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Moon W.-S.,Soongsil University | Kim J.-C.,Soongsil University | Jo A.,Soongsil University | Bang S.-B.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Ko W.-S.,HETCO Inc.
2014 IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2014

Unintentional arc faults, caused from damaged power line cords and loose connections, can start a serious fire and safety hazard in residential areas. The arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) is beginning to emerge as a product to protect against the arc that may cause fire. In this paper, we analyze ignition characteristics depending on the magnitude of load current when series arc occurs. Also, we suggest the suitable arc clearing time based on characteristic analysis in Korean residential electric environment. To do this, we have tested the carbonized path arc clearing time test using ultraviolet signal detecting system according to the test method of UL 1699. As wire specimen in those experiments, we used the heat resistant indoor PVC insulated (HIV) wire which is a kind of residential electric wire. © 2014 IEEE. Source

Kim H.-S.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Kim K.-H.,Kangwon National University
Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

In the last couple of decades industrialization and technological development has not only increase in the scale of electrical facilities and it has become more and more complicated and diversified. Furthermore, fires in the electrical transformers, like those that have knocked out power in the country in the past years, are likely to become more common as utility systems begin to show their age. The importance of preventing electrical accidents can never be overemphasized and for this reason, supply of on-line diagnosis system combining information and communication technology(ICT) for the customer's electrical facilities has been increasing recently. The major advantage of on-line diagnosis system is that the device's potential problems could be detected early before a serious deterioration or breakdown occurs. In this paper, We estimated the benefit from the investment in the right of present value of sales, success rate of commercialization regarding R&D investment for development and commercialization of on-line diagnosis technology targeting customer electrical facilities. As a result, the net value added of 29.7 billion won and the increased profit by roughly 7.52 precent are expected. Source

Jeon J.-C.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Kim T.-H.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Yoo J.-G.,Electrical Safety Research Institute
Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

This paper proposed an Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) using time-frequency correlation analysis in order to have more accurate fault determination and location detection than classical SSTDR despite increased signal attenuation due to the long distance to cable fault location. The proposed method was validated through comparison with classical SSTDR methods in open-and short-circuit fault detection experiments of low-voltage power cables. The experimental results showed that the proposed method can detect correlation coefficients at fault locations accurately despite reflected signal attenuation so that cable faults can be detected more accurately and clearly in comparison to existing methods. Copyright © The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers. Source

Jung H.-Y.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Yoo S.-B.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Lee K.-C.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Lee C.-J.,Electrical Safety Research Institute
Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

As the increasing national power crises due to various environmental factor, power market change is needed more developed and systemized DSM(Demand Side Management) search at DR market. To overcome national power crisis outbreaking every year and manage the eletric power reserve ratio, we need to construct and develop the electric safety manager and general public main oriented national power plant. For the advanced national power demand management system, it is required the application development like OpenAPI, Big Data Acquisition, Web/APP basd on ICT. Copyright © The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers. Source

Yi G.-H.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Jung J.-S.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Moon H.-W.,Electrical Safety Research Institute | Kim S.-G.,Electrical Safety Research Institute
Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

The maximum allowable value of loop impedance(Zs) to secure the operation of overcurrent protective devices and the safety for indirect contact is a very important in TN-C-S system. The loop impedance is divided into inner loop impedance which consumer can adjust and external loop impedance(Z e) which only electric operator can adjust. Thus, an external loop impedance which limits to less than a certain value is a very important factor for human body protection against electric shock in TN-C-S system. The concept of loop impedance(Zs) is recently introduced to the domestic, the study about external loop impedance is yet insufficient. However, the study about the reference impedance as specified by the IEC 60725 standard to improve the quality and reliability of the power supply is being made. In this paper, reference value of external loop impedance(Ze) to meet domestic environment will be proposed by the nationwide measurement and statistical analysis. Source

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