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Yang L.,Guangdong University of Technology | Yang L.,Nanjing Southeast University | Gao X.,Nanjing Southeast University | Alouini M.-S.,Electrical
IEEE Photonics Journal | Year: 2014

Free-space optical (FSO) communication has become a cost-effective method to provide high data rates. However, the turbulence-induced fading limits its application to short-range applications. To address this, we propose a multiuser diversity (MD) FSO scheme in which the Nth best user is selected and the channel fluctuations can be effectively exploited to produce a selection diversity gain. More specifically, we first present the statistics analysis for the considered system over both weak and strong atmospheric turbulence channels. Based on these statistics, the outage probability, bit-error rate performance, average capacity, diversity order, and coverage are analyzed. Results show that the diversity order for the gamma-gamma fading is N min {α, β}/2, where N is the number of users, and α and β are the channel fading parameters related to the effective atmospheric conditions of the link. © 2009-2012 IEEE.

Freschi F.,Electrical | Mitolo M.,Polytechnic University of Turin | Tommasini R.,Polytechnic University of Turin
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications | Year: 2017

Common solids (e.g. flour, sugar, etc.) can be suspended and transported in air via pneumatic conveying systems. Finely divided solid substances dispersed into a dust cloud (e.g. into a silo) can form a potential explosive atmosphere, if in the right concentration with the oxidizing agent (e.g. air). In addition, it is known that the pneumatic handling of substance, which allows its transport at a certain velocity, can generate static charges; thus, a possible competent ignition source may be also created. In this paper, the causation of an actual dust explosion involving a flour silo being loaded from a tank truck through pneumatic conveying systems in an industrial plant is analyzed. All the mechanisms of static discharge applicable to the case in question are discussed, in light of both actual empirical data collected at the incident site, and theory. To fully explain the events that led to the explosion, plausible hypotheses, alternative to static discharge, were also evaluated. IEEE

Lopez J.C.C.,Electrical | Diaz A.B.,Industrial University of Santander | Rojas O.J.T.,Electrical | Moreno Y.T.,Industrial University of Santander
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Temperature is a physical magnitude that if is higher, the refractive index presents more important random fluctuations, which produce a greater distortion in the wavefront and thus a displacement in its centroid. To observe the effect produced by the turbulent medium strongly influenced by temperature on propagation laser beam, we experimented with two variable and controllable temperature systems designed as optical turbulence generators (OTG): a Turbulator and a Parallelepiped glass container. The experimental setup use three CMOS cameras and four temperature sensors spatially distributed to acquire synchronously information of the laser beam wavefront and turbulence temperature, respectively. The acquired information was analyzed with MATLAB® software tool, that it allows to compute the position, in terms of the evolution time, of the laser beam center of mass and their deviations produced by different turbulent conditions generated inside the two manufactured systems. The results were reflected in the statistical analysis of the centroid shifting. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Sebastian S.,Electrical | Claudiu L.,Electrical | Ioan O.,Electrical
2012 IEEE 18th International Symposium for Design and Technology of Electronics Packages, SIITME 2012 - Conference Proceedings | Year: 2012

This document present implementation of an inertial navigation modular system that permit in some way onboard data processing. For this reason the module may be considered as intelligent sensor. © 2012 IEEE.

Chavan D.R.,EandTC | Kumbhar M.S.,EandTC | Chavan R.R.,Electrical
2016 International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy, Information and Communication, ICCPEIC 2016 | Year: 2016

Brain waves are studied, investigated from the last century to detect the psycho-physiological problems, like Epilepsy, Alzheimer, spinal cord injuries and others. But the stress is the common thing which can be recognize with brainwave using EEG (Electroencephalogram) technique, simply by placing the Electrodes on scalp. The musical track is listening to destress a person, this is observed with different Brain waves. The raw EEG signal categorized depending upon frequency ranges from 0.5Hz to 30Hz. After applying the therapy Brainwave changes from one wave to other this is performed and analyzes with experimental setup. The objective of this paper is to recognize the stress with non-invasive technique and controlling it with musical tracks results shows the feasibility in developing system. © 2016 IEEE.

Roy R.B.,University of Flensburg | Rokonuzzaman M.,Electrical | Hossam-E-Haider M.,Bangladesh Institute of Technology
2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information and Communication Technology, iCEEiCT 2015 | Year: 2015

Transformer is an indispensable component of power system which performs many functions such as voltage transformation, electrical isolation, noise decoupling and power quality improvement. However, at low frequencies (60/50 Hz), it is a bulky and expensive component. In this paper, the concept of electronic transformers is further extended and explored for its suitability in power systems. Though from the perspective of input/output behavior, the electronic transformer and the conventional transformer are identical but the PET has reduced size, losses, higher efficiency, improved voltage regulation and reduced voltage sag in comparison to those of conventional transformer. In the proposed design, three phase full wave converter and inverter are incorporated in both primary and secondary sides of the high frequency transformer. The PWM (pulse width modulation) is used for switching which manages synchronism between input and output and suppresses harmonics. The matrix converter is used in the proposed design which uses SVPWM (space vector pulse width modulation) for multiple switching. The SVPWM ensures maximum voltage transfer without harmonics in the output. The design and analysis of the proposed model of PET is done by using MATLAB-SIMULINK. It can be inferred from the steady state analysis of the simulation results that the PET has better voltage regulation than that of the conventional transformer. © 2015 IEEE.

