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Abdul Nazar C.A.,Drmgr University | Kannan V.,Jeppiaar Institute of Technology
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2014

In this work, a decoder based demultiplexer is designed using DG MOSFET and its functional behavior is analyzed along with the characteristics of the device. Equivalent circuit method is followed in this work, which is very significant in analyzing the characteristics and performance of the dual gate metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. The maximum drain current obtained is 40 mA at a gate source voltage of 5V and the variation of the drain current with respect to drain voltage is also obtained. The decoder based demultiplexer is designed and the simulation is carried out using PSPICE simulation software, whereas the functional behavior is in accordance with the theoretical facts. © 2005 - 2014 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

Kanimozhi A.,Sathyabama University | Cyril Raj V.,Drmgr University
International Journal of Engineering and Technology | Year: 2015

The main goal of this research is to build an enhanced learning environment for e-learner using the cognitive architecture ACT-R(Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational) [7,8]. This proposed new intelligent learning environment is applied to manage and monitor the dynamic behavior of the learner and capture the learner's emotional status like active, high arousal, displeasure and sleepy mood. This intelligent architecture will modulate the learning content based on the emotional status of the learner. So that learner's emotional status is also included in E-learning which is similar to the pedagogical method where the teacher can understand the general mood of learners and modulate the method of delivery. The model that we have developed for the subject System Software has proved that the learner's outcome is better in our model than some of the other existing models. We have also included learner's behavioral history as feedback to our system for the further improvement of the learning process.

Ramesh L.,Jadavpur University | Ramesh L.,Drmgr University | Chakraborthy N.,Jadavpur University
IET Seminar Digest | Year: 2013

Real-time state estimates (SEs) of nodal demands in a power distribution system (PDS) can be developed using data from a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. These estimates provide information for improved operations and customer service in terms of energy consumption and power quality. The SE results in a PDS are significantly affected by measurement characteristics, i.e., meter types, numbers, and topological distributions. The number and type of meters are generally selected prior to a SCADA layout. Thus, selecting measurement locations is critical. The aim of this study is to develop a methodology that optimally locates field measurement sites and leads to more reliable SEs and to estimate the state of the system. An optimal meter placement (OMP) problem is posed as a multi-objective optimization form and intelligent estimator is designed to estimate the bus voltage. The algorithm developed in DE used to identify the location of RTU and power flow meter. The intelligent algorithm developed with PSO and ANN to estimate the bus voltage with limited measurements. The algorithms are tested with TNEB and IEEE benchmark systems.

Doss S.,St Peters University | Jeyaraj J.,Drmgr University
Journal of Computer Science | Year: 2013

Recent days, research in wireless network becomes major area for the past few decades. In wireless routing many routing methods such as table driven, source driven; many characteristics such as reactive routing, proactive routing; many routing algorithms such as dijikstra's shortest path, distributed bell-man ford algorithm are proposed in the literature. For effective wireless routing, the recent ant colony optimization proves better result than the existing methodologies. The ant colony optimization is a swarm intelligence technique which widely used for combinatorial optimization problems such as travelling salesman, network routing, clustering. The ant colony optimization is a real time routing protocol which offers highly reliable and optimal routing for both single path and multi path routing. As the ant is a small tiny mobile agent, providing security is critical issue. In this study, a secured ant colony optimization using Chinese remainder theorem is proposed. © 2013 Science Publications.

Begum A.,Drmgr University | Cyrilraj V.,Drmgr University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

An increasing number of smart phones and PDA’s, allows people to use internet and often, store sensitive personal data, Mobile banking, Contact lists, information on Location (eg: GPS) and Sensor data. So smart phones need to protect data which is a challenging Security problem. Software architecture (evaluation) plays vital role in supporting the installation of multiple thirty party applications. The objective of this paper is to propose an architecture for smart phones to provide security when using in LBS (Location Based Services) and analyzed above architecture with ATAM (Architectural Tradeoff Analysis Method).The main objective of ATAM is to make qualitative analysis on risks, sensitivity and trade-off points. © Research India Publications.

