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Olteanu C.-O.,Polytechnic University of Bucharest | Mihaila J.-M.,Ecological University of Bucharest
UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series A: Applied Mathematics and Physics | Year: 2017

The aim of the present work is to prove new applications of some earlier general abstract results on the subject to spaces of analytic functions. The Cauchy inequalities are used systematically, as well as constrained extension of linear operators. One gives necessary and sufficient conditions and only sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions of an operator valued moment problem and of Mazur-Orlicz problems. The upper constraint appears naturally from the corresponding computations, while the lower constraint is sometimes the positivity of the solution. Considering Markov moment problem, one solves a concrete interpolation problem with two constraints. In the case of Mazur-Orlicz problems, the interpolation conditions are replaced by the corresponding inequalities mentioned in section 2. Operator valued solutions are obtained.

Tiplea G.,Polytechnic University of Bucharest | Vlasceanu G.,Hofigal Export Import SA | Marosy Z.,Ecological University of Bucharest
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology | Year: 2017

In studies conducted in the last six years at SC HOFIGAL SA there have been made a series of researches on magnetic and diamagnetic field action on the medicinal plants cultivation. In studies were observed different specificities that manifest in the growth and development of seedlings and then of the mature plants. It requires an effective dosage of the magnetic field for each plant, for each stage of its growth period and a careful reference to the water in the environment. When switching from laboratory and greenhouse studies to the field is required an innovation on the system of magnetic patterning on the water used for watering. For this purpose, several pilot studies were carried out to determine the best arrangement of the magnets in a rotating magnetic system to structure the water in an effective way and as requirements. Such a device is derived from a homopolar generator, discovered by M. Faraday. The system works with the help of a copper disc which rotates in a uniform magnetic field, a phenomenon that produces a measurable electric voltage. Being known since 1831, the generator is used successfully for the production of the electric current but can be used aswell as an electric motor. By using this capability of the homopolar generator, there was carried out a working prototype, which produces electrical current and which can be used for the magnetic structuring of water. The study is incipient and requires more observations and researches, as a first step towards an efficient dispenser of the effect of magnetisation of water for plants grown in the opened spaces.

Vladimir P.,Ecological University of Bucharest | Marian C.,University of Pitesti
Journal of Physical Education and Sport | Year: 2015

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the biomechanical characteristics of the synchronization of the key elements of sports technique of the complex dismounts movement off beam. This scientific approach has been performed by conducting a comparative study between six senior athletes aged 16 and 18 respectively, components of the national team of artistic gymnastics, finals apparatus, during the Open National Individual Championships, Bucharest, 2014. The following methods were used during the research: bibliographic study, method of observation, method of case study; method of video recording; method of biomechanical study; statistical-mathematical method and graphical representation method. The study results reveal that by using the video method and the method of computerized biomechanical analysis of translational and rotational motion sports technique on balance beam we highlighted the biomechanical characteristics of the synchronization of the key elements of sports technique between the two angles of the motion plane and also comparatively between gymnasts’ routines. © 2015, JPES.

Tsakiris C.,Ecological University of Bucharest | Bigan C.,Ecological University of Bucharest | Panduru V.,Ecological University of Bucharest
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2017

Sight represents 90% of our sensory everyday life. In specific work conditions, like long distance communication and electric power cable production, sight is by far more important. Work personnel must distinguish between many colours cables in verifying the cable delivered finally after the machine assembling. Errors are very costly since any non-conformity results in an entire production stock rejection. The luminosity in the production facility is estimated by similitude of different room scales and the necessary of artificial illumination. The results will be computed per the level of illumination indicated for production. A scaled-up estimation will be for the production facility, and is corrected with respect to the production equipment situated between the center of the room, occupied by the directing staff, and the facility edges. Equipment and machines are placed in a visible way from the central area occupied by offices. Results are analysed to improve facility design in terms of rectangularity ratio, colour of the walls, ceiling and floor and light sources emplacement. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2017.

Jula D.,Ecological University of Bucharest | Jula N.-M.,Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest
Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting | Year: 2017

We analyze the impact induced by Foreign Direct Investments on changing the sectoral structure of employment. By developing a general methodological framework, we show that, for the dynamics of the structure analysis, the appropriate model is a panel data with time specific fixed effects and with cross-section specific effects, weighted by the growth rate of total employment. To analyze the change in structures, the appropriate model is, likewise, a panel data, without time specific (fixed or random) effects, but with cross-section specific ones, weighted by total employment. We find that for Agriculture, forestry and fishery, Manufacturing and Accommodation and food services, the growth of FDI was associated with a decrease in industry share in total employment, both at global level, as well as regarding the private and public employment structures. This means that, for the industries concerned, the FDI effect on productivity improvement was superior to the effect induced on employment growth. For Mining, Electricity, Natural gas and water, Information technology and communications, Financial intermediation and insurance, Professional, scientific, technical and administrative activities and support services the effect is positive for the private sector and negative for the public one. For the remaining industries (Construction and real estate transactions, Trade, Transportation) the effects of FDI was rather positive than otherwise. Consequently, for those industries, the FDI effect on employment growth exceeds that on productivity. © 2017, Institute for Economic Forecasting. All rights reserved.

