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Osijek, Croatia

Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek

Osijek, Croatia
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Crnkovic D.,HEP Group | Sljivac D.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Stojkov M.,Strojarski fakultet Slavonski Brod
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2010

For the purpose of a comprehensive review of power system operation with the connection of wind power plants, this review is presented in two articles. The first article presents the main concepts of wind power plants, technical possibilities of wind power plant operation and all requested criteria for connecting the wind power plant to the power system. In the second article the power quality after connecting wind power plant to the distribution network, energy losses in distribution network with connected wind power plant and feasibility and development of electrical energy production with wind power plants in the power system of the Republic Croatia are considered.

Nikolovski S.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Klaic Z.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Kraus Z.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Stojkov M.,Strojarski Fakultet Slavonski Brod
MIPRO 2010 - 33rd International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, Proceedings | Year: 2010

This paper presents a helpful approach for evaluation of electric and magnetic fields inside 400/110 kV, 110/10 kV and 35/10 kV transformer substations. Due to the fact that the geometry of the substation elements is complex, it was necessary to apply a three-dimensional approach to the computation and analysis of the electromagnetic field. Computations of electromagnetic fields were conducted for quasi-static states of electrical values at a power frequency of 50 Hz. Results of the performed calculations are good enough compared to the complex and expensive measurements according to Croatian regulations.

Simundic S.,Pravni fakultet Split | Franjic S.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Barbaric D.,Pravni fakultet Split
Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Operational Research in Slovenia, SOR 2011 | Year: 2011

Modern information and computer technology has made a series of socially unacceptable behavior that is needed to adequately criminalized. This was done in Croatia on several occasions through the Law on Amendments to the Penal Code in which they built the Convention on Cybercrime. The Convention on Cybercrime, describes a large number of crimes in the area of information and computer technologies, however, this article deals with the elaboration of the most widespread manifestations of them, and that they are crimes which are under the common denominator-the methods of manipulating computers, though, regarding the prevalence, or other crimes are not negligible.

Simundic S.,Pravni Fakultet Split | Franjic S.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Susic T.,Zavod Za Informatiku
Proceedings Elmar - International Symposium Electronics in Marine | Year: 2010

The development of computer development, unfortunately, and abuse of computers, or abuse of data and information that are processed modern information technologies. The mass use of computers in different circumstances, with the increasing use of telecommunication equipment by increasing the number of users, enables a growing number of thieves, and unauthorized persons (hacker) to break through the protective codes of authorized users and their joining the system creates a lot of damage and cause unforeseeable consequences. Developed methods of protection, which prevent unauthorized use of insurance on the basis of confidentiality. The paper will show the modern information technologies to protect data and information with special emphasis on their legal protection. Use of modern information technology enables the collection and processing large amounts of data from various different areas of human activity.

Kaluder S.,HEP Group | Sljivac D.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Miletic S.,HEP Group
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2012

The distributed generation within the distribution and low voltage network is a result of decentralizing electrical power production by introducing the electricity market as well as trying to reduce the greenhouse effect. A new optimum solution has to be found while planning the electro energetic system which includes building new production capacity, a new network and expansion of reactive capacity. The benefits that can be obtained from this optimum solution are of economical, technical and ecological nature. Analytical methods have proven less successful in dealing with nonlinear optimization problems. Evolution algorithms have proven most applicable onto real systems. The aim of this project is to determine the location and the capacity of distributed generation by using genetic algorithms at feeder 10 kV Strizivojna Hrast. The given results have determined the optimum locations and capacity in the 10 kV Strizivojna Hrast feeder.

Romic K.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Galic I.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Galba T.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek
Proceedings Elmar - International Symposium Electronics in Marine | Year: 2015

Real-time video processing and analysis are getting more present in various technical systems and moreover provide potential application in systems for assisting the blind. Fast processing of video frames allows us to extract useful information and detection of objects that are important for the blind people orientation and navigation, especially in unfamiliar areas. In this paper, we propose the method for staircase detection from video frames as a part of assistance system for the blind. The method is based on morphological preprocessing operations and further vertical and horizontal analysis of the frames. The experimental results obtained by implementing proposed method show its contributions in accuracy and performance. © 2015 Croatian Society Electronics in Marine-ELMAR.

Klaic Z.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Nikolovski S.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Kraus Z.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2011

This paper analyzes voltage sags distribution for distribution feederin eastern Croatia. It presents the result of online power quality indices monitoring at 110/35 kV transformer station. Measurements were performed at the secondary sides of two transformers, by the power quality network analyzers. Results are aggregated and statistically arranged: voltage events were classified according to the EN 50160 and IEEE 1159:1995, and RMS variation performance indices were calculated. The research was performed during the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative project, since the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek was the LPQI's affiliate partner.

Ivanovic M.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Keser T.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek | Blazevic D.,Elektrotehnicki fakultet Osijek
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2011

Capitalization of knowledge is the driver of knowledge economy. These processes are implemented through management and innovations embedding scientific research with technological innovation and patents and their commercial exploitation. The capitalization of knowledge in transition countries is analyzed through: a) the number of patents, b) the rate and structure of financing scientific and developmental research and c) the human resources in the sector of science and technology. The comparisons are made with developed European countries and global trends within leading countries of the world. Furthermore, the position of transition countries and Croatia is defined. Finally, systematic solutions are proposed.

Galba T.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Romic K.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek | Baumgartner A.,Elektrotehnicki Fakultet Osijek
Proceedings Elmar - International Symposium Electronics in Marine | Year: 2014

Median filter as a widespread noise reduction technique is here adapted for images taken with computed tomography (CT) scanner. In order to remove noise and thereby preserve edges and clear contours of objects we propose adapted method which uses partial variable median filtering. Except method explanation, we propose suitable platform for implementation, considering size of data set and time requirements of our method. Experimental image processing results and performance tests are shown in this paper. © 2014 Croatian Society Electronics in Marine - ELMAR.

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