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Different production arrangements have been experienced in several economic fields. It is possible to observe integration cycles, when a company becomes responsible for consecutive stages in the production chain of goods and services. This process, known as vertical integration, generates many implications that have been analyzed by studies about operational management, transaction costs economics, competition and anti-trust regulation. Focused on the healthcare industry, this research aims to analyze the managerial perception about vertical integration in this field, aiming to gain insights about the motivations and implications of this process, not sufficiently exploited by the specialized literature. Using a qualitative approach, interviewees were asked to rank possible vertical integration benefits. It was noticed that the control of production costs and the optimization of services' quality were the main benefits of this process. Obtained results reinforce some perceptions gained at studies conducted among north-american companies; however, some differences were observed, which are characteristic of the analyzed context.

Sustainability and sustainable development have offered a great challenge for organizations, governments and society, in order to make the new paradigm effective in managerial and operational practices. In the field of Operations Management (OM), researchers and organizations have been trying to develop and incorporate new concepts, models and tools in an effort to adjust their management procedures to this new paradigm. This article presents a bibliometric study and proposes to investigate the frequency of the sustainability theme in academic research, within the scope of OM, analyzing articles published in the International Journal of Operations & Production Management and making a parallel with relevant OM Brazilian Journals. Main results presented the evolution of sustainability in Operations Management and the identified themes within. The main conclusion, ranking its themes by co-citation, is that sustainability was identified as an emerging theme and it is closely related to Manufacturing Strategy discussions in the OM field.

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