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Pavlov M.,ECI Technology | Lin D.,ECI Technology | Shalyt E.,ECI Technology
Proceedings - 2014 47th International Symposium on Microelectronics, IMAPS 2014 | Year: 2014

Through-silicon via (TSV) technology is gaining popularity in 3D packaging and 3D integrated circuits. TSV baths are formulated with highly stable electrolytes that contain copper and sulfuric acid. Other components introduced into the bath in relatively small amounts are organic additives and chloride ions. This article will focus on a non-reagent metrology to efficiently monitor these components. The chloride concentration is determined from the chloride oxidation current using specific voltammetric parameters. Similar to analysis of suppressor, the measurement is made directly in the undiluted plating bath. Results for non-reagent analysis for acid and copper were reported earlier. Electrochemistry and spectroscopy are employed in on-line monitoring of various TSV baths. The concentrations of organic additives are determined from the rate of the copper deposition. The new techniques differ from conventional CVS procedures. The advantages of these newly developed electrochemical procedures are speed (results are obtained within one minute), accuracy and reproducibility. Our new non-reagent techniques do not use special reagents for analysis and require only standard solution used for automatic system calibration and validation. Copyright © 2014 IMAPS-International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society.All Rights Reserved.

Tench D.M.,ECI Technology | Pavlov M.,ECI Technology | Shalyt E.,ECI Technology | Bratin P.,ECI Technology | Dozortsev V.,ECI Technology
Journal of the Electrochemical Society | Year: 2014

The thickness of a palladium coating on copper (or another substrate) is measured chronopotentiometrically by passing a cathodic current through a predetermined area of the coating in contact with an electrolytic solution and measuring the potential as a function of time. Protons from the electrolytic solution are electrochemically reduced to palladium hydride at cathodic potentials less negative than required for evolution of hydrogen gas. As formation of the PdH0.58 beta-phase throughout the Pd coating is completed, the cathodic potential increases rapidly to a cathodic potential plateau corresponding to evolution of hydrogen gas on the PdH0.58 surface. This voltage step in the cathodic potential provides an end point time for the measurement. The absolute thickness of the Pd coating is calculated from the integrated cathodic charge passed up to the end point time. © 2014 The Electrochemical Society.

Shalyt E.,ECI Technology | Liang G.,ECI Technology | Wang J.,ECI Technology | Pavlov M.,ECI Technology | And 3 more authors.
ECS Transactions | Year: 2013

Transition of interconnect technology to copper elevated challenges for polymer removal. Electrolyte has to provide efficient removal of organic material while preserving Cu surface with controlled regrowth of copper oxide. Spectroscopy in combination with electrochemical method can provide comprehensive characterization of electrolyte for concentration of major components (H2O2, H2O, organic, pH). In addition, local electrochemical analysis provides information on copper oxide removal/regrowth. © The Electrochemical Society.

Shalyt E.,ECI Technology | Pavlov M.,ECI Technology | Bai C.,ECI Technology
ECS Transactions | Year: 2013

Electrodeposition in all industries switches to less hazardous components in compliance to regulations. Unique trend of semiconductor industry includes emphasize on process control which enables extension of electrolyte life time and decrease of bleed and feed ratio. © The Electrochemical Society.

Bai C.,ECI Technology | Shalyt E.,ECI Technology | Liang G.,ECI Technology | Bratin P.,ECI Technology
46th International Symposium on Microelectronics, IMAPS 2013 | Year: 2013

TSV (Through Silicon Vias) are usually formed and deposited as blind vias. As a last stage, vias are opened by thinning of the back side of the wafer. While the bulk of the silicon can be removed by both wet and dry methods, the final step of the "Via Reveal" process is predominantly performed by wet etch. Two commonly used types of etching solutions are anisotropic alkaline etch (KOH, TMAH, etc.) and isotropic etch (HF/HN03, etc.). Etch rate, uniformity, and product characteristics strongly depend on the composition of solution: both original compounds and reaction products. This presentation describes different approaches for process control of both alkaline and acidic etch solutions using advanced spectroscopic models and potentiometry. Pros and cons of different approaches are discussed. Specific emphasis is placed on the monitoring of reaction products.

Bai C.,ECI Technology | Liang G.,ECI Technology | Shalyt E.,ECI Technology
Solid State Phenomena | Year: 2016

This paper demonstrates a variety of metrology methods for high selective silicon nitride etch in different process baths. Capability of measuring full matrix components is also presented. For the measurement of H3PO4 and H2O, both NIR spectroscopy and conductivity methods work well. Si measurement in the etchant that contains an organo-silicon compound requires a new reagent development in comparison with the original reagent method developed for regular process contains inorganic Si only. © 2016 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

News Article | October 27, 2016

紐約時間--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(美國商業資訊)-- ECI Technology Inc今天宣布收到了Quali-Fill® 化學品線上即時分析系統的数百万美元訂單, 其為來自台灣其中最大的OSAT客戶。 ECI的Quali-Fill化學品線上即時分析系統, 對於製造業的先進晶圓級封裝(WLP)提供了一個全自動化的在線化學品量測和智能型化學成分計量添加的功能。 Quali-Fill是ECI 全 新設計的系統, 不僅具有增強型的分析性能並且顯著降低使用者成本來滿足OSAT的需求。它採用了先進的模組化設計,能够支援多個電鍍機和所有電鍍化学金属,如Cu(銅)、SnAg(錫銀)、Sn(錫)、Ni(鎳)和 Au(金)。Quali-Fill還提供了可擴充的選項, 包括複雜度高的副產品及污染物的分析能力, 為先進WLP製造業提供了一個高效益化學監測解決方案。 ECI科技公司的首席執行官Marianna說:“我們非常高興的是: ECI最新研製的系統已被台灣大型的OSAT公司接受並指定為300mm WLP量產的選擇” 關於ECI科技公司 ECI科技公司是化學品管理系統在半導體行業的全球

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