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Lyon, France

The École centrale de Lyon, founded in 1857, is one of the oldest graduate schools in France. It is considered as one of the most prestigious French grandes écoles of engineering continuously ranking as one of the top six French engineering research institutions for the post bachelor study. The university is situated in Écully, a western suburb of Lyon, France .The university is one of the six members of the Centrale Graduate School . The school is well-reputed for educating and training highly skilled engineers with a minimum degree of BSc through many specialized postgraduate programs. Ecole centrale de Lyon is a founding member of University of Lyon, Pole Research and Higher Education established as a public establishment of scientific cooperation. The school excels in the research attached to acoustics, bioscience and nanotechnology.Ecole centrale de Lyon, or as sometimes referred to ECL, has strong ties with top institutions in Europe including Imperial College London and Darmstadt University of Technology. This in addition to having most of its post graduate programs shared between INSA Lyon, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Claude Bernard University Lyon 1. Wikipedia.

French National Center for Scientific Research and École Centrale Lyon | Date: 2013-07-11

An automotive vehicle drive unit, comprising a fuel cell whose control input is a setpoint of the electrical power to be delivered by the fuel cell. There is a reversible electrical energy storage system and an electric motor to propel the wheels of a vehicle. An electrical connection element selectively connects the fuel cell and/or the energy storage system to the electric motor. A control circuit stores a model of the consumption of dihydrogen as a function of the power delivered by this fuel cell, in the form of a second-degree polynomial and is configured to compute a coefficient of power distribution 1 between the fuel cell and the electrical energy storage system pursuant to a defined equation. The control circuit controls the electrical connection element to recharge the energy storage system when the value of the power setpoint Pfc* is greater than the power demanded by the electric motor.

École Centrale Lyon, French National Center for Scientific Research, University of Lyon and National School of Engineering, Saint-Etienne | Date: 2011-11-08

The present invention relates to a device for characterizing mechanical properties of a material (S) with a low modulus of elasticity, comprising an application surface (

This overview of photocatalytic purification/deodorization of indoor air using TiO2 includes four parts. First, considering that TiO2 exposed to indoor air - which contains several thousands ppmv of water - is covered by layers of water molecules, it is suggested that: (i) the approach to the surface of pollutants at ppbv concentrations is hindered, (ii) the pollutants are not dissociated by mere adsorption, (iii) OH radicals are formed by mechanisms identical to those proposed for TiO2 exposed to liquid water, and (iv) OH radicals are mobile within the adsorbed water layers. Second, the formation and role of superoxide, singlet molecular oxygen and labile surface oxygen atoms of TiO2 are reviewed. Third, the competition between pollutants at ppbv levels for elimination under usual conditions of purifiers is discussed. Fourth, the question of the effect of indoor air photocatalytic treatment on the average concentration of low-molecular-mass carbonyls is addressed. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. Source

STMicroelectronics, École Centrale Lyon and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2013-03-15

A method for preparing a multilayer substrate includes the step of deposing an epitaxial -Al

École Centrale Lyon, INSA Lyon, French National Center for Scientific Research and University of Lyon | Date: 2010-12-14

An interconnected array of reconfigurable logic cells which carry out at least one logic function, externally connected to peripheral connection network equipped with switch boxes and connected to programmable input/output blocks. The logic cells are distributed in a first dimension in rows i with i=1 to d and a second dimension in columns j with j=1 to w, with d2 and w=2 or d=2 and w2, each logic cell including a second input, a second input, a first output and a second output, the first input of each logic cell and the first output of each logic cell being connected to the connection network, the second input and the second output of each logic cell being connected to other different column and row logic cells except for the first and last rows or columns for d>2 or w>2 respectively.

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