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Olean, NY, United States

Dresser-Rand Group, Inc., is an American global supplier of custom-engineered rotating equipment for applications in the oil, gas, process, power, and other industries worldwide. Dresser-Rand is headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States, and Paris, France and has 14 manufacturing sites and over 73 sales offices worldwide. Wikipedia.

Dresser Rand Company | Date: 2014-08-11

A cooling system for a motor-compressor and a method for cooling the motor-compressor are provided. The cooling system may include a discharge assembly having a hub portion disposed radially outward of a rotary shaft of the motor-compressor. A plurality of arms may be fluidly coupled with and may extend generally tangential from the hub portion of the discharge assembly. The hub portion may define an annular volume fluidly coupled with the plurality of arms. The cooling system may also include a blower impeller disposed in the annular volume and coupled with the rotary shaft. The blower impeller may be configured to rotate with the rotary shaft and draw a cooling fluid into the discharge assembly.

Siemens AG and Dresser Rand Company | Date: 2014-08-26

An interface for transmitting electrical power to a motor of a motor-compressor is provided. The interface may include a receptacle having a first end portion coupled with a stator of the motor and a second end portion defining a hole at least partially extending therethrough. The interface may also include a plug configured to be detachably coupled with the receptacle. The plug may include a rigid, conductive rod having a first end portion configured to be coupled with a penetrator of the motor-compressor, and a second end portion configured to be at least partially disposed in the hole of the receptacle and detachably coupled therewith. The rigid, conductive rod may be configured to electrically couple the penetrator with the receptacle, and the receptacle may be configured to transmit the electrical power to the stator. 18

Dresser Rand Company | Date: 2015-10-13

A gas turbine engine having a compressor section using blades on a rotor to deliver a gas at supersonic conditions to a stator. The stator includes one or more of aerodynamic ducts that have converging and diverging portions for deceleration of the gas to subsonic conditions and to deliver a high pressure gas to combustors. The aerodynamic ducts include structures for changing the effective contraction ratio to enable starting even when designed for high pressure ratios, and structures for boundary layer control. In an embodiment, aerodynamic ducts are provided having an aspect ratio of two to one (2:1) or more, when viewed in cross-section orthogonal to flow direction at an entrance to the aerodynamic duct.

Dresser Rand Company | Date: 2015-03-05

A fluid takeoff assembly for a motor-compressor is provided and includes an outer pipe having an inlet and an outlet, and an inner pipe defining a fluid passage extending from an open axial end toward a closed axial end thereof and a radial opening fluidly coupled with the fluid passage. The inner pipe may be disposed in the outer pipe such that the open axial end and the closed axial end are oriented toward the outlet and the inlet, respectively, and the inner and outer pipes define an annular space therebetween. A cross-flow member may be coupled with the inner pipe and may define a flowpath fluidly coupled with the fluid passage via the radial opening. A vane and the cross-flow member may be disposed in the annular space and configured to at least partially induce a swirling flow in a process fluid flowing through the annular space.

A fluid compression system is disclosed having a hermetically-sealed housing with at least a motor and a compressor arranged therein. The motor may drive both the compressor and a blower device coupled to the housing or otherwise arranged within the housing and configured to circulate a cooling gas throughout the housing and thereby cool the motor and accompanying radial bearings. The blower device circulates the cooling gas through a closed-loop circuit which may include a heat exchanger and gas conditioning skid. Buffer seals may be used to seal the shaft on both sides of the compressor so as to prevent the migration of liquid and solid contaminants into the closed-loop cooling circuit.

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