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Marshall R.N.,Eastern Institute of Technology | McNair P.J.,Auckland University of Technology
Sports Biomechanics | Year: 2013

Knee injuries in golf comprise approximately 8% of all injuries, and are considered to result from overuse, technical faults or a combination of those factors. This review examines factors involved in injury, including the structure of the knee joint, kinematics and kinetics of the golf swing, forces sustained by knee joint structures and the potential for joint injury as well as injury prevention strategies. The golf swing generates forces and torques which tend to cause internal or external rotation of the tibia on the femur, and these are resisted by the knee ligaments and menisci. Research has shown that both maximum muscle forces and the forces sustained during a golf swing are less than that required to cause damage to the ligaments. However, the complex motion of the golf swing, involving both substantial forces and ranges of rotational movement, demands good technique if the player is to avoid injuring their knee joint. Most knee injury in golf is likely related to joint laxity, previous injuries or arthritis, and such damage may be exacerbated by problems in technique or overuse. In addition to appropriate coaching, strategies to remedy discomfort include specific exercise programmes, external bracing, orthotics and equipment choices. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Mac Callum K.,Eastern Institute of Technology | Jeffrey L.,Massey University | Kinshuk,Athabasca University
Computers in Human Behavior | Year: 2014

This paper explores the impact of ICT anxiety, ICT literacy, perceived ease of use and usefulness on the adoption of mobile learning. A modified version of the Technology Adoption Model was used to measure student and educator intention to adopt mobile learning. The research questions were tested using structural equation modelling. Two questionnaires were developed (one for students and one for educators) and used to measure ICT literacy and attitudes and perceptions towards mobile learning. Differences and similarities were found between students and educators on the relative importance of the influence of these factors on intention to adopt. A basic level of ICT literacy and an advanced level of mobile literacy had an impact on intention to adopt but an advanced level of ICT literacy was not found to have any effect. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Simpson J.,30 Munroe Street | Mapel T.,Eastern Institute of Technology
New Zealand Medical Journal | Year: 2011

Aim To establish the efficacy of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for people with chronic health problems in managing symptoms and coping with their illness in an Aotearoa/New Zealand context. Method Twenty-nine participants completed a wait-list control study. Physical and psychological health and well-being were measured before, after and 6 months after the 8-week training programme using a variety of internationally recognised screening tools. Results Statistically significant improvements were demonstrated in almost all categories measured. Conclusion MBSR demonstrated health benefits for chronic illness sufferers. An economical and effective adjunctive therapy for decreasing morbidity associated with chronic illness in New Zealand, MBSR provides both clinicians and patients with an additional option for the better management of chronic illness. © NZMA.

The literature suggests that spiritual domains of experience may be influential to an individual's growth in the aftermath of stressful life events. This paper explores the role that spiritual experience might play in the process of posttraumatic growth by examining two quite different approaches to transformational growth: Lawrence Calhoun and Richard Tedeschi's posttraumatic growth model; and Stanislav and Christina Grof's framework of psycho-spiritual transformation. Both approaches are briefly outlined, compared and discussed. Some observations are made about their shared understanding of the human potential for growth and the significance of spiritual experience in the struggle to master distressing life events. A further hypothetical model is presented that marries the two approaches and offers the opportunity for individuals in the posttraumatic process and helping professionals to examine their experiences in a broader context. ©2010 Taylor & Francis.

King P.D.,Eastern Institute of Technology | McClellan D.J.,Eastern Institute of Technology | Smart R.E.,Smart Viticulture
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture | Year: 2012

Manipulation of vine balance is widely practiced to enhance grape and wine quality. Reported benefits from crop thinning are ambiguous. Studies were undertaken over two growing seasons (2006-2008) in Hawke's Bay, a cool-climate region of New Zealand, to investigate the influence of basal leaf and crop removal on fruit and wine composition and the indices of vine balance associated with optimum quality. Three levels of basal leaf removal in the fruiting zone were used. Crop removal achieved average reductions of 15% with moderate treatment and 35% with severe treatment below the average nonthinned yield of 17.5 t/ha. Treatments were undertaken at the preveraison growth stage on Merlot vines. Leaf removal had no effect on fruit composition, but levels of total anthocyanins and the flavonol quercetin-3-glucoside were enhanced in the wines. In contrast, crop removal increased sugar concentration and decreased titratable acidity of the must. While crop removal had no effect on wine anthocyanins, the proportions of anthocyanins as malvidin-3-glucosides and total phenolics in the wines were significantly increased. Relative to accepted indices of vine balance, the study vines were unbalanced with excessive shoot growth and dense canopies. A crop reduction of ~6.0 t/ha brought the capacity of the exposed leaf area into balance with that required to ripen fruit to optimum maturity and produce high-quality wines. © 2012 by the American Society for Enology and Viticulture. All rights reserved.

