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Trondheim, Norway

Elkem is a company that produces solar grade silicon, silicon, alloys for the foundry industry, carbon and microsilica. Elkem is owned by China National Bluestar Group Co. Ltd. , which bought the company from Orkla Group for 2 billion USD in 2011. The deal excluded 85 percent of the sister company Elkem Energi AS.The company serves the construction, transport, engineering, packaging, aluminium, chemical and electronic industries. Elkem has 13 factories in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Wikipedia.

Elkem ASA | Date: 2014-03-18

The present invention comprises a viscosifier for oil well fluids, said viscosifier comprising a cross-linked micro- or nano-fibrillated cellulose (MFC).

Elkem ASA | Date: 2011-01-18

The present invention relates to a method for production of graphite bodies. Carbon bodies are formed from a mixture of electric calcined coke particles calcined at a temperature between 1200 and 3000 C. and a binder where the coke particles have sulphur-and nitrogen content varying between 0 and 1.5% by weight and where the coke particles have an average sulphur content less than 0.6% by weight and a nitrogen content of less than 0.6% by weight, baking of the carbon bodies at a temperature between 700 and 1400 C. and graphitizing of the baked carbon bodies at a temperature above 2300 C.

The present invention relates to an induction furnace for melting of metals that do not connect inductively in solid state. The induction furnace has a lining comprising a mixture of graphite and silicon carbide and has an electric conductivity higher than the electrical conductivity of the metal to be melted when metal is in solid state, but lower than the electrical conductivity of the metal to be melted when the metal is in molten state. The invention further relates to a lining for induction furnace and to a method for producing such lining.

A stable non-settling slurry of water and manganomanganic oxide particles having a particle size below 10 m. The slurry comprises water and up to 92 wt % manganomanganic oxide particles bade on the weight of the slurry. The slurry has a pH between 9 and 11 and contains 0.05 to 0.5 wt % of a dispersant based on the weight of dry manganomanganic oxide particles. The dispersant can be an ethoxylated polycarboxylate or a polyacrylic acid salt and has a molecular weight between 500 and 50 000 g/mol.

Elkem ASA | Date: 2011-09-26

The present invention relates to a current composition for cementing oil or gas wells. The composition comprises calcium aluminate cement in which the proportion of HC

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