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Xánthi, Greece

Kottas T.,TEIWM | Stimoniaris D.,TEIWM | Tsiamitros D.,TEIWM | Kikis V.,TEIWM | And 2 more authors.
2015 IEEE Eindhoven PowerTech, PowerTech 2015 | Year: 2015

'Smart Grid' is the term used to characterize an electricity grid that has been modernized using computer based remote control and automation. Such systems are beginning to be used at electricity networks, from the power plants and wind farms all the way to the consumers. Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM) were initially introduced by Kosko to model complex behavioral systems in various scientific areas. Fuzzy Cognitive Networks (FCN) have been used to identify nonlinear systems. The aim of FCN in this work is to predict and perform the necessary actions for supplying different ancillary services to the grid, such as fast active power compensation, voltage and frequency regulation, and back-up supply. The FCN manages to regulate the PV-inverters power output, the battery bank current and the loads consumption effectively, thus keeping the voltage and frequency of the microgrid in acceptable levels, maintaining at the same time its optimal, in respect to cost, operation. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Anastasiadou S.D.,University of Western Macedonia | Karakos A.S.,DUTH
International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society | Year: 2011

The aim of the present project is to record and investigate the beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and positions of the Electrical and Computer Engineering first year students of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) regarding computer programming. The data was analysed through implicative statistical analysis and CHIC software, which provided the following analyses: a) the similarity dendrogram, b) the hierarchical dendrogram and c) the implication chart. The research results showed that: a) students' confidence in their ability to learn computer programming enhances their positive attitude towards its value and maximises the use of programming in their profession; b) student attitudes that are characterised by stress are influenced by the denial of the value, contribution and presence of programming in their future professional careers; and c) another factor that causes negativity in students is their lack of confidence, which results in them feeling that they must make a maximum effort to meet the demands of the course. © Common Ground, Oskars Rasnacs, Maris Vitins, All Rights Reserved. Source

Constantinidis T.C.,Technological Educational Institute of Athens | Vagka E.,Laboratory of Hygiene and Environmental Protection | Dallidou P.,Laboratory of Hygiene and Environmental Protection | Basta P.,Laboratory of Hygiene and Environmental Protection | And 3 more authors.
European Journal of Cancer Care | Year: 2011

The expansion of chemotherapy raised concerns about the health and safety of hospital personnel. Very little is known about the conditions of handling of chemotherapeutic agents by healthcare workers in Greece and possible adverse effects related to their safety practices, as well as the safety policies adopted by the Greek hospitals. A self-evaluation questionnaire was completed by 353 healthcare workers involved with the use of chemotherapeutic drugs in 24 Greek hospitals and the answers were statistically analysed. The majority of the healthcare workers are aware of the dangers of their work, although they had received limited training and medical surveillance. A significant percentage of them does not use personal protective equipment or use it inadequately. The safety design of their workplace is rather poor. Different health problems have been experienced, deriving from the respiratory, central nervous system, reproductive, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal system. The improvement of safety training and procedures as well as medical surveillance seems to be a vital priority of hospital administration in Greece, in order to comply with the European guidelines and for the prevention of occupational diseases and environmental pollution. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Source

Malliou P.,DUTH | Gioftsidou A.,DUTH | Gioftsidou A.,Democritus University of Thrace | Pafis G.,DUTH | And 4 more authors.
European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine | Year: 2012

Background. The partial meniscectomy leads to proprioceptive knee deficits in a short period after the arthroscopic procedure; however, to our knowledge, a limited number of studies have investigated the longterm outcomes of partial meniscectomy on the knee joint proprioception. Aim. The aim of the present study was to assess the proprioception and muscle function of the partial meniscectomized knee through balance and functional tests 1-2 years posterior to arthroscopic surgery. Design. This was an observational study. Setting. Partially meniscectomized persons after 1-2 years. Population. Twenty-six male patients who had an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy at the age between 20-40. Methods. All patients performed balance (Biodex Stability System and balance boards) and functional (triple jump) tests. On the balance system the deviations from the horizontal plane were recorded, on the balance boards their performance was timed, and on the functional test triple jump their performance was recorded in meters. Results. One-way Anova was used to determine significant differences between the healthy and injured limb. The level of statistical significance was set at p< 0.05. The results revealed significant differences (p< 0.05) between the healthy and injured limb at all balance and functional tests performed. Conclusion. The present study demonstrated that 1-2 years after partial meniscectomy, patients had reduced proprioception and knee muscular ability in the operated leg compared to the non-operated leg. Clinical rehabilitation impact. Proprioception and knee mus- cular ability deficits significantly affect objective knee function, indicating the importance not only of the restoring muscle function but also of the proprioception ability in partial meniscectomy patients. Source

Spyros L.,DUTH | Tsompanis P.,DUTH | Lavranos C.,Technological Educational Institute of Kavala | Kyriacou G.,DUTH | Sahalos J.,University of Nicosia
Proceedings of 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2012 | Year: 2012

The basic idea proposed herein refers to the establishment of a negative refractive index by exploiting natural media with either a negative permeability or a negative permittivity. For this purpose magnetized ferrites or multiferroics are utilized in conjunction with periodic resonant electric dipoles. Likewise, magnetized cryogenic-solid state plasmas could be used with a periodic array of resonant magnetic dipoles such as split-rings. Intuitively it is expected that these natural media should be operating at their surface or leaky wave modes (possibly magnetostatic modes) and losses should be taken into account in order to preserve negative permeability (or permittivity) within a thin air sheet above their surface. These challenging questions will be addressed herein employing an eigenanalysis. © 2012 IEEE. Source

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