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Stockel F.,Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH | Stockel F.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Konnerth J.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Moser J.,Dynea Austria GmbH | And 3 more authors.
Wood Science and Technology | Year: 2012

Micromechanical properties of cured polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (pMDI) and urea formaldehyde (UF) adhesive and wood cell walls (beech) in adhesive contact compared with cell walls without adhesive contact were measured in situ by means of nanoindentation. Using UV-microphotometry obtained absorbance spectra of micromechanical investigated cell wall regions gave a strong indicator for the presence of pMDI compounds in wood cell walls. Nanoindentation results reveal that both pure UF and UF-penetrated cell walls show a very brittle character. In contrast, pMDI adhesive is very tough and soft at the same time, and when diffused in cell walls, it does not mechanically embrittle the cell structure. © Springer-Verlag 2011.

Cernuda C.,Johannes Kepler University | Lughofer E.,Johannes Kepler University | Hintenaus P.,University of Salzburg | Marzinger W.,I RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH | And 3 more authors.
8th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, EUSFLAT 2013 - Advances in Intelligent Systems Research | Year: 2013

In this paper we investigate the usage of non-linear chemometric models, which are calibrated based on near infrared (FTNIR) spectra, in order to increase efficiency and to improve quantification quality in melamine resin production. They rely on fuzzy systems model architecture and are able to incrementally adapt themselves during the on-line process, resolving dynamic process changes, which may cause severe error drifts of static models. The most informative wavebands in NIR spectra are extracted by a new variant of forward selection, termed as forward selection with bands (FSB) and used as inputs for the fuzzy models. A specific ensemble strategy is developed which is able to properly compensate noise in repeated spectra measurements. Results on high-dimensional data from four independent types of melamine resin show that 1.) our fuzzy modeling methodology can outperform state-of-the-art chemometric modeling methods in terms of validation error, 2.) the ensemble strategy is able to improve the performance of models without ensembling and 3.) incremental model updates are necessary in order to preventdrifting residuals. © 2013. The authors -Published by Atlantis Press.

Stockel F.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Stockel F.,Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH Wood K plus | Konnerth J.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Kantner W.,Dynea Austria GmbH | And 3 more authors.
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products | Year: 2010

Cured urea formaldehyde (UF) and melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) adhesives present in core and surface layers of particle boards were mechanically characterised in-situ by means of nanoindentation. Comparing results between investigated adhesives showed differences in micro-mechanical properties particularly in the core layers, while mechanical properties in surface layers did not differ significantly from each other. The method presented in this study demonstrates that in-situ characterisation of adhesives within a particle board cross section is feasible. © 2009 Springer-Verlag Zusammenfassung.

Stockel F.,Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH | Stockel F.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Konnerth J.,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Kantner W.,Dynea Austria GmbH | And 3 more authors.
Holzforschung | Year: 2010

The tensile shear strength of veneer lap joints was characterised. The joints were produced with an Automated Bonding Evaluation System (ABES) using urea-formaldehyde (UF) as well as melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) adhesive formulated for particleboard production. At a fixed heating temperature of 110°C, a systematic increase in bond strength was observed for both adhesives with increasing cure time. The absolute bond strength was significantly higher for MUF compared to UF. Nanoindentation experiments with the same specimens used for ABES revealed a very hard, stiff and brittle character of the UF resin, whereas the MUF proved significantly less hard and stiff, and less brit-tle. Wood cell walls in contact with adhesive, i.e., where adhesive penetration into the cell wall was assumed, showed significantly altered mechanical properties. Such cell walls were harder, stiffer and more brittle than unaffected reference cell walls. These effects were slightly more pronounced for UF than for MUF. Comparing UF and MUF, the micro-mechanical properties of cured adhesive and interphase cell walls confirm earlier observations that tougher adhesives can lead to higher macroscopic bond strength. In strong contrast to that, no obvious correlation was found between micromechanical properties and the strong cure time dependence of macroscopic bond strength. Copyright © by Walter de Gruyter.

Cernuda C.,Johannes Kepler University | Lughofer E.,Johannes Kepler University | Hintenaus P.,University of Salzburg | Marzinger W.,I RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH | And 3 more authors.
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems | Year: 2013

In melamine resin production process, it is essential to supervise the condensation process. Monitoring the value of the cloud point indicates the best point of time to stop the condensation. Currently, the supervision is conducted manually by operators, which from time to time need to draw and analyze samples from the production process. In order to increase efficiency and to improve quantification quality, in this paper we investigate the usage of non-linear chemometric models, which are calibrated based on near infrared (FTNIR) process spectrum measurements. They rely on fuzzy systems model architecture and are able to incrementally adapt themselves during the on-line process, resolving dynamic process changes which may appear on-line over time due to long-term fluctuations (e.g., caused by dirt) and changes in the composition of the educt, often leading to severe error drifts of static models. Extracting the most informative wavebands prior to model training is essential to avoid a curse of dimensionality; this is achieved by a new extended variant of forward selection, termed as forward selection with bands (. FSB). Furthermore, variants of how to integrate auxiliary sensor information (temperature, pH value, pressure) together with the FTNIR spectra are presented (. hybridity). A specific ensemble strategy is developed which is able to properly compensate noise in repeated spectrum measurements. Results on high-dimensional data from four independent types of melamine resin show that 1) our non-linear modeling methodology can outperform state-of-the-art linear and non-linear chemometric modeling methods in terms of validation error, 2) the ensemble strategy is able to improve the performance of models without ensembling significantly and 3) incremental model updates are necessary in order to keep the predictive quality of the models high by preventing drifting residuals. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Dynea Austria GmbH | Date: 2013-04-22

Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in industry; reducing agents for use in photography; agar-agar; acrylic resins, unprocessed; actinium; activated carbons; alum; albumin animal or vegetable, raw material; albuminized paper; ammonium aldehyde; aldehydes; seaweeds fertilizers; alginates for the food industry; alginates for industrial purposes; alkalies; alkaline iodides for industrial purposes; alkaline metals; salts of alkaline metals; alkaloids; alcohol; aluminium alum; aluminium chloride; aluminium iodide; alumina; aluminium silicate; formic acid; americium; ammonia; anhydrous ammonia; ammonia alum; ammoniacal salts; ammonium salts; amyl alcohol; amyl acetate; acidulated water for recharging batteries; 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Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for humans and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides; dental impression materials; evacuants; medical preparations for slimming purposes; slimming pills; adjuvants for medical purposes; acaricides; aconitine; aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes; algicides; alginates for pharmaceutical purposes; alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; alkaloids for medical purposes; medicinal alcohol; alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; dental amalgams; amino acids for medical purposes; amino acids for veterinary purposes; analgesics; anaesthetics; angostura bark for medical purposes; antibiotics; anti-rheumatism bracelets; anti-rheumatism rings; antiseptics; antiseptic cotton; appetite suppressants for medical purposes; appetite suppressant pills; bracelets for medical purposes; medicines for human purposes; medicines for veterinary purposes; medicines for dental purposes; medicines for alleviating constipation; aseptic cotton; asthmatic tea; ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; caustics for pharmaceutical purposes; caustic pencils; eye-washes; eyepatches for medical purposes; acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; babies diaper-pants; food for babies; babies napkins diapers; bath salts for medical purposes; bath preparations, medicated; therapeutic preparations for the bath; bacterial poisons; bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use; dietary fiber; balms for medical purposes; balsamic preparations for medical purposes; bandages for dressings; barks for pharmaceutical purposes; cotton for medical purposes; sedatives; biological tissue cultures for medical purposes; biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes; biological preparations for medical purposes; biological preparations for veterinary purposes; biocides; lead water; blood for medical purposes; hematogen; leeches for medical purposes; blood plasma; depuratives; candy, medicated; tanning pills; bromine for pharmaceutical purposes; powder of cantharides; chemical preparations to treat wheat smut; chemical preparations for treating phylloxera; vine disease treating chemicals; chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; chemical contraceptives; chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; chemical preparations to treat mildew; chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy; chemical preparations for medical purposes; chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; chemical preparations for veterinary purposes; chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes; cinchona for medical purposes; quinine for medical purposes; chinoline for medical purposes; surgical tissues; surgical implants living tissues; hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; chloroform; condurango bark for medical purposes; curare; sanitary towels; decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes; dental cements; deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals; deodorants for clothing and textiles; disinfectants for chemical toilets; disinfectants for hygiene purposes; detergents for medical purposes; diabetic bread adapted for medical use; diagnostic preparations for medical purposes; diastase for medical purposes; dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use; dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; digitalin; dill oil for medical purposes; drugs for medical purposes; alloys of precious metals for dental purposes; albuminous preparations for medical purposes; elixirs pharmaceutical preparations; gentian for pharmaceutical purposes; enzymes for medical purposes; enzymes for veterinary purposes; enzyme preparations for medical purposes; enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes; aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes; esters for pharmaceutical purposes; eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes; eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; fennel for medical purposes; ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; greases for medical purposes; greases for veterinary purposes; febrifuges; fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes; fly catching paper; fly glue; fly destroying preparations; formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes; chilblain preparations; frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes; fungicides; gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes; gases for medical purposes; gelatine for medical purposes; royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes; poisons; glycerine for medical purposes; glycerophosphates; dental amalgams of gold; guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes; gum for medical purposes; gamboge for medical purposes; gurjun gurjon, gurjan balsam for medical purposes; belts for sanitary napkins towels; hemostatic pencils; adhesives for dentures; hemoglobin; hemorrhoid preparations; preparations for destroying dry rot fungus; yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; adhesive plasters; remedies for foot perspiration; remedies for perspiration; charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes; extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes; hormones for medical purposes; cement for animal hooves; corn remedies; corn rings for the feet; repellents for dogs; dog lotions; dog washes; hydrastine; hydrastinine; vaccines; pants, absorbent, for incontinents; insecticides; insect repellents; personal sexual lubricants; irish moss for medical purposes; isotopes for medical purposes; jalap; iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; iodoform; tincture of iodine; jujube, medicated; potassium salts for medical purposes; preparations of lime for pharmaceutical purposes; calomel; cooling sprays for medical purposes; camphor for medical purposes; camphor oil for medical purposes; candy for medical purposes; capsules for medicines; cachets for pharmaceutical purposes; carbolineum parasiticide; poultices; cachou