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Prokaza E.I.,East Ukrainian National University
Journal of Automation and Information Sciences | Year: 2017

Physical and mathematical models, which describe the processes of mass and heat transfer in neutralization apparatus, are developed with the usage of theory of rheological transitions. The system of stabilization of flows correlation of nitric acid and ammonia was enhanced using introduction of the corrective signal according to the coefficient of the ratio of time constants of mass transfer into the control algorithm for the ratio of these flows. We proposed control system for temperature mode of neutralization apparatus by the difference of temperatures in the reaction zone and output from neutralization apparatus using insertion of steam into the reaction zone. © 2017 by Begell House Inc.

Kozhemyakin G.N.,East Ukrainian National University
Ultrasonics | Year: 2014

The generation and behavior of ultrasonic standing waves was modeled using the light cut method for transparent fluid. The oscillations of the fluid surface in initial moment of switching on ultrasound and appearance of standing wave channel were observed. The effect of continuous fluid depth decrease and increase on the behavior of ultrasonic standing wave channel was studied. The ultrasonic standing wave channel floated in the liquid between of the crucible bottom and fluid surface and discretely changed its height by half ultrasonic wavelength with the decrease or increase of the liquid level. This channel had the behavior of a "quasi solid state" and damped of convection. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Zakharov I.I.,East Ukrainian National University
Journal of Structural Chemistry | Year: 2014

The B3LYP method within DFT and the ab initio MP2 method with an extended 6-311++G(3df,3pd) basis set are employed to calculate the adiabatic bound state of an excess electron in (H2O) 6 - water and (NH3) 13 -. ammonium clusters. Adiabatic electron affinity of (H2O)6 and (NH3) 13 clusters is 0.03-0.18 eV and 0.18 eV respectively. The calculated vertical binding energies of the excess electron in anionic clusters ((H 2O) 6 - 0.37÷0.66 eV and (NH 3) 13 - 0.26 eV) agree well with the experimental values of 0.50 eV and 0.22 eV obtained from photoelectron spectra. A cavity model of solvated electrons in water and ammonium is considered. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Zakharov I.I.,East Ukrainian National University
Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry | Year: 2012

The B3LYP density functional method with the expanded 6-311++G(3df,3pd) basis was used to calculate the energy profiles of the reaction 2NO 2 + H 2O→HNO 2 + HNO 3 in the gas phase and in the presence of water. The acid formation process should proceed through prior dimerization of {bullet operator}NO 2 radicals to give an asymmetrical trans isomer of ONONO 2 in the rate-limiting step with subsequent formation of nitrosonium nitrate {Mathematical expression}. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Khoroshun A.N.,East Ukrainian National University
Journal of Modern Optics | Year: 2010

The functions of phase wedge and symmetric phase mask for optical vortex synthesised from a Gaussian beam are carefully analysed. The optimal linear phase dependence in the cross-section of a Gaussian beam for the singular beam with a single charge synthesis is found. The similarity of the obtained beam phase and intensity distributions in the singular beam depending on the distance of the resulting field observation is investigated. The simple original technique of the experimental realisation of the necessary phase mask for the singular beam synthesis with the help of two inclined mirrors is offered. © 2010 Taylor & Francis.

Filonenko A.D.,East Ukrainian National University
Physics-Uspekhi | Year: 2012

The basic principles underlying the radio telescope measurement of ultrahigh-energy particle fluxes are reviewed. Experimental lunar regolith emission data are presented for the 1020 eV energy range. Some conclusions from theoretical work are discussed, as is the influence of a number of factors on the intensity of the radio pulse due to the cascade disk under the Moon's surface. © 2012 Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Andreev P.Yu.,East Ukrainian National University
Petroleum Chemistry | Year: 2015

The ozonation reactions of benzo and dibenzo derivatives of pyrrole, furan, and thiophene in acetic acid solution have been studied. Peroxide compounds have been detected as the products. The mechanism of ozone interaction with these hetarenes has been proposed. The kinetics of ozonolytic reactions of benzologues of five-membered aromatic heterocycles (hetarenes) have been investigated. The reaction of ozone with the hetarenes obeys the bimolecular rate law and has the first order in each reactant. The effective rate constants and experimental stoichiometric coefficients for ozone have been found. © 2015 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Filonenko A.D.,East Ukrainian National University
JETP Letters | Year: 2014

Incoherent radiation of relativistic electrons (positrons) of an extensive air shower in the ultrahigh energy range (∼10 GHz) has been studied. The method of the division of an electron track into coherent segments has been used to estimate the power of a radio signal and to determine the radiation pattern. Comparison of the signal with radio noise of an antenna has shown that this radiation can be detected by modern engineering instruments and applied to detect ultrahigh-energy cosmic particles. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Filonenko A.D.,East Ukrainian National University
Physics-Uspekhi | Year: 2015

We review research on the currently topical highenergy physics problem of using the radio emission from extensive air showers to detect ultra-high-energy cosmic particles. We present experimental results on the shower radio emission and consider laboratory experiments on modeling radio emission from electron beams and high-energy gamma quanta. Also reviewed are current views on radio emission mechanisms from showers caused by high-energy particles in the meter and centimeter wavelength ranges. The use of the radar method to study air showers is discussed. The theoretical concepts of the emission of coherent and noncoherent radiation in the superhigh frequency range are briefly reviewed, and the possibility of reconstructing shower parameters from radio emission data is considered. © 2015 Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Arlinskii Y.,East Ukrainian National University
Complex Analysis and Operator Theory | Year: 2014

The block operator CMV matrices and their sub-matrices are applied to the description of all solutions to the Schur interpolation problem for contractive analytic operator-valued functions in the unit disk (the Schur class functions). © 2013 Springer Basel.

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