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Wang X.-J.,Shanghai University | Li X.-G.,East China Power Grid Co. | Yang L.-B.,East China Power Grid Co. | Zou B.,Shanghai University
Dianli Xitong Baohu yu Kongzhi/Power System Protection and Control | Year: 2013

To accrue more profits in market competitions, the power producers sometimes would adopt the collusion bidding strategy to force up prices. The paper discusses the collusion bidding behavior of the power producers, which is based on the actual running data of trans-provincial electric power market of the East China Power Grid. Firstly, the probability analysis based on the bidding data of the monthly producers is used to confirm whether it is a collusion one. On this foundation, based on the basic principles of the cooperative game, we analyze the internal mechanisms of the collusion bidding, and show the relationship between market rules and this behavior. Furthermore, several possible strategies are proposed to inhibit it. Both the theoretical analysis and the market practice show the effectiveness of the proposed strategies.

Fan J.,Shanghai University | Yang L.,East China Power Grid Co. | Li X.,East China Power Grid Co. | Zou B.,Shanghai University
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems | Year: 2013

By using the relationship between the operating costs and capacity factor of the generating units, a smart agent based trans-provincial centralized trade platform simulation model is constructed, in which only part of the power is involved in competition and the remaining power is scheduled by the non-market-oriented method. By comparing the actual operation of the market data and simulation results, the model presented is proved to be correct. Through an analysis of model results, the paper further reveals the path of the market to achieve the win-win situation. Generation companies improve the average capacity factor through selling their power in the market, which makes generators' cost drop, per generating profit raise, and the transaction price lower than the non-market purchase of electricity. Moreover, efficient generating units win more generating contracts through market competition than non-market purchase, which can reduce the level of energy consumption per unit of power. © 2013 State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Press.

Qu G.,East China Power Grid Corporation | Qu G.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Ma Z.,East China Power Grid Corporation | Zhu Z.,East China Power Grid Corporation | And 2 more authors.
2010 International Conference on E-Product E-Service and E-Entertainment, ICEEE2010 | Year: 2010

The first ±800kV UHVDC transmission system is connected with the East China power grid around 2010 and its maximum transfer capacity will reach to 6.4GW. It brings new challenges and impacts on the network structure, operation security and reliability and system stability. In the paper, East China power gird configuration and load level for 2012 is adopted as base case for study. The power system simulation tools, such as PSS/Einverted commas BPA, etc, are used to study the system security and reliability under conditions of typical UHVDC operation modes. Technical issues associated with impacts of the ±800kV UHVDC connection on voltage stability, power transfer capability (ATC), system reliability are particularly studied. Some useful conclusions and suggestions for transmission system planning, operation security and stability considering the UHVDC connection are drawn in the end. ©2010 IEEE.

Yan S.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Su G.-N.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Zhang P.-C.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Gui Q.,East China Power Grid Co.
Dianli Xitong Baohu yu Kongzhi/Power System Protection and Control | Year: 2011

In order to overcome the defects of traditional fault diagnosis method using switching value, this paper proposes a new method for high voltage(HV)transmission lines, which bases on the sequential information of fault recorder data. The operating time zone is partitioned and the fuzzy theory is applied in adjacent zones. A fuzzy Petri net is developed for the fault diagnosis of transmission lines. Fault events can be extracted from fault recorder data with the help of wavelet techniques and then the firing sequence of Petri net can be treated. The fault diagnosis results as well as evaluation of the operations of protections and circuit breakers are obtained through matrix calculation. Finally a brief fault report is generated and sent to the dispatching center. The simulation on a subnet of Shanghai 220 kV electric power network demonstrates the efficiency of the method.

Qian C.,Nanjing Southeast University | Chen M.,Nanjing Southeast University | Gao C.,Nanjing Southeast University | Li H.,East China Power Grid Co. | Shen T.,East China Power Grid Co.
China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED | Year: 2016

With the development of intelligent power and electricity market and the change of load characteristic, to construct global energy interconnection and improve the effect of demand response project, this paper mainly discussed the cluster analysis of electrical behavior of users and the selection of target users of demand response project in smart grid. Firstly this paper set up multi-genre classification system of power consumption equipment and constructed load decomposition model based on fuzzy membership function on the basis of the load monitoring to obtain the information of users. Then this paper chose highest price sensitivity and lowest demand response cost as the optimization object to construct user selection model. Practical example shows this article can guide the implementation of demand response project. © 2016 IEEE.

Chen J.,Tsinghua University | Wu W.,Tsinghua University | Zhang B.,Tsinghua University | Sun H.,Tsinghua University | Wang D.,East China Power Grid Corporation
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems | Year: 2010

A trajectory sensitivity-based generator parameter robustness estimation method is proposed, which can be used in online applications. Firstly, trajectory sensitivity is used to form the parameter set which has a relatively strong influence on a power system's dynamic behavior. An exponential type objective function is used to formulate the estimation model, which can automatically compress the bad data. A trajectory sensitivity-based method using PMU data is also presented to solve this model. The validity of the method proposed is proved by numerical tests on a New England system. © State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Press.

Liu Z.-H.,China Electric Power Research Institute | Wang Y.,East China Power Grid Co Ltd | Chen J.-M.,East China Power Grid Co Ltd | Guo Y.-R.,China Electric Power Research Institute | And 4 more authors.
Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, APPEEC | Year: 2014

With the continuous increasing load and construction of UHV, A plurality of EHV / UHV AC and DC transmission lines centralize in the load center. In order to analyze the interactive effects of AC or DC system when fault occurs, a hybrid simulation model on electromechanical and electromagnetic transient process of AC and DC is established for regional power grid. The electromagnetic transient model covers the EHV / UHV AC and DC transmission lines, EHV / UHV transformer and lots of generators. Various faults are simulated in four network partitions, including all kinds of AC and DC transmission faults. On the basis of simulation, the characteristics and interactive effects of AC and DC system is studied. Research results suggest that for load center with both DC and AC, AC system faults will cause multiple HVDC commutation failure, thereby affecting the performance of AC relay protection. For the power grid closely connected, the DC system blocking will not cause any problem on system stability. © 2014 IEEE.

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