Chithra,Electrical | S. P.,Electrical | Prince A.A.,Electrical
BioNanoScience | Year: 2013

A biosensor which is used for determining the concentration of substances and other parameters of biological interest is an integral part of the public health systems. Micromachined sensors based on radio frequency-microelectromechanical systems are an emerging field of study for biosensing applications. In this work, we propose a novel detection method for pathogenic bacteria using a coplanar waveguide (CPW) as well as distributed microelectromechanical systems transmission line (DMTL). Escherichia coli has been chosen for the study due to the widespread food poisoning outbreaks caused by its infective strains. But, the model can be easily extended to other pathogenic bacteria as well. The E. coli bacterium was modeled as a three-shell structure based on the electrical properties of the E. coli cell. An initial study was done using a CPW. The scattering parameters and voltage standing wave ratio were analyzed and found to vary as the number of bacteria positioned on the CPW increased. Reflection parameters were found to have more deviation than the transmission parameters. DMTL was designed by introducing periodic structures in CPW, to allow increased interaction between the electromagnetic waves and the measurand. This improved the quality factor of the resonant peaks in reflection coefficient, thereby allowing us to correlate the number of bacteria to the shift in resonant frequency. Selectivity towards E. coli bacteria can be achieved by immobilizing a functionalization layer of anti E. coli antibody on the central conductor of CPW/DMTL. With sufficient calibration, this method can be used to detect and measure the concentration of other pathogenic bacteria as well. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Shukla P.,BITS Pilani Goa Campus | Ghodki D.,BITS Pilani Goa Campus | Manjarekar N.S.,Electrical | Singru P.M.,BITS Pilani Goa Campus
IFAC-PapersOnLine | Year: 2016

Minimization of car vibrations has been a topic of research over the years and many control strategies have been developed. Therefore, there needs to be a method for active vibration control in cars. This paper presents two methods for designing the controller for a quarter car model which would help in minimizing car vibrations and increasing passenger comfort subjected to road disturbances. The methodologies used are H-infinity and H-2 optimal control. The main aim of this article is to design a controller to control the response of a quarter car model to various road inputs. This is a non-linear model with 2 degrees of freedom. It is linearized and modelled as a disturbance rejection (regulatory) problem wherein the effect of disturbances are minimised. Different weighing functions have been considered to take the impact of road disturbances into account. The results are compared with the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller designed using the same system parameters and performance specifications. The behaviour of the open loop and closed loop system is observed by examining the impulse and frequency responses in MATLAB. A detailed discussion is done with the choice of weighing functions. It is found that the disturbance rejection techniques suggested in this paper help in improving the system response. © 2016, IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Hosting by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Suresh K.,Electrical | Paranthaman S.,Electrical
IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop | Year: 2014

A grounding practice which has been widely adopted as a personal protective measure for carrying out de-energized line works is causing many fatal accidents. The conclusion was arrived after analyzing a fatal accident. This method of protective grounding is still practiced by many distribution companies without realizing the imminent danger involved. The paper explains how this particular practice gives rise to transferred potential and why its effects cannot be controlled in 3wire overhead distribution lines running with no ground wire. The paper emphasizes to discard this practice and to include this safety aspect in IEEE 1048 - Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines, to prevent the accidents happening worldwide wherever this grounding practice is being followed. © 2014 IEEE.

News Article | November 10, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, announces that ETi Solid State Lighting (ETiSSL) won the retailer's 2016 Partner of the Year Award. ETi Solid State Lighting was selected because it has led in the number of innovative LED lighting solutions that made energy efficient lighting readily available. Known for new products that drive real benefits to consumers, ETi Solid State Lighting also exceeded expectations in sales, service and program execution. With this award, The Home Depot recognized ETi Solid State Lighting for excellence in collaboration, and their strategic vision and commitment to succeed in the market. "With a relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions, we are dedicated to deliver results through respectful collaboration,” says Eva Chan, President of ETi Solid State Lighting. "This is an achievement only made possible by the entire team working together with a keen focus on our strategy of fantastic people, end user focus, timely innovation, and operational excellence." This award recognizes the outstanding efforts of one manufacturer in each of The Home Depot® store departments. Awarded by the retailer’s merchandising team, the award recognizes exceptional efforts by the vendor’s entire organization. Chosen among several of the largest companies in the home improvement industry, ETi Solid State Lighting is honored to receive The Home Depot Hardware Department Partner of the Year. About ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc. ETi Solid State Lighting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elec-Tech International Co. Ltd., providing the latest in LED lighting technology with a growing line of products that include LED tubes, fixtures, LED down lights, and portable under cabinet lights. The U.S. headquarters is located in Vernon Hills, IL. Additional information is available by calling 1-855-384-7754 or online at http://www.ETiSSL.com. About Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. (ETi), an innovative leader in the small household appliances and LED lighting industries, was founded in Zhuhai in May 1996 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2004 with its stock code as 002005. ETi now operates more than 20 wholly owned and holding enterprises with more than 15,000 staff as well as seven research & development and production bases – located in Zhuhai, Wuhu, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Dalian, Yangzhou and Bengbu. With 765 patents, ETi is one of the outstanding private technology-based enterprises and key hi-tech enterprises under the State Torch Plan in China. In addition to the ETi brand name and private label products, ETi has the rights to develop, manufacture, market, distribute, and sell LED lighting under the prestigious German brand AEG in Europe, Japan, and the United States.

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