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Shanghai, China

East China University of Science and Technology is a research university located in Shanghai, China. Originally established as a institution highly specialized in the field of chemistry, it has evolved into a comprehensive university that covers all academic disciplines and offers a large variety of majors. The school encompasses two campuses and a science park in the Xuhui, Fengxian and Jinshan districts of Shanghai. Wikipedia.

East China University of Science and Technology | Date: 2014-01-10

Provided herein are Raman active particles and methods for their preparation and use. The particles can include a SERS-active material that is at least partially encased within a spherical porous hollow casing. In some embodiments, this can be especially advantageous when employed for water analysis and/or being employed in combination with silica particles

East China University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-04-02

Provided are a pteridine ketone derivative used as an EGFR, BLK, and FLT3 inhibitor and applications thereof. Specifically, provided are a compound of the following formula I, a pharmaceutical composition containing the compound of the formula I, and use of compound in preparing medicine for treating diseases mediated by EGFR, BLK, or FLT3 or inhibiting EGFR, BLK, and FLT3.

East China University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-04-19

The present invention relates to a supported hybrid vanadium-chromium-based catalyst, characterized in the catalyst is supported on a porous inorganic carrier and a V active site and a inorganic Cr active site are present on the porous inorganic carrier at the same time. The present invention further relates to a process for producing a supported hybrid vanadium-chromium-based catalyst. The invention also provides the preparation method of the catalyst, titanium or fluorine to compounds, vanadium salt and chromium salt according to the proportion, different methods of sequence and load on the inorganic carrier, after high temperature roasting, still can further add organic metal catalyst promoter prereduction activation treatment on it. The catalyst of the present invention can be used for producing ethylene homopolymers and ethylene/-olefin copolymers. The hybrid vanadium-chromium-based catalyst can have high activity and produce polyethylene polymers having the properties of broad molecular weight distribution (Part of the products are bimodal distribution) and excellent -olefin copolymerization characteristic.

East China University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-08-01

Provided is an optically controlled gene expression system of prokaryotic bacterium, comprising: a) a photosensitive recombinant transcription factor encoding gene, the photosensitive recombinant transcription factor is one fusion protein comprising a first polypeptide as the DNA bonding domain and a second polypeptide as the photosensitive domain; b) a target transcription unit comprising promoter or promoter-reaction element or reaction element-promoter containing at least one reaction element recognized/bound by the first polypeptide and the nucleic acid sequence to be transcribed. Also provided is a prokaryotic expression vector comprising said optically controlled gene expression system, and a method for regulating gene expression in a prokaryotic host cell by using the optically controlled gene expression system. Also provided is a reagent kit containing different components of the optically controlled gene expression system. The optically controlled gene expression system of prokaryotic bacterium has a quick, effective and powerful induction, is safer than other inducers, is of little or no toxicity, and can control gene expression both spatially and temporally, and can regulate many life processes of prokaryotic bacterium.

Kunshan Tianyang Hot Melt Adhesive Co., East China University of Science, Technology and Shanghai Tianyang Hot Melt Adhesive Co. | Date: 2013-05-31

A method of preparing a composite catalyst for polyester synthesis includes the steps of: 1) sequentially dissolving a titanium compound, a silicon compound and a tin compound in an organic solvent; 2) adding a water solution of an acidic compound or of an alkaline compound in the compound from step 1) to cause hydrolysis thereof and collecting a precipitate, and washing the hydrolysis precipitate with a deionized water to obtain the composite catalyst. The catalyst is not only effective in polyester production polycondensation, but also has significant catalytic activity in esterification. The produced polyester chips all have a desirable hue.

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