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Albuquerque, NM, United States

Emcore Co. | Date: 2014-10-20

A tunable laser configured in a small package coupled to a printed circuit board. The tunable laser includes a housing with a volume formed by exterior walls. An electrical input interface is positioned at the first end of the housing. An optical output interface is positioned at the second end of the housing and configured to transmit a continuous wave optical beam. A semiconductor optical amplifier or gain chip produces an optical output beam, and an optical isolator is positioned directly downstream of the gain chip to prevent the incoming light from the downstream optics from reflecting back though the isolator and into the cavity of the laser. A beam splitter directs a portion of the light transmitted through the isolator back into the other end of the gain chip.

A solar cell assembly comprising a plurality of solar cells, each solar cell of the plurality of solar cells being shaped as a portion of a circle, the portion having at least one curved edge having a shape of the arc of the circumference of said circle and at least one straight edge, the portion having a surface area corresponding to not more than 50% of the surface area of the circle. This makes it possible to make efficient use of the material of the wafer from which the solar cells are produced by reducing waste, while arrangement of the solar cells into rectangular unit cells enables construction of substantially rectangular solar cell arrays and assemblies that have their surface area covered substantially by solar cells with little area unoccupied by solar cells.

A method of forming a multijunction solar cell including an upper subcell, a middle subcell, and a lower subcell by providing a substrate for the epitaxial growth of semiconductor material; forming a first solar subcell on the substrate having a first band gap; forming a second solar subcell over the first solar subcell having a second band gap smaller than the first band gap; forming a graded interlayer over the second subcell, the graded interlayer having a third band gap greater than the second band gap; forming a third solar subcell over the graded interlayer having a fourth band gap smaller than the second band gap such that the third subcell is lattice mismatched with respect to the second subcell; and forming a contact composed of a sequence of layers over the first subcell at a temperature of 280 C. or less and having a contact resistance of less than 510

A hybrid silicon/III-V compound semiconductor laser device comprising a silicon substrate including a channel configured for silicide line formation as a function of current through the channel; so that the temperature of the laser device is adjusted to a predetermined level.

Emcore Co. | Date: 2014-01-02

A semiconductor device or an integrated circuit formed on a substrate with shunt disposed on the substrate in parallel with the device or circuit and designed to form a closed circuit or discharge path when the device is subjected to an electrostatic discharge pulse.

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