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Shrivastava G.,Vikram University | Shrivastava J.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Ahirwar G.,Vikram University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

The particle aspect approach is adopted to investigate the trajectories of charged particles in the electromagnetic field of kinetic Alfven wave. Expressions are found for the dispersion relation, damping/growth rate and associated currents in the presence of kappa distribution function. Kinetic effect of electrons and ions are included to study kinetic Alfven wave because both are important in the transition region. It is found that the ratio β of electron thermal energy density to magnetic field energy density and the ratio of ion to electron thermal temperature (Ti/Te), and kappa distribution function affect the dispersion relation, damping/growth rate and associated currents in both cases(warm and cold electron limit).The treatment of kinetic Alfven wave instability is based on assumption that the plasma consist of resonant and non resonant particles. The resonant particles participate in an energy exchange process, whereas the non resonant particles support the oscillatory motion of the wave. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Ghosal A.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Manna A.,PEC University of Technology | Lall A.K.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Lall A.K.,PEC University of Technology
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2014

This paper presents experimental study into the influence of machining parameters of Ytterbium fiber laser during drilling of Al- 15wt%Al2O3-MMC. The response surface methodology (RSM) is used to achieve optimum responses i.e. minimum tapering and maximum material removal rate (MRR) [1]. A comprehensive mathematical model for correlating the interactive and higherorder influences of Ytterbium fiber laser machining parameters such as laser power, modulation frequency, gas pressure, wait time, pulse width on metal removal rate and tapering phenomena has been developed for achieving controlled over fiber laser machining process. Test results reveal that MRR is increased with decrease of wait time and laser power. At wait time 17.5 s and laser power 500 w the MRR is maximum i.e 0.23 g/s. Due to less wait time, the possibility of heat loss is less so MRR increases. © 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Batra A.S.,Ct Institute Of Engineering | Batra A.S.,D A University | Satalkar M.,D A University | Kane S.N.,D A University | And 3 more authors.
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Nano-crystalline Zn0.85-xNixMg0.05Cu0.1Fe2O4, (x = 0.0, 0.17, 0.34, 0.51, 0.68 and, 0.85), were synthesized by sol gel auto combustion method and, effect of Ni content on structural and magnetic properties is studied by x-ray diffraction (XRD) and, magnetic measurements. XRD confirms the formation of single phase spinel ferrite, with Scherrer's grain diameter ranging between 18.95 nm to 33.85 nm. Experimental and theoretical lattice parameter values suggest that the estimated cation distribution is close to the real distribution. Change in Ni-content leads to variation in cation distribution at site A, B and, migration of Cu2+ ion from B to A site. Ni2+ ion remains at both A and B site, but when Zn is fully replaced by Ni, it totally goes to A site. Coercivity and anisotropy constant values respectively ranges' between 251.2 to 372.4 Oe and 0.06 × 105 to 0.80 × 105 erg/cc. Best magnetization value of 43.7 emu/g was obtained for × = 0.68. Variation of magnetic properties can be understood in terms of observed changes in cation distribution. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Singla P.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Gautam D.,Ambedkar Institute of advanced Communication Technologies and Research
Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review | Year: 2014

With the high demand of low power digital systems, energy dissipation in the digital system is one of the limiting factors. Reversible logic is one of the alternate to reduce heat/energy dissipation in the digital circuits and have a very significant importance in bioinformatics, optical information processing, CMOS design etc. In this paper the authors propose the design of new 2- bit binary Squaring circuit used in most of the digital signal processing hardware using Feynman & MUX gate. The proposed squaring circuit having less garbage outputs, constant inputs, Quantum cost and Total logical calculation i.e. less delay as compared to the traditional method of squaring operation by reversible multiplier. The simulating results and quantized results are also shown in the paper which shows the greatest improvement in the design against the previous methodology. © 2014 Kavala Institute of Technology.

Singal H.,Birla Institute of Technology | Kohli S.,Birla Institute of Technology | Sharma A.K.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Confluence 2014: The Next Generation Information Technology Summit | Year: 2014

As we enter the 24th year from the time World Wide Web came into being, it is apt to reflect on the ground-breaking efforts of web optimization and the building blocks of contemporaneous web analytics solutions. Everything on a Web is a process and it calls for complex decision-making; especially when it comes to forming customer-centric web strategy; which is the ultimate soul and goal of any Web program. This needs to deal with both voluminous and diverse nature of data. The diversity, on one hand, equips us with many tools. On the other hand, the plethora of possibilities creates misconceptions. We survey this fascinating field of web analytics along length and breadth of its process, technology and applications. © 2014 IEEE.

