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Woodridge, IL, United States

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. | Date: 2015-04-03

Described are methods of making organic compounds by metathesis chemistry. The methods of the invention are particularly useful for making industrially-important organic compounds beginning with starting compositions derived from renewable feedstocks, such as natural oils. The methods make use of a cross-metathesis step with an olefin compound to produce functionalized alkene intermediates having a pre-determined double bond position. Once isolated, the functionalized alkene intermediate can be self-metathesized or cross-metathesized (e.g., with a second functionalized alkene) to produce the desired organic compound or a precursor thereto. The method may be used to make bifunctional organic compounds, such as diacids, diesters, dicarboxylate salts, acid/esters, acid/amines, acid/alcohols, acid/aldehydes, acid/ketones, acid/halides, acid/nitriles, ester/amines, ester/alcohols, ester/aldehydes, ester/ketones, ester/halides, ester/nitriles, and the like.

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. | Date: 2015-08-18

Metallic soap compositions for use in various applications, including as adhesives, as having anti-corrosion properties on certain surfaces or materials, and as asphalt modifiers to reduce viscosity in an asphalt mixture, and process for making the same, are disclosed. The processes comprise at least a partial saponification of a mixture of an oil, often a natural oil which may be hydrogenated and/or metathesized, and a metal compound via a fusion process, or may comprise at least a partial saponification of a mixture of a similar oil and a metal compound, or optionally a fatty acid derived from a similar oil, via an aqueous process, with an optional addition of an inorganic metal salt via at least one ion exchange reaction.

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. | Date: 2015-08-31

A method for suppressing isomerization of an olefin metathesis product produced in a metathesis reaction includes adding an isomerization suppression agent to a mixture that includes the olefin metathesis product and residual metathesis catalyst from the metathesis reaction under conditions that are sufficient to passivate at least a portion of the residual metathesis catalyst. The isomerization suppression agent includes (i) a salt and/or an ester of a phosphorous oxo acid, and/or (ii) a derivative of the phosphorous oxo acid in which at least one PH bond has been replaced by a PC bond, and/or (iii) a salt and/or an ester of the derivative. Methods of refining natural oils are described.

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. | Date: 2015-12-11

A wax composition is disclosed, comprising a hydrogenated natural oil with (i) at least about 50 wt % of a triacylglycerol component having a fatty acid composition from about 14 to about 25 wt % C16:0 fatty acid, about 45 to about 60 wt % C18:1 fatty acid and about 20 to about 30 wt % C18:0 fatty acid, (ii) a nickel content of less than 1 ppm, and (iii) a melt point of about 49 C. to about 57 C. The hydrogenated natural oil is filtered and/or bleached to obtain a nickel content of less than 0.5 ppm. A candle is also disclosed, comprising a wick and the above described wax.

Compositions for stimulating hydrocarbon production from a subterranean formation are generally disclosed. In some embodiments, such compositions include olefinic ester compounds, such as alkyl esters of C10-18 unsaturated fatty acids. In some embodiments, the olefinic ester compounds are derived from a natural oil or a natural oil derivative, for example, by catalytic olefin metathesis. Uses of such compounds, such as in oil- and gas-production methods are also generally disclosed.

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