Ashworth N.,Eastern Institute of Technology | Thompson S.,Eastern Institute of Technology
Journal of Primary Health Care | Year: 2011

Introduction: Long-term conditions (LTCs) are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in New Zealand. The burden upon patients and health care services to manage these conditions has prompted calls for primary care to lead the way in early diagnosis and coordination of LTC care. The purpose of this study was to investigate the perspectives of health professionals in a geographically-isolated region of Zealand regarding current levels of LTC management to provide direction for future service development. Methods: Semi-structured, face-to-face interviews conducted in 2009 with 10 purposively sampled health professionals in the primary care field, including four general practitioners, four nurses and two management team personnel, all practising in a regional District Health Board. The resultant data were analysed using a general inductive thematic approach. Findings: Three main themes were identified by the health professionals as being key issues pertaining to the management of LTCs. These are discussed as issues pertaining to management, information and communication and leadership. Conclusion: The results showed that LTC management is rated as highly important by health care professionals who are aware of the need to change current delivery methods to improve client outcomes. All those interviewed highlighted issues related to funding as being a significant barrier to implementing innovations in LTC management, including nurse-led services. Plans to develop integrated family health centres, information technology systems and increased collaboration between clinicians were hailed as potential solutions to improving LTC management.

Verhaart M.,Eastern Institute of Technology
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2012 | Year: 2012

A significant issue for educators is managing the avalanche of content, and with this content volume the educator's role is changing from one of knowledge collection and dissemination, to one of curation and dissemination, in particular with digital objects. This paper builds on previous research into developing a personal integrated framework to manage an individual educator's content that allows enhancement by others, and considers whether wiki technology can be used to manage the changing emphasis from collection and dissemination to digital curation. © 2012 IEEE.

Erturk E.,Eastern Institute of Technology
World Congress on Internet Security, WorldCIS-2012 | Year: 2012

The goal of this paper is to analyze the behavior and intent of recent types of privacy-invasive Android adware. This paper starts with a review of Android mobile operating system security. This paper also addresses the broader issue as to the pros and cons of an open source operating system in terms of security and privacy. Static analysis of malware can provide higher quality results and lead to a better understanding. This approach is used in this paper. As Android's market share is rapidly growing around the world, Android security will be a crucial area of research for IT security professionals and their academic counterparts. The upside of the current situation is that malware is being quickly exposed, thanks to open-source software development tools. © 2012 Infonomics Society.

Verhaart M.,Eastern Institute of Technology
Proceedings of ASCILITE 2014 - Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Computers in Tertiary Education | Year: 2014

The rapid pace of change in the area of Information Technology means that innovative ways are needed to provide effective teaching and to engage and support learners. This paper focuses on the use of wiki technology in the context of a blended learning environment in a tertiary institution, and considers the research question, what are the issues when using wiki technology in a blended learning environment? A longitudinal case study methodology has been used to report on the use of wiki technology as a course delivery mechanism. This case study revealed that while course content has significant views, students are reluctant to update or contribute to course content and that a wiki navigation structure is complex and an inhibitor to learning. The six year case study also reveals a wiki is not necessarily a quick solution for content creation.

Erturk E.,Eastern Institute of Technology
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning | Year: 2016

In order to effectively prepare the next generation of IT professionals and systems analysts, it is important to incorporate cloud based online collaboration tools into the coursework for developing the students' cooperative skills as well as for storing and sharing content. For these pedagogical and practical reasons, Google Drive has been used at a medium-sized institution of higher education in New Zealand during the Systems Analysis and Design course. Ongoing and successful use of any learning technology requires gathering meaningful feedback from students, and acting as a mentor during their learning journey. This study has been developed and implemented to help students enjoy the collaborative technology and to help increase their satisfaction and commitment. In order to overcome the obstacles that may prevent students from using Google Drive optimally, an initial survey has been conducted to better understand the influential factors and issues. Furthermore, this study aims at promoting various types of collaboration and sharing: seeing and learning from other students' work, receiving direct suggestions from others, and allowing others to edit documents that belong to them. Following the results of the first quantitative survey, numerous teaching strategies were formulated and implemented. A final qualitative survey was done at the end of the course for students to evaluate their project work. The results of this study also provide original practical and theoretical implications that may be of interest to other researchers, course designers, and teachers.

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