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Norfolk, VA, United States

Eastern Virginia Medical School commonly referred to as EVMS, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States is a public-private medical school founded by grassroots efforts in the southeastern part of Virginia known as Hampton Roads. Unlike the other public medical schools in Virginia, EVMS is not affiliated with an undergraduate institution and coordinates training through multiple medical centers in the Hampton Roads region. The school is dedicated solely to graduate biomedical and health education. The EVMS campus includes the 555-bed Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, the region's only tertiary level 1 trauma medical care facility, and the 212-bed Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters, a regional pediatric referral care facility and only stand alone children's hospital in the state. EVMS is the first institution in the US to have produced a viable fetus through in vitro fertilization. EVMS is most known for its reproductive medicine, simulation/standardized-patient education as well as research in pediatrics, geriatrics, diabetes, and cancer. In addition, EVMS is well known for its leadership in community service and medical missions, as evidenced by faculty and alumni responsible for the founding of Operation Smile, Physicians for Peace, Global Brigades, and CONRAD.Approximately 5,000 applicants apply to the EVMS MD program every year for a total class size of 150. As a result, the EVMS MD program has an admission rate of 3% making it extremely competitive. The class size of the MD class of 2012 is 146 with 51% of the class as in-state and 49% as out-of-state. Following its commitment to train Hampton Roads residents, 21% of the entering class originated from Hampton Roads.On January 10, 2013, it was announced that Harry Lester was to step down as president and would be succeeded by the school's dean and provost, Richard V. Homan, MD effective April 15, 2013. Homan currently serves jointly as the school's president, dean of the medical school and provost.Eastern Virginia Medical School's MD Program is currently ranked 55th in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care by US News & World Report. Its Physician Assistant Program is ranked 25th in the nation. Wikipedia.

Eastern Virginia Medical School | Date: 2014-11-07

The present invention provides peptide compounds that regulate the complement system and methods of using these compounds. The invention is an isolated, purified peptide of 30 amino acids derived from human astrovirus protein, called CP1. The invention is directed to peptide compounds that are peptide mimetics, peptide analogs and/or synthetic derivatives of CP1 having, for example, internal peptide deletions and substitutions, deletions and substitutions at the N-terminus and C-terminus, and that are able to regulate complement activation. The invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions of therapeutically effective amounts of the peptide compounds and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, diluent, or excipient for treating a disease or condition associated with complement-mediated tissue damage.

Eastern Virginia Medical School | Date: 2013-10-17

A device for removing a cerclage suture has a shaft sized and shaped to extend from a proximal end outside a vagina to a distal end near a cervix. The shaft also has a blunt end located at the distal end of the shaft and having a taper for allowing the blunt end to pass between a cerclage suture and cervical mucosa without cutting the mucosa and to move the suture away from the mucosa. The device includes a cutter having at least one blade at the distal end of the shaft. The cutter may be movable between an open non-cutting position and a closed cutting position for cutting the suture. Alternatively, the cutter may include one or more stationary blades. The device also may include a handle at the proximal end of the shaft that may comprise an actuator or may comprise a cylindrical or another suitable shape.

Eastern Virginia Medical School | Date: 2015-09-04

Disclosed are devices for reducing postpartum hemorrhage, including a belt having a fastener for securing the belt around a patients body, a bladder being inflatable with air and adapted to be placed over the patients abdomen for applying selective external pressure to the patients uterus, a manual pump operably connected to the bladder to change air pressure of the bladder, and a pressure gauge for indicating the air pressure. Methods for using the devices are also disclosed.

Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University | Date: 2015-09-29

Methods for a new, drug-free therapy for treating solid skin tumors through the application of nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) are provided. In one embodiment of the invention, the cells are melanoma cells, and the applied nsPEFs penetrate into the interior of tumor cells and cause tumor cell nuclei to rapidly shrink and tumor blood flow to stop. This new technique provides a highly localized targeting of tumor cells with only minor effects on overlying skin.

Methods of preserving and/or protecting pancreatic beta cells by inhibiting NOX-1. In a further aspect, NOX-1 inhibitors are administered to a subject in order to preserve and/or protect beta cells in the prevention or treatment of diabetes. NOX-1 inhibitors are also disclosed; The method can be used to preserve beta cell/islet survival in vitro, or in vivo in cells exposed to stressful stimuli including but not limited to inflammation, inflammatory cytokines, high glucose, or elevated free fatty acids.

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