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Philadelphia, PA, United States

Drexel University is a private research university with three campuses in Philadelphia and one in Sacramento, California. It was founded in 1891 by Anthony J. Drexel, a noted financier and philanthropist. Drexel offers over 70 full-time undergraduate programs and accelerated degrees. At the graduate level, the university offers over 100 masters, doctoral, and professional programs, many available part-time.Drexel is best known for the cooperative education program . Drexel's co-op is regularly ranked as one of the best co-op programs in the United States. Participating students have a variety of opportunities to gain up to 18-months of paid full-time working experience before graduation. The university has a large network of more than 1,600 corporate, governmental, and non-profit partners in 28 states and 25 international locations. The employers include top ranked multinational law firms, banks, corporations, and many Fortune 500 companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble.Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s academic ranking of world universities ranks Drexel 401-500 and Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed Drexel among the top 200 universities in the World. In U.S. News & World Report's annual "America's Best Colleges List", the university has been ranked consistently among the "Best National Universities – Top Schools." The 2012 rankings place Drexel third in their list of “Up and Coming National Universities” for "promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, and student life." In addition, the National Science Foundation and the 2009 Lombardi Report also ranked Drexel among the top 50 private comprehensive research universities. Drexel University ranks #45 among "Research Universities by Salary Potential" in the United States. Wikipedia.

Drexel University | Date: 2015-01-21

Cooling systems and methods for cooling in a power plant using a phase change material. In one embodiment, a phase change material container includes at least one phase change material which may be in the form of a slurry; and at least one conduit for transporting the fluid through the phase change material when located in the phase change material container. The system may also comprise an air flow chamber; and a phase change material flow system including a pump for pumping phase change material from an outlet of phase change material container, to at least one phase change material spray nozzle. The phase change material flow system is configured to ensure that solidified phase change material is returned to the phase change material container.

A hydrogel material for use in three-dimensional scaffold printing is disclosed. The material is formed from a first triblock polymer having a formula ABA and a second triblock polymer having a formula AmaBAma, wherein A is a first polymer, B is a second polymer, and Ama is a methacrylate of the first polymer. The material is thermosensitive and photocrosslinkable. A method of manufacturing the material is also disclosed.

Drexel University | Date: 2015-04-14

A malware detection system and method detects changes in host behavior indicative of malware execution. The system uses linear discriminant analysis (LDA) for feature extraction, multi-channel change-point detection algorithms to infer malware execution, and a data fusion center (DFC) to combine local decisions into a host-wide diagnosis. The malware detection system includes sensors that monitor the status of a host computer being monitored for malware, a feature extractor that extracts data from the sensors corresponding to predetermined features, local detectors that perform malware detection on each stream of feature data from the feature extractor independently, and a data fusion center that uses the decisions from the local detectors to infer whether the host computer is infected by malware.

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods for treating diseases and disorders caused by herpes simplex virus type 1, including herpes simplex labialis or herpes esophagitis, in a subject. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention comprise an ATM inhibitor and an anti-herpetic agent. In other embodiments, the compositions comprise a Chk2 inhibitor and an anti-herpetic agent. In yet other embodiments, the compositions comprise a Chk2 inhibitor and an ATM inhibitor, and optionally an anti-herpetic agent.

One aspect of the invention provides a method for multi-nozzle biopolymer deposition of heterogeneous materials to create or modify a composite biopolymer multi-part three-dimensional assembly having at least one biomimetic and at least one non-biomimetic feature. The method includes: (a) utilizing a CAD environment to design and/or modify a composite multi-part assembly, thereby producing a CAD design; (b) converting the CAD design into a three-dimensional heterogeneous material and multi-part assembly model in a format suitable for three-dimensional, multi-nozzle printing, wherein the design comprises at least one biomimetic feature and at least one non-biomimetic feature; and (c) printing the composite assembly by simultaneously depositing the heterogeneous materials using multiple, different, specialized nozzles, wherein the simultaneous depositing includes direct deposition of cells.

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