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São José dos Campos, Brazil

Embraer SA | Date: 2014-05-27

Overhead bin assembly for transport vehicles (e.g., transport category aircraft) are provided with a generally U-shaped bin shell having a bottom wall, an outboard end wall and an upper wall defining an interior stowage space having an inboard opening opposite the end wall. A pair of separated transverse bin supports defining a bin space therebetween may be provided along with a bin door for closing the inboard opening. A cantilever hinge may be provided so as to connect the bin door to the transverse bin support in a cantilever manner to allow for pivotal movement of the bin door between closed and open positions relative to the inboard opening. An arcuate recessed wall may be positioned inboard relative to the upper wall of the bin shell (e.g., as a unitary (one-piece) extension thereof) such that the bin door is received within the recessed wall when in the open position thereof.

Embraer SA | Date: 2014-08-08

Elongate passenger service unit (PSU) assemblies are comprised of a plurality of modular passenger service units, and a plurality of variable-length modular spacer units. The modular spacer units are positioned between the modular passenger service units in an end-to-end manner so as to provide a desired lengthwise array of the passenger service units along the PSU assembly. Transport category vehicles, e.g., aircraft, may thus be provided with inboard and outboard PSU assemblies. The passenger seats may be arranged in a latitudinally side-by-side arrangement and/or may be arranged in a longitudinally staggered arrangement. By providing variable length modular spacer units, therefore, the individual passenger service units may be arranged directly overhead of each passenger seat.

In an improved inventory control policy and associated data processing system, effective inventory level is compared with a variable reorder point, R(t). When the effective stock is lower than the reorder point R, a new order of Q units is placed. Also, the lot size is optimized for each order. Parameters R and Q are continuously updated based on Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimations obtained from a Prognostics and Health Monitoring (PHM) system.

Adaptive, self-adjusting decorative trim assemblies are especially adapted for use in aircraft cabin interiors where the fuselage undergoes deformation and/or distortion due to pressurization during flight. The self-adjusting features of the decorative trim assemblies according to the embodiments described herein thus allow for relative movement between mutually intersecting interior cabin panels without jeopardizing the cabin interior aesthetics (e.g., since the relative positioning of the panels is not disrupted by virtue of such fuselage deformations).

Embraer SA | Date: 2014-04-23

Passenger interface units include individual passenger modules having co-located controls for passenger comfort and entertainment systems. The modules will include a glass panel having front and rear surfaces, a structural support panel bonded to the rear surface of the glass panel and a light-emitting unit supported by the support panel behind the rear surface of the glass panel. The rear surface of the glass panel may include an opaque printed coating layer having at least one unpainted region that is transparent to visible light emitted by the light-emitting unit thereby allowing the visible light to be transmitted through the glass panel and visible at the front surface thereof.

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