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Stockholm, Sweden

AB Electrolux is a multinational appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is consistently ranked the world's second-largest appliance maker by units sold . Electrolux products sell under a variety of brand names , and are primarily major appliances and vacuum cleaners intended for consumer use. The company also makes appliances for professional use.Electrolux has a primary listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the OMX Stockholm 30 index. Wikipedia.

Electrolux | Date: 2015-04-01

A thawing appliance (

Electrolux | Date: 2015-02-26

A stabilizing mat includes a first surface configured to inhibit movement of items placed thereon. The first surface includes a plurality of first parallelogram areas and a plurality of depressions. Each of the first parallelogram areas includes one of the depressions at a center of the first parallelogram area. Each of the first parallelogram areas further includes four first parallelogram corners and four first parallelogram sides. Each of the first parallelogram corners of the first parallelogram areas includes a protruding peak. Each of the protruding peaks is separated from an adjacent one of the protruding peaks by a concavity. Each of the concavities defines one of the depressions. The mat also includes a second surface including a plurality of substantially flat areas configured to rest on a flat foundation to provide support to the items placed on the first surface.

Electrolux | Date: 2015-02-06

An apparatus for cooking food products includes a first heating plate adapted to support the food products; a second heating plate adapted to face the food products during cooking; a first resistive heating element associated with the first heating plate and adapted to generate infrared radiation for heating the food products during the cooking; a second resistive heating element associated with the second heating plate and adapted to generate infrared radiation for heating the food products during the cooking, and at least one microwave generator configured to selectively generate microwave radiation for heating the food products during the cooking The first heating plate and/or the second heating plate is made of a material that is at least partially transparent to microwave radiation and not transparent to infrared radiation, so as to increase its temperature by infrared radiation absorption to provide heat to the food products by heat conduction.

A touchscreen user interface and is provided for controlling an appliance. The appliance includes a controller device configured to direct operation of at least one operational component associated with the appliance in response to at least one user selection via a touchscreen user interface in communication with the controller device. The touchscreen user interface has a display screen for displaying a series of cycle icons, each cycle icon being associated with a respective cycle capable of being implemented via the controller device. The series of cycle icons may be scrollable across the display screen in opposing first and second scrolling directions. Each cycle icon may be individually selectable via the at least one user selection via interaction with the touchscreen user interface such that a selected one of the cycle icons may be centered and enlarged within the series of laundry cycle icons.

Electrolux | Date: 2015-05-04

A dispensing unit is operatively associated with a refrigeration appliance for selectively dispensing water and ice at a dispensing station. The dispensing unit includes an actuator that is movable to selected positions in order to support the dispensing of the water and ice. The dispensing unit can include a passageway through which ice is dispensed, and an ice door can be provided for selectively opening and closing the passageway to the dispensing of ice. In one aspect, the ice door can be opened and closed mechanically and in another aspect, the ice door can be opened and closed electromechanically. The dispensing unit also can provide for the position of a water-dispensing nozzle to be adjusted for the purpose of dispensing water to receptacles outside a recessed area at which the nozzle is located and to provide for the activation of illuminating devices to indicate operating conditions at the refrigeration appliance.

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