Shrivastava G.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Gupta B.B.,National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
2014 IEEE 3rd Global Conference on Consumer Electronics, GCCE 2014 | Year: 2014

Digital forensic investigation is the methodical restoration of evidences collected as a consequence of exploration of concrete happenings based on digital data. After analyzing all the historical approaches used in existing models, their merits and demerits are conferred and an Encapsulated Approach of Forensic (EAF) Model is proposed; which encapsulates all the phases of digital investigation. It gives a systematic, meticulous and step-by-step procedure; from identification of facts and evidences to presentation of results by the investigator in front of investigating organization. © 2014 IEEE.

Mohanty M.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Bhardwaj A.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science | Year: 2014

It is evident to state that the robotics is the arm of science and technology that is confined to build robots with high level of confidential information. For every developing countries robotics has proved to be an asset for the world wide nation, rather describing its value as a whole. This paper not only includes current but the future amendments. Today, robotics is a quickly arising field, as a technology advancement, day by day research that aims in building new types of robots to serve various practical purposes, whether it is domestically, commercially, or on a militarily significant scale. From this paper robotics phenomena can be explained in dealing with designing, construction and operation. In this report we explored its overview, history and implementation for finding the shortest path from source to destination using Kruskal's Agorithm.

Bhise D.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Singh H.K.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Kishan,Dronacharya Group of Institutions
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2014

Today's fierce competition amongst the manufacturers and increasing demand from the customers regarding variety in product design is forcing manufacturers to improve upon their operations strategies. As newer technologies are introduced time to develop new products and to supply these products to the customer has reduced greatly. One way of achieving this is to reduce the cycle time required for producing new products. In the present study a case is taken up of a manufacturing industry that manufactures variety of products. Cycle time reduction is achieved by identifying and implementing more efficient ways to carry out the operations by workers. Non-value added activities have been eliminated. Reduction in cycle time has provided a significant impact on a company's bottom line. This study is carried out by using the micro level study format called as the standardized work combination table (SWCT). The focus of the study is to achieve manufacturing sustainability through integrated system approach that minimizes resources and reduces waste. © Research India Publications.

Bothichandar T.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Tyagi G.R.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Kushwaha D.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2014

There are different cooling systems used for comfort cooling. These systems may be like air-conditioners, desert coolers etc and have their own advantages disadvantages and limitations. Our work envisages an air cooling system which lies in-between air-conditioning and conventional desert cooling systems. [1] It would reduce the electricity consumption to a great extent compared to air-conditioning in moderate hot climate conditions and provide better cooling than the conventional desert cooler. Its cost will also be well below the existing air conditioning systems. Basically the air cooling in a conventional system happens because of transfer of heat from air as latent heat required for evaporation of water brought in air stream. This air is generally exhausted out of comfort area as air temperature increases due to heat load. Incase this air is recirculated it will not cool further already having become saturated. If by any means moisture from this air is extracted out, then the air can be recirculated and cooled further with evaporative cooling. Thus mixture of fresh and recirculated air will result in better cooling conditions [3]. This has been demonstrated with a model of said arrangement. This system cannot replace the AC systems as such but can perform better than a conventional desert cooler in moderate hot and humid climate. © Research India Publications.

Verma B.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Mondal D.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions | Pant C.,Dronacharya Group of Institutions
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2014

Vacuum-sealed molding process (V-Process) is the latest molding process which utilizes physical bonding in dry and free flowing sand by creating vacuum between thin polyethylene plastic films. Optimization of process variables is time consuming and costly process in casting processes. Grey cast iron (C=3.49 %, Si =2.38 %; ASTM 48) is extensively used for general purpose and thin section small castings. Lot of research work have been done on other materials besides grey cast iron by V-Process Therefore grey cast iron is chosen for present work to produce casting by V-process and Taguchi technique has been applied to find the optimal level of variables for surface finish. Result shows that high level of sand grains finness number increases surface finish good surface finish up to certain extent but further increase of sand grain finness number will not improve surface finish. Thinner section of castings shows better surface finish by V-process. Vacuum level (200 mm Hg) is sufficient to find the better surface finish. © Research India Publications.

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