for pharmaceutical purposes; chewing gum for medical purposes; rubber for dental purposes; germicides; adhesive bands for medical purposes; bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes; cocaine; collodion for pharmaceutical purposes; collyrium; compresses; headache pencils; smoking herbs for medical purposes; herbal teas for medicinal purposes; creosote for pharmaceutical purposes; croton bark; cultures of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use; liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; stick liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; larvae exterminating preparations; laxatives; cod liver oil; linseed for pharmaceutical purposes; linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; lecithin for medical purposes; liniments; solutions for contact lenses; solvents for removing adhesive plasters; lotions for pharmaceutical purposes; lotions for veterinary purposes; air purifying preparations; lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes; magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes; malt for pharmaceutical purposes; malted milk beverages for medical purposes; milk of almonds for pharmaceutical purposes; mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes; preparations for destroying mice; medicinal drinks; medicinal herbs; medicinal infusions; medicinal hair growth preparations; medicinal tea; sea water for medicinal bathing; meal for pharmaceutical purposes; melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes; milking grease; menthol; articles for headache; milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; lactose for pharmaceutical purposes; mineral food supplements; mineral waters for medical purposes; mineral water salts; preparations for the treatment of burns; soil-sterilising preparations; anti-uric preparations; preparations for callouses; air deodorising preparations; preparations to facilitate teething; douching preparations for medical purposes; preparations for reducing sexual activity; preparations for destroying noxious animals; molding wax for dentists; moleskin for medical purposes; sanitary pads; sanitary pants; mud for baths; medicinal mud; mothproofing preparations; mothproof paper; mouthwashes for medical purposes; ergot for pharmaceutical purposes; myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes; bacteriological culture mediums; lacteal flour for babies; albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; nutritive substances for microorganisms; nutritional supplements; albumin dietary supplements; alginate dietary supplements; enzyme dietary supplements; royal jelly dietary supplements; glucose dietary supplements; yeast dietary supplements; casein dietary supplements; linseed dietary supplements; linseed oil dietary supplements; lecithin dietary supplements; pollen dietary supplements; propolis dietary supplements; protein dietary supplements; wheat germ dietary supplements; dietary supplements for animals; narcotics; bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes; sodium salts for medical purposes; by-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; nervines; medicinal oils; opiates; opium; opodeldoc; opotherapy preparations; antioxidant pills; paper for mustard plasters; antiparasitic collars for animals; antiparasitic preparations; parasiticides; lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes; pectin for pharmaceutical purposes; pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes; peptones for pharmaceutical purposes; pearl powder for medical purposes; pesticides; mint for pharmaceutical purposes; bunion pads; pharmaceutical preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff; pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; phenol for pharmaceutical purposes; phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes; anticryptogamic preparations; pomades for medical purposes; porcelain for dental prostheses; bronchodilating preparations; preparations of trace elements for human and animal use; sterilising preparations; propolis for pharmaceutical purposes; protein supplements for animals; pyrethrum powder; quassia for medical purposes; quebracho for medical purposes; mercurial ointments; radioactive substances for medical purposes; radium for medical purposes; rat poison; fumigating sticks; fumigation preparations for medical purposes; reagent paper for medical or veterinary purposes; contact lens cleaning preparations; medicine cases, portable, filled; rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical purposes; smelling salts; castor oil for medical purposes; radiological contrast substances for medical purposes; ointments for pharmaceutical purposes; salts for medical purposes; salts for mineral water baths; sarsaparilla for medical purposes; oxygen for medical purposes; oxygen baths; acids for pharmaceutical purposes; lint for medical purposes; soporifics; dental abrasives; slug exterminating preparations; flowers of sulphur for pharmaceutical purposes; sulphur sticks disinfectants; mustard for pharmaceutical purposes; mustard oil for medical purposes; mustard plasters; serums; serotherapeutic medicines; siccatives drying agents for medical purposes; syrups for pharmaceutical purposes; scapulars for surgical purposes; panty liners sanitary; sunburn ointments; sunburn preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; semen for artificial insemination; stem cells for medical purposes; stem cells for veterinary purposes; starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; steroids; breast-nursing pads; strychnine; styptic preparations; sulphonamides medicines; suppositories; tobacco extracts insecticides; tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes; sanitary tampons; turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; thermal water; thymol for pharmaceutical purposes; animal washes; tinctures for medical purposes; tonics medicines; glucose for medical purposes; tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; vermin destroying preparations; herbicides; vaginal washes; petroleum jelly for medical purposes; gauze for dressings; first-aid boxes, filled; dressings, medical; surgical dressings; absorbent cotton; digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; vesicants; veterinary preparations; cattle washes; vitamin preparations; wart pencils; hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes; wadding for medical purposes; insect repellent incense; tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; diapers for pets; napkins for incontinents; bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes; vulnerary sponges; vermifuges; medicinal roots; teeth filling material; dental mastics; dental lacquer; cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes; sugar for medical purposes.

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