Vladimir P.,Ecological University of Bucharest
Journal of Physical Education and Sport | Year: 2013

The main goal of this paper is the assessment of the physical training influence on technical training in women's artistic gymnastics throughout basic specialization stage. With this aim in view, we have considered that the assessment of physical and technical training level would highlight the extent to which this one affects performances achieved in competitions in terms of difficulty, execution and final score on apparatus. The study was conducted from September to December 2012 in the Juniors Olympic Team of Deva, with a group of 11 female gymnasts, 12 to 14 years old. This study refers to the ascertaining stage of a post-doctoral research on the macro-methods of gymnastics exercises learning throughout basic specialization stage in women's artistic gymnastics. For this purpose, the following methods have been used: method of bibliographic study, method of observation, method of experiment, method of experts, statistical-mathematical method and graphical representation method. In order to assess the level of basic physical and technical training of junior female gymnasts aged 12 to 14, control trials were applied for monitoring the muscular strength, sense of balance and basic technical level. The results of training level testing assess the level of development of arms, abdomen, back, lower limbs muscular strength, the level of explosive strength (flashing), combined strength and sense of balance. The results of basic technical training assessed using the experts' method point out the level of technical execution on each apparatus. The results achieved in competition highlight the scores for difficulty (D), execution (E) and final score (FS) on each apparatus. The assessment of physical and technical training shows the influence exerted by this one on the results achieved in competition in terms of difficulty, execution and final score on apparatus. © JPES.

Traditional agricultural practices based on non-customized irrigation and soil fertilization are harmful for the environment, and may pose a risk for human health. By continuing the use of these practices, it is not possible to ensure effective land management, which might be acquired by using advanced satellite technology configured for modern agricultural development. The paper presents a methodology based on the correlation between remote sensing data and field observations, aiming to identify the key features and to establish an interpretation pattern for the inhomogeneity highlighted by the remote sensing data. Instead of using classical methods for the evaluation of land features ( field analysis, measurements and mapping), the approach is to use high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral methods, in correlation with data processing and geographic information systems (GIS), in order to improve the agricultural practices and mitigate their environmental impact (soil and shallow aquifer). © IWA Publishing 2012.

Tevi G.,Ecological University of Bucharest | Scradeanu M.,University of Bucharest | Scradeanu D.,University of Bucharest
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying Geology and Mining Ecology Management, SGEM | Year: 2014

One of the most important environmental issues which Romania faces as member of the European area is land management and natural resources exploitation within protected areas. A good example is the Natura 2000 ROSCI0103 Lunca Buzaului (Buzău and Brăila Counties, Romania). This protected area was established with the purpose of conserving habitats and species characteristic of aquatic and riparian ecosystems, in a region with significant anthropic stress generated by alluvial deposits exploitation, waste storage, agricultural activity, and hydro energy producing potential. The need to put such area in value requires an integrated approach, based on the use of GIS and remote sensing data. In this study, the following resources have been used: Pléiades panchromatic and multispectral images at 0.5 and 2 m spatial resolution, orthophotos with a 2.5 m spatial resolution, a digital terrain model (DTM) based on a 30 m network, topographical plans with 1:5000 and 1:10000 scales, thematic vectors for land using – after Corine Land Cover 2006 data sets. The time difference in the acquirement of images, the exploitation of all the aforementioned data, provides the possibility of having a time scale perspective, between 1970 and 2012. The data have been processed using specific software – ArcGis 10.0 for management of spatially referenced data, ENVI EX for remote sensing data processing and RockWorks 12 for geological and hydrogeological data processing. In the next step, processed remote sensing data, correlated with field collected data has led to the following processes: • Design of the flooding areas, along Buzău River and an environmental impact assessment associated with different scenarios; • Evaluation of actual fluvial erosion processes for the Buzău River system, both under natural state and influenced by the alluvial material extraction activities which are taking place in the area. From geomorphological point of view, the specificity of this habitat is given by the pronounced dynamic processes and, consequently, by the necessity of efficient land management. The results related to the extension of flooding areas at different flow rates, morphological instability, and the presence of erosional risk sections, have been correlated with land use characteristics (from Corine Land Cover) for the entire studied region. Obtained results: GIS data base, flooding and geomorphological risk maps. All these are useful useful for developing effective management plans in order to achieve conservation objectives for species and habitats, for mitigating environmental impact, and for elaborating a geological resources sustainable exploitation strategy. © SGEM2014.

Catana I.,Polytechnic University of Bucharest | Safta C.-A.,Polytechnic University of Bucharest | Panduru V.,Ecological University of Bucharest
UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D: Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2010

The paper presents a method of power optimization of the wind turbines by changing the pitch angle. There are analysed the structure and the performance of a electro-mechanical servomechanism used to put on position the wind turbine blades so that a maxim out power could be obtained at a given wind speed. Numerical simulations validated the applied method, and the results obtained are comparable with the ones from technical literature.

Vlad S.-N.,Ecological University of Bucharest
Central European Journal of Geosciences | Year: 2011

Romania has a genuine accumulation of "blind" porphyry CuAuMo systems associated with Cu skarns or AuAg (PbZn) epithermal vein sets. Many such hidden structures were discovered inadvertently during state exploration based on local tradition that Romanian Carpathians are rich in vein and skarn ore types. Notable dichotomy between porphyries associated with peripheral skarns versus epithermal ores is expressed by age (Mesozoic versus Tertiary), precious metal content, alteration types and zoning, shape/size and extension of ore bodies. Preliminary conclusions on metallic/alteration assemblages around porphyries in addition to geophysical information about inferred deep-seated Alpine plutonism promote potential exploration vectors for what will be an increasingly important deposit type in the future. © Versita Sp. z o.o.

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