Vijaya Prakash A.M.,Drmgr University | Gurumurthy K.S.,University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2010

In Image processing the Image compression can improve the performance of the digital systems by reducing the cost and time in image storage and transmission without significant reduction of the Image quality. This paper describes hardware architecture of low complexity Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) architecture for image compression[6]. In this DCT architecture, common computations are identified and shared to remove redundant computations in DCT matrix operation. Vector processing is a method used for implementation of DCT. This reduction in computational complexity of 2D DCT reduces power consumption. The 2D DCT is performed on 8x8 matrix using two 1-Dimensional Discrete cosine transform blocks and a transposition memory [7]. Inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) is performed to obtain the image matrix and reconstruct the original image. The proposed image compression algorithm is comprehended using MATLAB code. The VLSI design of the architecture is implemented Using Verilog HDL. The proposed hardware architecture for image compression employing DCT was synthesized using RTL complier and it was mapped using 180nm standard cells. The Simulation is done using Modelsim. The simulation results from MATLAB and Verilog HDL are compared. Detailed analysis for power and area was done using RTL compiler from CADENCE. Power consumption of DCT core is reduced to 1.027mW with minimum area[1].

Senthil Selvi R.,Drmgr University | Gopalakrishanan S.,Drmgr University | Ramajayam M.,Drmgr University | Soman R.,Drmgr University
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2010

Water soluble mucilage was isolated from the seeds of Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Euphorbiaceae). The physical Characteristics of the gum such as solubility, swelling index, loss on drying, PH, viscosity and microbiological properties were studied. The gum was found take non-toxic when evaluated for acute toxicity in mile [LD50>5 gm/kg body weight P.O]. The mucilage was evaluated for their granulating and binding properties in tablets, using Diclofenac Sodium as model drug. The mucilage were used at 4 different concentrations viz. 4,6,8 and 10% w/w. Wet granulation techniques was used for preparation of granules. The prepared granules were evaluated for % fines, average particle size, Bulk density and Angle of repose. These properties were compared with starch, which was used as a standard binder at 10% concentration. The tablets were punched by using a cadmach single punch machine and were evaluated for weight variation, Hardness, friability and Disintegration time. The Caesalpinia pulcherrima mucilage was found to possess excellent binding property and could be used as a binder in conventional tablet formulation.

Koteeswaran S.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University | Janet J.,Drmgr University | Kannan E.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University | Visu P.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University
European Journal of Scientific Research | Year: 2012

Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) are a growing field of research; the challenges and applications have been explored and resolved by many researchers. The benefits of mobile communication based WBANs is using cellular communication as communication methodologies in the WBANs. Especially in emergency systems like medicare and military system, WBANs can be described as ease of provision, maintenance and management. In this paper, a Search Knight (SK) algorithm is proposed which is Outlier Analysis based technique. The SK algorithm is proposed for identifying unknown nodes (terrorist) in the border line using WBANs. The geographical location of the each node position is identified and tabulated on each time unit. The difference on neighbourhood time period is calculated and the proposed SK algorithm is applied to the location and movements. To detect the terrorist intrusion in the military system, the proposed SK algorithm is proved its capability and relaibility. © 2012 EuroJournals Publishing, Inc.

Suresh A.,Drmgr University | Shunmuganathan K.L.,Rmk Engg College
European Journal of Scientific Research | Year: 2012

In this paper, a novel texture classification system based on Gray Level Cooccurrence Matrix (GLCM) is presented. The texture classification is achieved by extracting the spatial relationship of pixel in the GLCM. In the proposed method, GLCM is calculated from the original texture image and the differences calculated along the first non singleton dimension of the input texture image. Then the statistical features contrast, correlation, energy and homogeneity are calculated from both the GLCM. The extracted features are used as an input to the K Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) for classification. The performance of the proposed system is evaluated by using Brodatz database and compared with the methods PSWT, TSWT, the Gabor transform, and Linear Regression Model. Experimental results show that the proposed method produces more accurate classification rate of over 99%.© EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2012.

Visu P.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University | Janet J.,Drmgr University | Kannan E.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University | Koteeswaran S.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University
European Journal of Scientific Research | Year: 2012

Routing in the adhoc network is major critical issue which desires the performance of wireless networks. Providing optimal routing in wireless network is more complicated than wired networks due to many pitfalls like limited power, less bandwidth. Therefore, the routing protocol in wireless environment requires many additional considerations such as optimal energy management, clustering, providing congestion free communication, offering scalability, maintaining the Quality of Service (QoS). There are many traditional and advanced routing protocols are proposed in the past few years, which may further subdivided as active, pro-active and reactive protocols. And the same also divided as Traditional, Flat, Hybrid, Hierarchical routing protocols. In this paper, proposed energy efficient routing protocols using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) based routing algorithm. The proposed method is implemented in NS2 and the performance of proposed algorithm is discussed in terms of response time and throughput. © 2012 EuroJournals Publishing, Inc.

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