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Dwango Co. | Date: 2012-07-03

It is an objective to provide a display system installed in hall for displaying avatars at an event hall as a real space, and for appropriately displaying such avatar at the event hall according to the number of users who wish to display the avatar. We provide a display system, that is installed in a hall for live performance etc. and displays an avatar appearing as an audience outside, the system, comprising a display for displaying the avatar, a first receiver for receiving a display signal for avatar from a viewer terminal or a peripheral device for viewer terminal, an acquisition unit for number of avatars to be displayed, acquiring number of avatars to be displayed on the display on a basis of the received display signal for avatar, and a controller for an appearance of avatar to be displayed on the display according to the acquired number of avatars to be displayed.

Dwango Co. | Date: 2013-01-11

Since an image projected from a projector has basically not high quality due to degradation of brightness and mixture of outside light, the image shot by the conventional technology includes the projected image with basically not high quality. In order to solve the above deficiency, in an aspect of the present invention provides an image system, where live performance is provided to audience by image projection on the screen, and the image to be shot does not include the projected image with low quality. For example, the image system can later synthesize a high-quality image having the same content as the projected image.

In the case of the electronic book content, an operation to output the next viewing target (next output operation) such as an operation of page turning, and a predetermined operation to output the comment (comment display operation) are separately requested. Accordingly, it is necessary for the operation to output the comment to move a finger on the button for the next output operation onto a button for the comment display operation on the GUI. In order to solve the above deficiency, we provide a viewing target output apparatus having a function of placing and displaying the button for additional output operation (additional GUI button) at the position of the page-turning button on the GUI when receiving the operation input for the next output operation (next GUI button) such as the page-turning button, and displaying the next page.

In the conventional system, although a viewer can feel only part of the atmosphere of the hall while viewing images of a live performance etc, the viewer cannot enhance the mood and cannot get a feeling of participating in the live event. An image display system of the present invention is a system for displaying an image reflecting a motion of a viewer outside a hall for live performance etc. on a display being installed in the hall. Specifically, the system simultaneously transmits the image of the live performance etc. in the hall to a terminal for viewing of the viewer, receives motion information indicating the motion of the viewer outside the hall, thereby controlling display of the image on the display on the basis of the motion information.

Conventionally, a system for real-time distribution of images of the various productions of the stage to user terminals on the network has been provided. However, it is nothing but an image, the viewer can hardly feel for participation in the performance including the production. In order to solve the above deficiency, the present invention provides a stage production system, which receives an entry of a comment for distributed live image of the stage from the user terminal on the network, promptly displays the comment in a viewable state for a viewer of the distribute live image on a display, and controls the production equipment on the real stage such as the lighting equipment, sound equipment, and smoke machine.

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