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Mushtaq Ahmed Khan A.,Dr Zakir Husain College
Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung - Section A Journal of Physical Sciences | Year: 2015

The molecular structure and molecular forces in liquids and solutions, in particular, have been investigated by dielectric relaxation studies. The nature and strength of the molecular interactions have been established as the main cause for the chemical behaviour of compounds. The dielectric behaviour of dimethyl phthalate with heptanol in benzene solution has been studied at a microwave frequency of 9.36 GHz at different temperatures 303, 308, and 313 K. Different dielectric quantities such as dielectric constant (e{open}'), dielectric loss (e{open}'), static dielectric constant (e{open}0), and dielectric constant at optical frequency (e{open}) have been determined. The relaxation time τ has been calculated by both Higasi's method and Cole-Cole method. The dielectric relaxation process can be treated as a rate process just like the viscous flow process. The complex system investigated shows the maximum relaxation time values at high temperatures by both Higasi's method and Cole-Cole method. The molar free energies of activation of dipole moment (ΔFτ) and viscous force (ΔFη) have also been reported. The excess dipole moment is also determined. The excess dipole moment is a qualitative index for the presence of a hydrogen bond in the ternary system. The value of Δμ obtained in our study indicates the presence of hydrogen bonds between the components of the mixture. The system investigated shows that the relaxation time value increases with the increase in the concentration of solute.

Sulthan Syed Ibrahim K.,Dr Zakir Husain College | Syed Ali Padusha M.,Jamal Mohamed College Autonomous | Abdul Jameel A.,Jamal Mohamed College Autonomous
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2011

Mannich bases have been prepared by treating N-methylpiperazine, anisaldehyde as fixed components and varying the number of compounds possessing active hydrogen atoms such as acetamide, urea, thiourea, semicarbazide and thiosemicarbazide by Mannich condensation. All the synthesized compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, melting point, TLC and spectral analyses such as FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and mass spectra. All the synthesized compounds were screened for antibacterial and antifungal activities and found to exhibit significant activities.

Ganthi A.S.,Rani Anna Government College for Women | Subramanian M.P.S.,Survey of Medicinal Plants Unit S | Rajabudeen E.,Dr Zakir Husain College
Nature Environment and Pollution Technology | Year: 2012

Automobiles are 'necessary evils'. On one hand they have made living easy and convenient, but on the other hand they have also made human life more complicated and vulnerable to both toxic emissions and increased risk of accidents. Urban people are the most affected, and among the worst sufferers are traffic policemen who are particularly close to the automobile exhaust. Work pressure and high level of pollution are taking their toll on traffic policemen. To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of traffic policemen towards the health effects caused by vehicular pollution, the present study has been carried out on 52 randomly selected traffic policemen in Tirunelveli Corporation area. The questionnaire included questions regarding the self-assessment of the policemen about their respiratory symptoms, hearing ability, past and present exposure to loud sound and the use of personal protective devices such as earplugs and earmuffs. The questionnaire was filled up by the subjects. The mean age of policemen was 39.2 ± 7.8 years, and the mean years of exposure was 3.4 ± 1.1 years. The self-assessment of hearing by traffic policemen suggests that most of the traffic policemen have normal hearing. However, a systematic study with audiometry of these subjects is recommended. Respiratory symptoms, including cough and related health problems, were observed in 30 policemen. The results show a major prevalence of respiratory symptoms and allergic sensitization in exposed traffic police.

Ziaudeen S.A.,CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute | Ziaudeen S.A.,Dr Zakir Husain College | Gaddam R.R.,CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute | Gaddam R.R.,Amity University | And 5 more authors.
Journal of Nanophotonics | Year: 2013

Nanostructures of lead sulfide (Eg~ 0.67 to 1.7 eV) corresponding to different quantum confinement regimes (weak, moderate, and strong with radii 14, 11, and 7 nm, respectively) have been synthesized through facile aqueous colloidal method and have been capped using poly vinyl alcohol. There is a marked difference in electron-lattice coupling properties as revealed through Fourier transform infrared data with strong quantum confined PbS quantum dots (QDs) exhibiting pronounced electron-lattice coupling characteristics. Opto-impedance characteristics of these samples suggest the enhanced mobility of charges, in particular under the supra gap excitation for strong quantum confined QDs. © Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

Ahamed P.K.,Dr Zakir Husain College | Srinivasan N.,Thiagarajar College of Engineering | Ranjith Kumar R.,Madurai Kamaraj University | Krishnakumar R.V.,Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications | Year: 2015

In the title compound, C16H16O4, the five-membered ring of the indene-1,3-dione unit adopts a twist conformation, whereas the seven-membered ring adopts a twist-chair conformation. In the crystal, molecules are linked by O - H⋯O hydrogen bonds, weak C - H⋯O hydrogen bonds and π-π stacking [centroid-to-centroid distance = 3.7373(8)Å] into a three-dimensional supramolecular architecture. © 2015.

PubMed | Madurai Kamaraj University, Dr Zakir Husain College and Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications | Year: 2015

In the title compound, C16H16O4, the five-membered ring of the indene-1,3-dione unit adopts a twist conformation, whereas the seven-membered ring adopts a twist-chair conformation. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked by O-HO hydrogen bonds, weak C-HO hydrogen bonds and - stacking [centroid-to-centroid distance = 3.7373(8)] into a three-dimensional supra-molecular architecture.

PubMed | University of Pisa, Dr Zakir Husain College, Alagappa University and Thiruvalluvar University
Type: | Journal: Microbial pathogenesis | Year: 2017

The overuse of antimicrobics and drugs has led to the development of resistance in a number of pathogens and parasites, which leads to great concerns for human health and the environment. Furthermore, breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in women. MCF-7 is a widely used epithelial cancer cell line, derived from breast adenocarcinoma for in vitro breast cancer studies because the cell line has retained several ideal characteristics particular to the mammary epithelium. In this scenario, the development of novel and eco-friendly drugs are of timely importance. Green synthesis of nanoparticles are cost effective, environmental friendly and do not involve the use of toxic chemicals or elevate energy inputs. This research focused on the antibreast cancer activity of Pongamia pinnata seed extract-fabricated zinc oxide nanoparticles (Pp-ZnO NPs) on human MCF-7 breast cancer cells and their antibiofilm activity against bacteria and fungi. P. pinnata seed extract-fabricated zinc oxide nanoparticles (Pp-ZnO NPs) were characterized by UV-Vis spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX). Pp-ZnO NPs effectively inhibited the growth of Gram positive Bacillus licheniformis (zone of inhibition: 17.3mm) at 25gml

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