a structure. The comfort controller is operable in accordance with a user-selected one of a plurality of stored schedules for operation of the configuration, where the user-selected schedule is wirelessly received by and replaceable on the comfort controller.

Emerson Electric | Date: 2015-05-14

A vacuum accessory tool that includes a nozzle body having a first end and a second, spaced apart end and at least one light emitting element that emits light that will illuminate a surface to be cleaned by the accessory tool is described.

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